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  1. Perhaps a competitor to the Model 3
  2. A quick chop of a facelifted Cobalt that GM could have released about the time the new Corolla came out. Original: MCE No bling MCE bling: I would make the bling MCE the standard face of every cobalt coupe and sedan. It wouldn't have been too hard, or expensive, but we all know how much GM loves to leave things on the vine to rot. Discuss.
  3. Here's a quick sketch of a chevy hatch, haven't done this in a while so bear with me. I hope you like!
  4. I was really disappointed with GM's poor attempt at making a premium compact Buick, a really frumpy looking dated car = the Excelle. So I made some very minor changes that surely the General could have made from the get go for next to nothing: Original: Chop: High belt line + Regal GS wheels version: Changes: More aggressive headlights, more modern bumper, more prominent side line, classier door handles, higher belt-line. Still needs: Chrome around the side glass, a lower side chrome strip, body colored mirrors with turn signals, preferably a sweep spear. I hope you like.
  5. can you do some more recent work. preferably some chevys.

  6. Sorry for the lack of drawings lately, I've just not been in the mood. Meanwhile here is a quick dodge pen sketch I did while I was waiting for something. It's not that spiffy, but you get the idea: I hope you like
  7. Thanks for the comments guys! I know the grill treatment is a little Toyota-esq but I thought it was interesting.
  8. Just a quick fun sketch: I hope you like.
  9. This is really rough and quick, didnt want to spend too much time on a sketch of a minivan, but the Sienna has been rotting on the vine and this is what a new one could look like: I hope you like.
  10. Some more sketching, this time a BMW coupe: I hope you like
  11. Just for fun: I hope you like
  12. A bit rushed, but it's supposed to compete with cars like the Audi TT. I hope you like!
  13. Sketches for a contest elsewhere, forgive the crappy shading, the paper I did them on had stuff written behind it. I hope you like.

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