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  1. Happy Birthday MRDETROITMETAL!

  2. Hey, ...I set up a site for new design contests and ALL of you are welcome to join there to post your designs and comments !! here is the link : http://stingraysstudio.proboards.com/index.cgi hope to see you there ....rock on !! MRDETROITMETAL
  3. Actually we did do this on another site for about a year...and some amazing stuff came forward. "I agree with the guy who agreed with MDM that there should be a competition to design an entire new car company. It could be an extended super-competition." -ss Would be Nice to see some new work over here,...been a while ya know ?
  4. THX for the feedback !!...I am still working on the corvette as it is not quite where I need it to get to,...but appreciate the comments on the Volt & Camaro, as they are actually harder to "improve" the look and keep the identity than the vette,....more to follow soon.
  5. ,,,,Here are a few more along the same lines, as you will see a theme developing on the design look :
  6. It isn't like the engine is developing sludge issues at 5,000 miles or anything stupid like that. ....WAIT for it !!! Honest, It IS Just a matter of time before this too becomes another RECALL victim...and really Who wants another Celica anyway ??
  7. Common wisdom tells us to never buy the first production year of any automobile, since that’s when all the bugs not found in pre-production testing tend to surface. In the case of a car as anticipated as the Scion FR-S (or Subaru BRZ), sometimes emotion wins out over common sense. As early buyers of the FR-S and BRZ are finding out, some cars aren’t quite flawless in execution. Autoweek reports that owners of early production models from both manufacturers are reporting intermittent rough idle and engine stalling issues related to ECU programming.
  8. This IS Junk. I also have an upcoming "road test" with this car and a Ford ...wait and see just how awful the Toyopet product actually is.
  9. I agree that a revival is needed here & I'm up for whatever you all like to do ...???
  10. ZL-1 America Concept...straight up production car with a few "statement" additions ;

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