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  1. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    you know a car's boring when it makes doug demuro controversial by comparison
  2. alfa can't convince anyone of their italianness being superior to the germans so the french may as well just surrender this entire dumb idea.
  3. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    oh look 2017 ended the way it started: https://imgur.com/oOXDJDU
  4. eeeeeeeh i'm happy for local manufacturing but the solo i checked out felt too 'kit car' and msrp's at a price similar to an off-lease 500E or used nissan leaf, each with 30 - 40%% more range. it gets tonnes of attention though so that's something.
  5. Ram News: Spying: 2019 Ram 1500's Face Peeks Out

    'hey guys for this new model, you know how everyone knows the crosshair and its brand identity? let's have none of that!' PROMOTE THIS MAN
  6. i fap in a new place out of the house, daring to be afraid. eleanor roosevelt said you should do something every day that scares you and i think i've sufficiently scared a nearby senior aquafit course.
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

  8. it is funny that the first insight was so polarizing in appearance, and the first prius was relatively conservative, and now the roles have swapped
  9. a) "we had to rush this out because our stuff is bad compared to Ford and RAM" or b) "our brilliant marketing team has completely hamstrung our engineering department's ability to make anything class leading anymore"
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    it’s probably wings, because only someone who considers lincoln to be aspirational could be so dumb
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    based on certain contributors, C&G's theme should be this:
  12. 200 million is a rounding error for most murrican military purchases anyway...
  13. Review: 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

    the 1.4 turbo is amazing in the 500 abarth, and begs the driver to peg the boost gauge. in the roadster format, the engine is eeeeeeeh, and having an automative doesn't help at all.
  14. Drove Both American and German take on RSes

    the focus rs is a dumb car at its asking price and i'm surprised people are buying them at all when the golf R exists, especially since ford dealers are marking rs' so ridiculously.
  15. Toyota News: Toyota Prius V To Cease Sales In U.S.

    the model x's are why i have the teo app on my phone next to lyft, but my business has me travelling to the US more than eastern canada

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