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  1. Random Thoughts Thread

    i didn't know the guy with the fwd jeepiat was the gatekeeper on automotive enthusiast cred...
  2. October Car Spotters Thread

    does anyone accidentally fart out undigested onion rinds into their knickers? asking for a friend
  3. NAFTA Renegotiation Thread

    if it's scrapped, murrica should call the new one the Fair American Protective Trade Agreement or FAPTA
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    someone at my company made a similar complaint about my free charging vs his paying gas he's fired now, so he doesn't have to pay gas money for the shopping cart he inevitably pushes now!
  5. Tesla Model 3 Production Has Some 'Bottlenecks'

    stirring their bottomless dark coffee poetically mirrors your country's dark swirling spiral into oblivion and i like the cheesecake
  6. Tesla Model 3 Production Has Some 'Bottlenecks'

    do they charge a vehicle in a half hour? no. i used a 'fast charger' with my tesla and it took forever. the only positive was that it was near a denny's so i could go inside and remind myself why i live on a coast.
  7. Tesla Model 3 Production Has Some 'Bottlenecks'

    i'd ask an ATS owner to back you up but I can't find one anywhere............ :[ lol you know what product forces you to live their way only? a chevy bolt... because where are you going to charge it if you don't want to be homestuck? tesla lets you traverse the continent east-to-west with super fast charging stations, whenever you want.
  8. Tesla Model 3 Production Has Some 'Bottlenecks'

    you forgot both 'prestige' and 'aspirational' but as a cadillac owner, you'd be unfamiliar with either.
  10. my mom's dead so you can stop beating that horse now
  11. luxury sedan: sophisticate who made it and appreciates comforts "luxury" truck: bubba's lost limb cheque came in the mail
  12. who'd be the bigger horse's ass in that situation?
  13. Hyundai News:Hyundai Spills the Beans on 2018 Accent for U.S.

    pretty sure low fuel prices and consumer tastes are the culprits...
  14. Hyundai News:Hyundai Spills the Beans on 2018 Accent for U.S.

    it looks pretty sharp in those photos and if the interior's as good as the Elantra's, it'll be a class-leader.