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  1. CaMIRO

    Lexus ES350 federal safety probe widens

    The Prius, too. http://www.autoblog.com/2007/08/14/toyota-...ind-of-its-own/ "One Prius owner with only 600 miles on the clock told ConsumerAffiars of his car experiencing 'uncontrollable acceleration,' and another reported that after hitting a large bump in the road, traction control flared up before the brakes cut and the car started to lunge forward." I'm reminded of CBS and the Audi 5000. Then, as now, I have yet to see a report of unintended acceleration that has any credibility. It's all usually driver error, although blaming floor mats is generally believed to be better PR strategy. It is amusing, though, that this latest round has focused in on Toyota. The person who sent me the Prius link was quick to note the irony in smug drivers making such elementary mistakes. I say we sit back and wait for Consumer Reports to file the Prius and ES next to the Suzuki Samurai; Isuzu Trooper; Lotus Elise, and other vehicles that this esteemed group of multifaceted watchdogs can't seem to learn how to drive. I can't say I think much of the floor-mat excuse, particularly when the blame likely lies (as in the case of the Audi 5000) with the drivers. Then again, Toyota already tried blaming the idiot consumer over sludge issues, and that didn't work so well. With all of that said, Toyota did recall a bunch of Lexus RXs last year for an underdash plastic piece that popped off during driving, above the driver's feet. Who says Toyota doesn't steal ideas from Alfa Romeo?
  2. Right. Sorry - Yugo of America's parent company would have been more correct (Zastava took over the distributor in 1988/89). The entire Zastava factory was known as "Yugo" at some point in the '80s, with all Zastava models - domestic included - renamed as "Yugo" products. The logo changed back from the "Y" to "Z" about a decade ago. Regarding GM/ Zastava - it looks like the deal will go through. Opel and Zastava agree to joint venture http://www.autoberza.info/autobrief/?lng=e...d=593&rid=0
  3. This deal has been talked about for two years, and it looks like it may finally see fruition. Demand for Chevrolets and Opels in Eastern Europe is growing by leaps and bounds, with GM shortly to open a third plant in Russia to build the Chevy Captiva. Chevrolet sales grew by 33% in Europe, to more than 100,000, in the first quarter of 2007. It is the best-selling brand in Macedonia. Opel is Croatia's best-selling brand, Croatia bordering with Serbia and both of these being former republics of Yugoslavia. With Zastava having invested more than 15 million euros recently in new presses and machinery to build its new Zastava 10 (effectively Fiat's Punto), the company has begun exporting again. GM may be about to take advantage. It appears Zastava's plant will assemble Opel Astra Classics. http://www.autoberza.info/autobrief/?lng=e...d=585&rid=0 Other links on Zastava: Zastava 10: The Savior? http://www.autoberza.info/autobrief/?lng=e...d=423&rid=5 2007 Zastava 10 Euro 4 http://www.autoberza.info/autobrief/?lng=e...d=578&rid=5 Zastava Florida IN TDC http://www.autoberza.info/autobrief/?lng=e...d=565&rid=5
  4. CaMIRO

    Lucerne Sales for June 2006

    August 2006 sales • Chrysler 300 - 11,703 (and 95,475 year-to-date) • Buick Lucerne - 10,822 (and 67,928 year-to-date) • Dodge Charger - 10,461 (and 77,540 year-to-date) • Nissan Maxima - 8,814 (and 48,609 year-to-date) • Lexus ES350 - 7,973 (and 48,365 year-to-date - includes ES330) • Toyota Avalon - 6,747 (and 58,540 year-to-date) • Acura TL - 6,339 (and 48,940 year-to-date) • Ford Five Hundred – 6,046 (and 62,028 year-to-date) • Ford Crown Victoria - 5,091 (and 46,642 year-to-date) • Mercury Grand Marquis - 4,036 (and 43,383 year-to-date) • Hyundai Azera - 2,090 (and 18,577 year-to-date) • Mercury Montego – 1,728 (and 16,244 year-to-date) To answer the inevitable corollary, GM points out that retail deliveries of the Lucerne for August 2006 were 9,021.
  5. http://crubsandfents.wordpress.com/2006/08...buick/#more-111 Interesting article. Crubs & Fents has been one of the more level-headed new blogs I've read of late.
  6. The State of General Motors: Q1
  7. Don't Count the Dots Brief quotes below...
  8. Sales for January 2006 were up 8.06% over January 2005, and down 22.65% over December 2005. In the ten segments defined in the charts below, the following overall statistics apply (in order of display): Entry-level segment was up 15.54% over January 2005, and down 2.4% over December 2005. Midsize-Large Mainstreamers were up 15.04% over January 2005, and down 4.29% over December 2005. Mainstreamer Coupes were up 11.46% over January 2005, and up 1.72% over December 2005. Luxury, up 25.7% over January 2005, and down 29.6% over December 2005. Sports & GT, up 7.81% over January 2005, and down 23.51% over December 2005. Minivans, up 6.1% over January 2005, and down 22.51% over December 2005. Crossovers were up 3.55% over January 2005, and down 28.95% over December 2005. SUVs were up 0.29% over January 2005, and down 35.97% over December 2005. Pickup Trucks were down 3.91% over January 2005, and down 38.23% over December 2005. Hybrids were up 98.34% over January 2005, and down 10.3% over December 2005 (n.b: neither Dec '05 nor Jan '05 figures include Escape Hybrid).
  9. I'd like to add to this thread with some pictorial evidence, if I may. These photographs were shot at the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid's press conference unveiling on Sunday, January 8th: Meanwhile, the following shots were taken today, at the NAIAS Industry Preview on Thursday, January 12th, 2006: The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, and associated displays, are clearly still present in Cobo Hall.
  10. CaMIRO

    Article: '2006 Camaro Concept'

    2006 Camaro Concept Confirmed for Detroit
  11. from http://www.automobear.com:
  12. ... from an Edmunds press release that crossed the wire Monday morning ('Edmunds.com Forecasts November Auto Sales: Late Recovery Due to New Domestic Promotions Will Result in a Flat Month'), here are the sales predictions for November 2005. All figures are Edmunds estimates. Actual figures to be released in two-three days, of course. Total Vehicle Sales Up 3% over November 2004, to 1.23 million units Total Big Three Market Share estimated at 56.1% for November 2005 Down 0.2% from 56.3% in November 2004 Up 3.8% from record low of 52.3% in October 2005 General Motors (est. November market share 24.5%, +2.5% over Oct 2005, -0.5% over Nov 2004) Sales Up 1% over November 2004 Sales Up 19% over October 2005 Ford (est. November market share 17.1%, +1.3% over Oct 2005, -2.1% over Nov 2004) Sales Down 8% over November 2004 Sales Up 16% over October 2005 Chrysler (est. November market share 14.5%, +0.1% over Oct 2005, +0.8% over Nov 2004) Sales Up 9% over November 2004 Sales Up 8% over October 2005 Toyota (est. November market share 14.3%, -0.8% over Oct 2005) Sales Up 14% over November 2004 Sales Up 2% over October 2005 Honda (est. November market share 8.7%, -1.0% over Oct 2005) Sales Up 12% over November 2004 Sales Down 3% over October 2005 Nissan (est. November market share 6.5%, +0.2% over Oct 2005) Sales Unchanged over November 2004 Sales Up 11% over October 2005
  13. The New GMT900s (from the perspective of GMT800)
  14. As of 7:30am, Tuesday November 8th, the third headline down on the Detroit News' Autos Insider page reads: "Ford Freestyle, Mazda MPV minivans earn poor ratings in side impact tests." http://www.detnews.com/autosinsider/index.htm :blink: The model they meant, of course, was the Freestar. Hopefully, this will be corrected soon. I'm sure I'm not alone in having sent them a note about it. No word on whether this mistake was made in the printed newspaper. This is a rather vital error. It's in a headline (a detrimental one, at that), and it not only confuses two models, but two models that are poles apart in terms of marketing and in the age of their designs. This is our media, Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm not singling out this particular newspaper, either. Does anyone remember the journalist who felt the need to look through his "mother's underwear drawer" to find a headline to describe his Mercury Montego test drive? Or, the recent Consumer Reports test which whined about the Lotus Elise's pedals being too close together (someone over there has never heel and toed, apparently)? For an encore, let's predict reliability based on a self-selective, thoroughly flawed system that no statistician would ever sanction. Oh, wait...

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