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  1. As GM is currently begging established dealer groups to take over and re-start defunct Buick-GMC (thanks to GMAC's abandonment of floorplan all over), anything that'll get people into showrooms is a good start. I look at Regal as a complimentary piece like the CC to the Passat--and the Regal looks much better in person- GM photography strikes again.
  2. Currently driving one from work...Reddish 08 SXT. 4cyl auto...not Chrysler's shining moment. But...its fine and economical in normal use, and for 10k w/warranty.... The only deal killer would be the rear corner/C blindspots...4 dr sedan record awful...
  3. Technically, GM can't make money making cars....that's why you and I and everyone else who pays taxes here now owns a majority of GM... I'll posit the argument that almost all of your points, save the SRX example, are irrelevant to this discussion. Cadillac is no longer the 'standard of the world'--I don't think any sane person could argue the opposite. That being said, Cadillac needs to make money---hand over fist-type barrels of money, SUV type money. The only way to do that is product like the SRX, given the current market and Caddy's position in it. The old SRX was many of the things
  4. SRX will be a marketplace success, simply because it is cheaper to build than the SRX before it---the prior SRX is an excellent vehicle, but the market it entered didn't want a 7 pass SportscarUV. (at close to 50k properly equipped). The X5 now covers that limited ground along with other, more specialized brands. I don't like the weight (theta-plus, ahem) but the new SRX be successful, to the frustration of enthusiasts.
  5. Haven't been here for months...but it's always refreshing to see the same gnashing of teeth/pity party. PCS is still a criminal, condescending clown. Hope all is going well in your part of the world...mine sux (professionally, anyway)....BTW, O-boi, GM's current incentives on G8 are between $2500-3500 and most BPG stores are in trouble with GM's new alignment, but the G8 is closer to 15% off than 20, as an fyi.. I love the G8---but GM (and Lutz, again!) have failed to prove a biz case for a foreign-built, RWD unique vehicle--(Merkur, anyone?)---just as they failed to make money on the Sol
  6. Here's a good example of GM responding to market demand (note that Audi A4 has gone 4 cyl only next year) and projected fuel prices... There's nothing barring 'premium' makers from offering eco-friendly offerings---and don't worry, most don't consider Buick premium anyway. Side note: Can't keep 4cyl/6sp. 'bu's in stock, so somebody is looking for this powertrain combo--and these generally sticker at $26k+, so why shouldn't Buick's clientele have a car in this space?
  7. Not that anyone cares...but I'll chime in that one of the reasons I rarely visit this site anymore is the lack of ideas. Yea, I know there are diehard GM fans in the group...and they're going to dredge up how crappy certain import cars/features/whatever are to prove a point to noone but themselves and those that agree. Then, one of the more moderate members has the 'temerity' to question whether the first posters' statement is accurate...and then it devolves into the same drivel. Guess what--the Det3 lost. It's over, just as predicted by some of the most disliked members on this board.
  8. Posters realize that no GMAC means no GM, right? There's simply no reason to pump up GM and let GMAC fail, especially since they're financing the 'new' Chrysler as well.
  9. I hear you...The pull-ahead programs will be up for grabs after June 1. My understanding is that the reason Chrysler went to an all-rebate program in May is a result of the over-complicated accounting required for any other form of incentives--Papa Fed gets confused by the convoluted nature of other offerings. Factor in the fact that GMAC taking over for Chrysler financial will further mess things up.
  10. Is it time to start a "BMW Deathwatch" then?
  11. Only 1,000 or so will be made, allegedly...so we've got all the makings of a future classic, despite it's shortcomings.
  12. My advice to anyone considering a Pontiac purchase (or any other dead brand walking) is to wait....once GM announces dealer closings, the market will be saturated by excess inventory returned by dealers who are going out....same holds true of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge---all non-Alpha dealers will be targeted for closing by the summer. Personally, I've got a 06-07 530xi Wagon in my cross-hairs....the CPO's are half of new sticker and the specialists are at about 40%. (2 kids in seats and my wife hates SUV/CUV's, so I'm happy.)
  13. In that case, let's find your co-conspirators as well. Just because a bunch of other j-asses in a clearly dysfunctional organization gave you a green light doesn't make it legal, ethical or right... That's the problem with having a faulty moral compass, you tend to listen to anyone that rationalizes your errant behaviors... It's telling of what craziness passes for average behavior at GME that you'd have the unmitigated nerve to admit to all of this to strangers. I no longer wonder why GME has been a such a disaster all of these years.
  14. It's all fun & games until people start losing their jobs, and your attempts at gallows humor are not just offensive, they're not funny. Again, you're actions and words indicate you're a rat of the highest order....I'd also suggest to any GM employees that visit this site find out exactly who PCS is and what information he left GME with --- after planning to do so over the course of a year, I'd say there may be a breach of contract issue with GME, at minimum. I may not be Evok, but I'm afraid your true colors are emblazened all over this website. Certainly something to be proud of...

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