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  1. gt1750

    Choppin' Competition #14 - Results

    Thanks for the votes, guys. I think this will be my last photo chop for a while. Chopping is fun but I should focus on my own stuff.
  2. gt1750

    What Decade of Music Do You Like?

    I voted for 00's, although I like many electronic tracks from 90's. In 00's there 's been a big boom of breakbeat and electro which are my favorite music genres.
  3. gt1750

    Oh my God...

    Fake essay but real fun!
  4. Here's mine. I modified just few things the way I'd like the new Camaro to look. Mods: lowered, different mask with LED lights, raised hood, modified wheels, sidepipes, SS emblems, color change.
  5. gt1750

    ABC........Cars Of The World

    Caterham Super Seven
  6. gt1750

    ABC........Cars Of The World

    Kleinschnittger F 125
  7. gt1750


  8. gt1750

    Picture Association

    These are AIRBAGS!
  9. gt1750

    ABC........Cars Of The World

    Yamaha OX 99-11
  10. gt1750


    Hey, I played Postal 2 as well, I made a collection of screenshots of burning beople and elephants on stadium, dogs carrying heads and orher features I'd rather not mention here. Wonderful game.
  11. gt1750

    ABC........Cars Of The World

    Ultima GTR
  12. I can't start chopping before Sunday evening. If the deadline's going to be set on Wenesday - Thursday, then it's OK for me.

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