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    Chevy Trucks, Dodge, Chrysler, Buick, Jeep.<br />Sports i play,<br />Wrestling<br />Football<br />Basketball
  1. Charger4U

    Word Association

  2. Charger4U

    Happy Birthday Charger 4U

    Yesterday I was sitting in class thinking of what is going to happen on my birthday, and I remembered ocnblu will most likely have a thread for me. Hahaha. Here I am, otherwise I am just lurking most of the time haha. Thanks for the birthday wishes! In South Dakota one can drive at 14, so 16 is not that special! Haha. (Well it is for me, Drinking age in Germany, where I'll be next year as a student!) My dad handed down a 1969 Chevy Blazer (Like this, except for a little nice wheels and paint), so that's what I had been driving before last September when the &#036;h&#33;ty state of south dakota took my license away. Bastards.
  3. Charger4U

    I am no longer a GM fan

    What a &#036;h&#33;ty deal.
  4. Charger4U

    Word Association

  5. Charger4U

    - N W O -

    Pshhhht the UN is a POS so I cant imagine anything larger would work. What's up with the google ad? Does CG have those now?
  6. Charger4U

    Word Association

  7. Charger4U

    Word Association

    my cousins apartment (I just found out today i was awarded a Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange scholarship!)
  8. Charger4U

    Word Association

  9. Charger4U

    Nicknames for people you work with

    "Love" One of the hotter waitresses. "Vladymir" My supervisor. She rounds up all the tips in this new communist way. "Danika" My boss's name when i feel like testing him. (His real name is Dana) "Go Diggers!" The other busser b/c he cheerleads. (But nor for the babes - he is not that smart)
  10. Charger4U

    Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D)-IL

    I dont know what it is- but i cant stand this guys hair. Im going to freak out the next time i see that hair.
  11. Charger4U

    Windows 7 Beta 1

    Well a leaked ISO with no registration key does a whole lot of good. Current news......
  12. Charger4U

    Windows 7 Beta 1

    Anyone else download the beta? Its cool and fast, i like it. Its like Vista done right. Here is the download link its only available for the first 2.5 million people, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd353205.aspx btw the download doesnt work on Firefox or Safari, you have to use IE.
  13. Charger4U

    "I don't much care for..."

    I dont much care for the French.
  14. Charger4U

    Word Association

  15. Charger4U

    Cheers and Jeers for 2008

    Success!!!! haha 2 years ago i asked if i would ever get a mention in one of these. The time has come! Cheers to the best automotive forum on the net! (It still exists right? Im usually in the lounge)

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