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  1. autoeng

    2008 Cadillac CTS4 --- [ TEST DRIVE ]

    JBsZO6 - About the polished versus the painted wheels. I ordered the painted, figuring if they weren't shiny enough I could have them stripped and chromed for less than the polished option. When I got the car, I was very happy with the painted wheels. I'd describe them as "satin." They look very nice. I won't be having them chromed.
  2. autoeng

    See Tee Ess Four

    I picked mine up yesterday. Absolutely love it. Wife thinks it's the best looking sedan she's ever seen, inside and out. We ordered it without ever seeing one in person. Crystal Red should be called Crystal Red Metallic. Looks bright, candy apple red in sunlight, but looks deep red/maroon in the shade (just like my wife's Magnetic Red Metallic C6). Actually, the color is very close to mag red. Lots of cool stuff on it. Cooled seat work so good I had to shut them off once I was cooled down (was 98 degrees out yesterday). The neatest thing is if you leave the nav screen up when you shut the car down, it automatically retracts, then extends again when you start the car back up. Brakes feel better than any other car I've ever driven, and I've had a couple Porsches and a 3-series BMW. Very progressive, easy to modulate. Quietest car I've ever ridden in. Listening to a CD, I tried toggling back and forth between normal and surround sound settings. Both my wife and I can really hear the difference. Both sound great, just surround sound sounds better. Wish I didn't have to work so I could keep playing with everything. Woke up this morning at 4 AM thinking about all the things I wanted to try out in it.
  3. autoeng

    A Lap Behind In Luxury

    When the SRX first came out I wanted to buy one. So did friends of mine at the golf course. None of us did because with the second row seat up, our golf bags wouldn't fit across the back (area behind wheel wells closed off) or fore-aft in the luggage compartment. I can get my clubs across the back of the trunk of my brother's CTS. I ended getting a fully loaded Trailblazer.
  4. autoeng

    A Lap Behind In Luxury

    I look at the sales figures for Cadillac against Lexus and I figure Cadillac is doing pretty good. Lexus has EIGHT models (LS, GS, ES, IS, SC, LX, GX and RX) not even counting three Hybrids. Cadillac only has six (CTS, SRX, STS, DTS, XLR and Escalade). If Cadillac has a larger portfolio, they would probably be closer or ahead of Lexus.
  5. autoeng

    Just ordered a 2008 CTS

    Just to let everyone know, I found out today the B20 wood trim is not available right now. Mine was supposed to have it but won't. I'd rather not have it given the choice. It was just part of the PDQ package. I'd prefer holding leather instead of wood. Also, it doesn't get scratched by rings. Also got my VIN today.
  6. autoeng

    Just ordered a 2008 CTS

    makfu Congratulations on your order! I found out last night the one I ordered two weeks ago was being painted yesterday and is supposed to be ready for shipment this Friday. Mine's Crystal Red with light titanium interior, SIDI, PDQ and Y42. With a little luck, I may have it sometime next week.
  7. autoeng

    2008 CTS Pricing Released

    A friend of mine used to be the plant manager at Lansing. I contacted him and he put me in touch with a guy at the plant who is going to let me know what day it's scheduled to be built. I hope to know in the next week. In the mean time, I've downloaded the owners manual and the navigation system manual and have read through most of them already. Didn't know it will have speech recognition capabilities!
  8. autoeng

    2008 CTS Pricing Released

    I went to my Cadillac dealer last night and ordered one. They didn't have the pricing list yet, but I had my copy with the options I wanted. (6DP69 3.6L SIDI, 89U Crystal Red, Gray/Ebony interior, PDQ Premium Luxury Collection and Y42 18" All-Season Tire Performance Package) Since they didn't have the pricing yet, I just agreed to pay the GMS price on the invoice. I was the first person to order one from this dealer. They also had a 2008 STS on the lot. Beautiful car! Now the wait starts.
  9. autoeng

    2008 CTS Pricing Released

    fady, The GMS prices are posted on www.cadillacforums.com under "2008 CTS Prices Released" on third page of post. I'm a GM employee and am thinking of ordering a 2008 CTS this week, fully loaded, Sunset Blue with grey interior. I'm trading in my 1999 Seville SLS.
  10. autoeng

    2008 CTS Pricing Released

    Iwas on the GM family First web site tonight and saw that the 2008 CTS pricing was released. Base price for the 1SA is $32,245 and the 1SB (SIDI) is $34,545. Full pricing breakdown Luxury Collection (PDP) - $2600 Luxury Level One Package (Y40) Seating Package (Y44) Premium Luxury Collection (PDQ) - $8165 Luxury Level One Package (Y40) Luxury Level Two Package (Y41) Seating Package (Y44) Audio system with navigation (UAV) UltraView sunroof (C3U) Wood Trim Package (B19) Wood Trim Package (B20) Universal Home Remote (UG1) Performance Collection (PDR) - $3300 18" All-Season Tire Performance Package (Y42) Seating Package (Y44) Luxury Level One (Y40) - $1000 Theft-deterrent alarm system AM/FM stereo with 6-disc in-dash CD changer and MP3 playback with Radio Data System (RDS) and Bose 8-speaker system Rainsense wipers Accent lighting 17" x 8" machined-faced wheels Luxury Level Two (Y41) - $2025 Heated/ventilated front seats Split-folding rear seat Power rake wheel and telescopic steering column Universal Home Remote EZ Key passive entry system Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist BASE PRICING 2007 CTS 3.6l 6MT - $33,530 2008 CTS 3.6l 6MT - $32,245 2007 CTS 3.6l 5AT - $34,730 2008 CTS 3.6l 6AT - $34,545 -Flybrian
  11. autoeng

    2008 STS Loads up on Safety

    Just a note. GM released the pricing for the 2008 STS yesterday. V6 base $42,390.00 and V8 base $51,810.00.
  12. autoeng

    GM Employee Pricing

    The base employee and supplier program prices on a 9-3 2.0T are $23,854 and $25,298 respectively. If you're not a family member of an employee, you may not be able to get the employee price.
  13. autoeng

    09 Caddy CTS-V "flat out incredible"

    My bet is that the motor will be the LSA, a 6.2L, supercharged, small block. Looking at the pictures, you can see the bulge added to top of the hood. If it was the LS7, it would fit under the hood without the power bulge. It will be similar to the next supercharger LS9 expected in the super Vette. I've also read that the LSA in the CTS will be available with either a manual or automatic transmission.
  14. autoeng

    2008 Cadillac CTS Ordering Guide

    ZL-1 Regarding the 2.8L and DI. I believe it gets replaced by a 3.0L DI in 2010.
  15. autoeng

    2008 SAAB Product Guide

    Nothing about the 280HP Black Turbo or AWD?

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