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  1. Your friend is trying to find reason not to like the CTS and he is reaching with the navigation comment. I bet he had not even sat in one with the navigation up but has a comment on it. Anyway I am also glad that Cadillac did not swoop the front of the CTS up like they did with the XLR. That soils that car for me totally. BMW, Benz or Audi will not do that and I am glad Cadillac followed suit. If it scares someone with the idea of going in a driveway they can simply go in at an angle and most often will be fine.
  2. rueben44

    Autoweek magazine likes the ASTRA

    You all need to actually drive the car!!!! Anyway here is my review with images and I loved it. It has enough power for me and is not a cheap car so it shouldn't be priced like a Cobalt. http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57462
  3. rueben44

    LAIAS: 2009 Chevrolet Aveo5

    Actually Audi did not start it that is how cars were designed for the most part for most of the early 20th century. Now I like it because it is bold and different with a nice quality interior at a cheap price.
  4. rueben44

    2009 Pontiac Vibe

    At first I thought I would like it but...it is so Japanese I really don't like it at all.
  5. rueben44

    Help 9-3 Owners

    Well I know they has some issues during the 03-04 years but I thought most of them had been fixed by now. What issues are you referring to?
  6. rueben44

    Help 9-3 Owners

    Wow thanks so much for the info. I am buying around January 1st of the year and will save your username and send you IM about one. I was just so worried about the issue at first. Also I wanted a 2.0t with a five speed at first them decided that I may want the v6 with the stick because I like the dual pipes. Anyway thanks again.
  7. rueben44

    Help 9-3 Owners

    Ok as you all know I keep buying car after car well I really would like to own a modern Saab as the ones I have had were all older, 93 & 99. Well what I have been reading is that 9-3's have squeaking issues soon after new purchase. I mean like in the doors and head liner areas of the car after about 8K miles. What I want to know from you all is that your experience also? Do you have lots of rattle issues with your Saab? I appreciate the help.
  8. rueben44

    CTS gets Electronic Parking Brake for '09

    The article tells everyone that they will not put a handle because it will break up the beautiful design. They are going to put some type of button. Further more I would stop speculating about how the system will not work in hypothetical situations when you really do not know how it will work in full at all.
  9. rueben44

    Car and Driver G8 test

    Correction the US is part of Mexico!
  10. rueben44

    The United States of Toyota

    I burst into laughter when I saw this title because I joke with friends all the time and say we will be living in the United States of Mexico all the time. Anyway when I saw the title i was like what? LOL!
  11. I had been a long time what is wrong with GM making a flagship Cadillac sedan? I guess they can do without the sales or with a truly complete portfolio. Anyway I think the new CTS will get many from Benz and BMW...at least many more than they were getting before because now it has the interior an import buyer would like.
  12. rueben44

    The end of the "black-tie era" is near

    Problem is GM needs a radio for each brand. At least change the outside cover a bit like Mazda did and does but no from Buick to Saab to Chevy they all look the same. Sad!
  13. rueben44

    Great CTS ads on OnDemand

    These ads came out during the Emmy broadcast.
  14. rueben44

    FRANKFURT: 2008 SAAB 9-3 Turbo X

    Why would some one buy it over the competition? Did you read this, "The system allows for extraordinary roadholding. Saab’s own testing on a slalom course during development showed the system outpacing German and Japanese competition, including a special test against the Porsche 911 Turbo." Plus the fact it is limited production to 2000 units world wide and it is a Saab so it is not a me to car like a BMW.

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