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  1. Justin Bimmer

    Back from the abyss

    Hello all, CadillacKing3 AKA James Bond AKA now Justin Bimmer checking in. I have been a member of this site for over 10 years. I have had a few bumps in my life with my law career and now I am an Internet Sales Manager at a BMW dealership in California. I hope in the future to share with all of you some of the stories of eccentric purchasers and also answer questions you may have about the car buying process. It's great to be back. Special thanks to FAPTurbo and Lord_Tourettes for getting me back in the fray. I have to say I am really enjoying my job and my 528i M Sport. I'm trying to get a photo of it in my signature, but I think I may need some help. Cheers, Justin
  2. Justin Bimmer


  3. It looks like a toyota tundra. A small diesel would be nice too.
  4. Justin Bimmer

    I knew it! :angry:

    Anything they were going to do with Pontiac they can do with Buick. Buick has muscle cars and performance in its history too.
  5. I have been spending a lot of time in the Bay Area and if you think this is going to hurt tesla or that tesla is a fad you are wrong. On a daily basis I would see 5-10 of these cars. It is the perfect car for luxury buyers. People who can afford multiple cars and enjoy the new cool and tech in cars. I promise you every luxury car dealer from San Francisco to San Jose wishes they had a car like this to sell.
  6. Justin Bimmer

    Hi, a new guy here.

    Welcome to the site!
  7. Plus we are producing so much oil in the United States right now.
  8. Justin Bimmer

    Cadillac News: Detroit Auto Show: 2014 Cadillac ELR

    Also remember how happy and satisfied the Volt owners are. Imagine taking that to the next level with the same features plus Cadillac style and luxury.
  9. Justin Bimmer

    Here's Your ELR

    This could be my next car.
  10. Justin Bimmer

    Ram News: 2013 Ram 3500 Now Tows Up To 30,000 Pounds

    Anybody else think it is dangerous / ridiculous that this when hauling a load: can legally in many states only totally weigh a little over TWICE as much as this:
  11. Justin Bimmer

    Drinking Pennsylvania Brews!

    Rolling Rock is no longer a PA beer either. It now says "St. Louis Missouri" on the bottles and cans.
  12. Justin Bimmer

    GM News: General Motors To Differentiate Next-Gen SUVs

    They won't because...
  13. Justin Bimmer

    Chevy's new NASCAR star previews SS sedan!

    Looks a lot like this: http://www.roadandtrack.com/future-cars/first/2014-chevrolet-ss-sedan
  14. Justin Bimmer

    GM considers revamping Buick logo

    I can see the circle around the shield going away.
  15. Justin Bimmer

    Poll: Did you pass your driver test the first time?

    Passed C B and A class all on first try.

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