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  1. Honda News: Honda Teases Us with the 2018 Accord

    IMO Fit, Civic, HRV, CRV,Pilot > Yaris, Corolla,CHR,RAV4,Highlander
  2. Honda News: Honda Teases Us with the 2018 Accord

    Haven't warmed up to the new Camry front end yet.. Expecting this Accord to look like a bigger Civic up front but time will tell.
  3. Oldsmobile Intrigue commercial

    Drove a 99 Intrigue 3.5L for 5 years, I was on the Edmunds town hall forum back then. It was a very good highway commuting car for me.
  4. Took their sweet time getting the Type R back to North America, looks like they nailed it... I think fans of the old Integra Type R have aged out of driving something so over styled by now (and it was nice and understated aside from the little badge). I never drove an Integra R but my friend let me drive his Integra GSR a handful of times, it was a great little car. I could only see myself in one of these if it was black and didn't have the wing.
  5. Honda News: 2018 Honda Accord Drops the Six

    Venzas used to be plentiful around here but I don't see them much anymore. I thought it looked fine aside from the front as well. Surprised Toyota didn't come out with a second gen in this anything crossover'ish sells environment.
  6. Honda News: 2018 Honda Accord Drops the Six

    I found your numbers... "Popularity based on calendar-year sales through July 2016" Full year Toyota Camry 388,618 Honda Accord 345,225 Nissan Altima 307,380 Ford Fusion 265,840 Chevrolet Malibu 227,881 Hyundai Sonata 199,416 Kia Optima 124,203 Volkswagen Passat 73,002 Subaru Legacy 65,306 Chrysler 200 57,294 Mazda 6 45,520 Buick Regal 19,833 Volkswagen CC 3237 Dodge Avenger 45
  7. Honda News: 2018 Honda Accord Drops the Six

    Nope the Full year numbers are to the right of the monthly numbers.. And this link confirms, Camry sold ~388,000 in 2016. Your numbers are low
  8. Honda News: 2018 Honda Accord Drops the Six

    Where did you find those numbers?
  9. Honda News: 2018 Honda Accord Drops the Six

    Acura is so stuck in the mud, they might as well make it their electric brand at this point.
  10. Hyundai News:2018 Hyundai Kona Brings the Funky

    "Hyundai will also be adding an electric variant that promises a range of 240 miles sometime next year." This is what caught my eye.
  11. Too bad "Sport" doesn't seem to bring back a little more fun they softened out of the previous generations. Still a fantastic car as far as subcompacts go.
  12. Ford News: How Much For The Ford Focus Electric?

    They sell decently up here due to govt rebates and the range bump, final price is just over 20k, about 10k less than a base Bolt, 5k less than an e-golf.
  13. Honda News: 2018 Honda Accord Drops the Six

    Not trying to match the 2018 Camry with its new chassis and 301hp v6 I guess.
  14. BMW News: BMW's Upcoming Crossover Mania

    The x1 sells 20k+ a month globally, I'd say it is doing pretty well. If the X7 sells 5k a month globally, a third of what the x5 does, I think they would be good with that.
  15. Since the CRV hybrid was already recently announced in China, with the same motor as the Accord, it shouldn't be too long before it arrives here.