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  1. Designers: How many buttons should we have on this column? GM: Yes
  2. Hopefully for Ford's sake it has better luck selling vs the Outback here than the TourX has had.
  3. Up here TDI was popular, over 100k were in the 2.0tdi 2009-2015 generation that needed the emissions fix.
  4. Seems the lane keep works pretty well on this model
  5. Caddy would only win for me in a trim level that has a bunch of features the Kia lacks. Kia if it were my money though. This guy films at the dealership I serviced the Intrigue at.
  6. Hopefully similar design language on the next gen Sorento..
  7. CX5 is on the small side of compact CUVs, they could definitely use a midsize 2 row between it and the CX9.
  8. It is the ugly duckiing of the 3 pony cars, hopefully when it comes back at some point that won't be the case.
  9. Celebrations are winding down but there is still a lot of energy in the city. Workers did a pretty good job cleaning up after the 2+ million person parade. Hopefully Kawhi stays and we can take down the spoiled Lakers next year.
  10. I had no idea they were Canadian, that explains why it seemed their videos were on Much Music so much.
  11. Indeed, first time champs, finally! I'm tired and hoarse but on cloud nine.
  12. At the beginning of the year I figured like most the Warriors would win again easily after adding Cousins for peanuts.. a bit surreal to me that they actually might lose and it is the Raptors I've been following since the early painful expansion years who could do it.
  13. Good news is I hope to join in on a 1 million+ person street party tonight for an hour or so should the Raptors win.. bad news is i will get there around midnight and will surely be woken up by the little one at 6:30am tomorrow for his school and my work day.

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