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  1. frogger

    Mazda News: Rumorpile: Turbo Power for the CX-5?

    Would sure make this the no-brainer choice in this segment for me pending the new RAV4 hybrid.
  2. frogger

    Volvo News: 2019 Volvo S60: A Swede with An American Accent

    Volvo has it going on. Not a big fan of their infotainment based on my colleague's XC90, but the simple handsome lines in and out do it for me and this might be their best yet of late. I like that red paint on it too.
  3. frogger

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Worst part of a colonoscopy is the prep...
  4. frogger

    BMW News: 2019 BMW 8-Series Returns From the Dead

    Hubba hubba
  5. What if China charges a licensing fee to sell cars in China, which is a much bigger car market than USA... The auto market and GM sell more vehicles in China than USA..
  6. Good luck with this, since so many of the parts are internationally manufactured and cross between the US and its trade partners multiple times before final assembly.
  7. frogger

    Ford to renovate Detroit train station

    This could be a beautiful building, seems to be in really rough shape though. It is going to take a tonne of money and effort to refurbish and make it energy efficient.
  8. frogger

    Random Thoughts Thread

    No help here, I don't know Mandarin, cannot read simplified or traditional.
  9. frogger

    BMW 750Li vs Cadillac CT6 | TestDrive Showdown

    I wouldn't buy anything in this segment new, if I had the money it would strictly be a lease. Otherwise for ~32K USD.. http://wwwb.autotrader.ca/a/cadillac/ct6/north vancouver/british columbia/19_10572019_/?showcpo=ShowCpo&orup=25_10_25
  10. Seems like something a Genesis SUV could be built on too..
  11. frogger

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I have seasonal spring allergies too, worse the last 5 years after we moved to our area with all the 50 foot+ mature trees in our yards. I can get away with taking the pills for about 3 weeks when the oak pollen is all over in clumps and the cars are dusted with pollen daily in the neighbourhood. Our 4 year old son has them too, his eyes swell up bad if he rubs them a bit:(.
  12. frogger

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I really don't get the add on feature, it ties you to a phone/brand, is another thing to carry with you (like carrying a phone and a P&S camera), and the sensor is still tiny. The reviews of the Hasselblad add on are not great. Maybe if the phone had a current flagship level sensor and better image processing like that of the Pixel 2 the zoom would be a great feature. The P20 Pro seems to do a pretty good job at 3x zoom. https://www.dpreview.com/articles/7284790355/huawei-p20-pro-hands-on
  13. frogger

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I have to wonder how long this will go on. The counter tariffs are all targeting swing states and his base, no amount of lying on twitter will change that. I doubt the antiquated, idled aluminum mfg plants are going to prosper and be heavily modernized and ramped up all of the sudden in the name of "national security"/.
  14. frogger

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Nice set of photos, different from the usual skyline or "mass of people walking in dense modern urban environment" pictures you usually see of large Asian cities. I really enjoyed my HK visit when we went 20 years+ ago, will definitely go again someday, hopefully for a month after retirement (would like to do the same in Tokyo).
  15. frogger

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm hoping Project Treble on Android makes things better in the long run.. Already on XDA there are developers releasing single Treble code bases for multiple Android devices. https://forum.xda-developers.com/project-treble/trebleenabled-device-development/lineage-phh-treble-t3767690

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