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  1. With that pricing, just get a three row and call it a day. Probably much better resale value on a good three row as well. My brother-in-law's Ascent is pretty nice and doesn't offer a chintzy base motor FWD option or require a top trim level to get active safety like it is 2015.
  2. New Santa Fe is priced better too for the most part.. cheapest base motor AWD is under 30K and includes active safety.
  3. frogger

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    Some years in the NBA have boosted Marcin's car budget
  4. frogger

    Ford News: Ford Hopes To Sooth Dealers This Week

    I think by the time it hit its second generation the Fusion has always ans still outsells the Malibu. They trail the usual Camry/Accord/Altima.
  5. "Minicar" segment sales in Europe last year.. Minicar segment 2017 2016 Change 1 Fiat 500 189.360 183.194 3% 2 Fiat Panda 187.049 190.432 -2% 3 Volkswagen Up! 100.715 96.836 4% 4 Hyundai i10 90.603 85.385 6% .. .. .. 12 Opel/Vauxhall Adam 48.181 52.938 -9%
  6. frogger

    What Are You Listening To?

    New Massdrop HD6XX headphones arrived today so I've been putting them through a workout.. Daft Punk Random Access Memories album to finish for the night.
  7. frogger

    X-class overview from Esquire UK

    I don't see full size pickup trucks selling much in Europe, they are just too wide, probably a foot wider than full size luxury cars due to the side view mirrors. Have fun with that. The Ranger Raptor should do decently there though.
  8. frogger

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: September 2018

    Genesis has 3 sedans, no CUV's... They really failed to read where the market was going.
  9. frogger

    September 2018: Volvo Car USA, LLC

    They're doing pretty well, they have a limited number of powertrain and platforms and are approaching their 2007 sales high with a lot of momentum. Europe is their big market where they sell 3-4 times as many vehicles.
  10. frogger

    September 2018: FCA US LLC

    Not sure it makes sense to change the mission/size of the Caravan when its replacement comes.
  11. I would think the Performance Pack would be a no brainer.. I wouldn't buy an 800hp Mustang though, would rather a GT Premium w/Performance Pack or better yet a Bullet, they already are in the 4 second 0-60 range, and actually commute with it as often as not instead of using it as just a weekend fun car.
  12. frogger

    BMW News: Leaked: 2019 BMW 3-Series

    Not surprised by the slow evolution of the design given the 5 series refresh that happened a year or so ago that was similar.
  13. frogger

    Hyundai i30 Fastback Gets the N Treatment

    Nice car, I prefer it to the Veloster N for sure.
  14. That is a beautifully trimmed car for sure. They really need a modern flagship CUV with the same level of luxury.

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