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  1. I think it looks pretty good, it looks way more upscale than the current model and the interior looks like a really nice place to be. It is not like any of the competition has been putting out sedans that would make me look twice on the road unless it was due to paint colour..
  2. More likely to have travelled too.
  3. The lot would be worth about 800k around here https://www.realtor.ca/real-estate/21706130/678-willard-ave-toronto-runnymede-bloor-west-village
  4. Telluride and Pallisade sales are limited by current manufacturing capacity, not sure what the ramp up plan is. They underestimated the popularity, being new entries.
  5. How are your grocery stores looking over there? Unbelievable the toilet paper hoarding going on here (I don't get it at all). Aside from that they are very busy as well and shelves are starting to look a little bare. Not Contagion (the movie) level bare but the worst I've seen it.
  6. I'm going to be working from home more and relying on our parents a lot (we are lucky that they are available and willing), our schools are closed for the next three weeks (one was planned March Break, the rest tacked on). Funny my son's class got an "assignment" last week regarding them documenting the fun things they got up to during March Break, going to be a heck of a lot of "stayed home and played with lego" etc instead of "Went to Europe/Hawaii/The Rockies" etc
  7. What about public transit?
  8. I also dont see the value of a two seat unibody mini truck here other than potentially a very bargain price. If you don't have room to park a midsize truxk, wouldn't you be better served by something that can hold some passengers too on occasion? Pretty easy to rent a BOF truck on those days or hours you might need one.
  9. Hahaha no zombies or cannibals Contagion, it is a bit on the serious/attempt at realism side but I will check out The Road :). I have seen the 28 days/weeks later movies, both fun. Looks like Cillian Murphy is in another post-apocalyptic movie upcoming, A Quiet Place 2.
  10. According to my mother-in-law, many Korean churches in Toronto cancelled Sunday services as of last weekend (at least the two larger ones she knows of with 500+ members) for now. I would imagine Chinese ones did the same. Watched Contagion with wifey last night for the heck of it
  11. Cadillac might as well make an XT3 for the China market. China is Cadillac's biggest market, it sells more vehicles there than in the US, and they don't sell the Escalade there. There is no legacy of large cars (or desire for large cars) or sentimentality for old model names there. GM has been losing market share in China for a few years now, they might as well bring new models to try to attract buyers.
  12. A Class is pretty much designed for the European market, looks like it sold almost 200K units there last year (though I'd imagine many if not most would pick a hatchback in Europe) , sales elsewhere are gravy.

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