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  1. bolt

    In Ontario I believe the total rebate is ~$14,000CAD
  2. I have to say those headlights might be the worst ones of this decade, and even if they were not, they do not suit the relatively conservative style of the rest of the car.
  3. I was more into the e39 5 series back then, even now it is just a better sized vehicle for me.. In this scenario I would still prefer the 7 and hope I get lucky with the reliability.
  4. Yes the Equinox dash with contrasting materials, while probably using some cheaper materials, is nicer to look at IMO. But it looks like the rear pillars and the tiny window between them are subpar
  5. Behind the back seat they are more Tucson sized. The specifications state just under 30 cubic feet cargo capacity vs the just under 40 cubic feet of the Rogue, CRV, Rav4. Maybe those 30 are more user friendly than the 40ish in the mainstream somehow. The Regal Sportback has 31, but I doubt it is all as usable as a traditional CUV.
  6. These are great on the inside, a strong contender for those that don't need the cargo space of the top sellers.
  7. I wonder what is to stop someone in California from buying a Bolt, driving it for a year or two, then reselling it in a state that has no rebate to make the cost of driving it for that year or two minimal?
  8. Love this car, fixed what I didn't like about the G8 (mostly the interior). It would be very hard to resist picking one up at some point, but it was never available in Canada.
  9. They sell a CX4 and are coming out with a CX8 in other markets, lets see if either eventually makes it to North America in some form.
  10. Buick sells about 80k Encores a year in the US, more than the Camaro the last few years and it is smaller than the HRV... which also is selling at the same pace as the Encore.
  11. Seems like a no brainer to try. A less utilitarian HRV with the 1.5t would probably find some buyers if priced and equipped right. It has more cargo room than most subcompact CUV's and compact hatchbacks.
  12. I was going to put the M45 under Daily or Cruiser but I couldn't decide.. always attracted to that distinct car. Daily: 2007 Infiniti 35x Sedan Utility: 2007 GMC Yukon Cruiser: 2003/04 Infiniti M45 Fun Car: Honda S2000
  13. Our next door neighbour had a 308 and an XJS in the mid 80's when my parents were rocking an Iron Duke "powered" Gutless Ciera.. So the sentimental side of me has to pick the 308.
  14. On the XT5 interior pictured they paint part of the exterior black to camo it
  15. Some of these large CUV rear pillars and small windows bring to mind convertible soft tops