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  1. A Volt with more cargo room and possibly better rear seat room as well? Sounds like a much more appealing car to me.
  2. frogger

    VW News: The Volkswagen Emblem Will Be Getting A Makeover

    Hmm not sure if it is worth the risk, current one is fine. I'm iffy on colours in Logos. Kia used to have colour..
  3. Cruze needed a nicer butt IMO
  4. Good friend of mine still has a 2008 SRX V8.. He has had a fair number of issues, but then he drives his cars into the ground (has 380,000km on it currently). He would like another one of them with the updates but after having a few rentals with Android Auto he has been spoiled...
  5. I wasn't a fan of the first gen either, just felt like a throwback to bankruptcy times in all regards...a cheap feeling vehicle that would probably start falling apart prematurely.
  6. frogger

    Chevrolet News:Rumorpile: Good-Bye Sonic

    IMO the Sonic's issue was price.. It is not much cheaper than compact cars like the Elantra, Forte, Cruze etc.
  7. I just think the Equinox is small vs the class leaders so bigger options would be welcome. I guess the Acadia might be it like Santa Fe/Sorento third row optional offerings. What ever happened to the Bronco..
  8. frogger

    VW News: 2019 Volkswagen Jetta To Start At $19,395*

    Ventilated leather seats available in a Jetta... Would definitely like a version with the 1.8T and an IRS. I believe the current received an IRS in a midcycle refresh a few years back.
  9. They are visually not all that appealing to me, only time I noticed one was when they applied WOT and flew by me one time, that was pretty awesome.
  10. frogger

    Infiniti News: Infiniti To Transition Sedans From RWD to AWD

    The Stinger is a Grand Prix GTP done right..
  11. frogger

    Auto Show Test Drive - 2018 Chevrolet Bolt

    I had a similar opinion after driving one at the Toronto Auto Show. Couldn't do much with it right in the core of downtown on a weekday but it would definitely be great for my commute.
  12. On fuelly, 2018 Camry owners are averaging 31.4 mpg combined with the new 2.5l engine, so maybe 27mpg combined will be the number for the new RAV4, and 35 for the hybrid.
  13. So disappointing that the Impreza/Crosstrek and now Forester are on completely different platform from their predecessors but still ape them in all of their dullness. Of course they equip them with CVT's to be that much more bleh. Subarus are more compelling when....

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