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  1. Subaru News: Subaru's First EV To Arrive In 2020

    Bodes well for Subaru and AWD preferring EV fans.
  2. Toyota News: Toyota Plans A New Subcompact Crossover

    The C-HR is small and unconventional enough (and the RAV4 big enough) that there is room for something in between them.. The concepts were not all that mainstream but the FT-4X is probably closest to the end result.
  3. December Car Spotter Thread

    First sighting of a Kia Stinger on the road for me yesterday. Looks sharp in black.
  4. Seems like a good deal especially if you live somewhere car insurance is relatively expensive.
  5. Few if any cars this small are good looking IMO.. This keeps up that trend. The dash looks nice for its class.
  6. Kia styling is right up there. I was watching some Stinger GT videos last night and for the price it seems like a winner.
  7. November Car Spotters Thread

    Saw a bunch of these Great Wall Wingles during a day in Belize last week
  8. I loved my colleague's GSR back then, it was a tonne of fun driving it on some lunch breaks. I'm still going to go modern and pick a Volt for myself at this point though.
  9. It is nice and all but surely a bigger refresh is coming, 2018 is the 5th model year of this version.
  10. 2019 Subaru Ascent is the Forester XL: Comments

    Basically a Subaru Honda Pilot. I'm guessing the new Forester will just be a slightly downsized version of this but with a sad combination of NA 4 banger mated to a CVT like most of their vehicles.
  11. Subaru News: Subaru Teases 2019 Ascent

    Hopefully not let down by a lame engine/CVT combo.
  12. Ridiculous in a good way, hope they can pull it off.
  13. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    I think the Subaru trim levels must he different in Canada, as I drove a limited at a marketing event. They just have Limited and Touring on the 6 cylinder here. Not sure what tire size it had, but at least 18 inch and it was spring of 2016. I like analog gauges, seems among mainstream models only Honda and maybe VW are putting bigger digital gauge options in their cars. I would like Android Auto though.
  14. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    They teased the interior too. I guess they stuck with analogue gauges.
  15. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    I know but I would hope if they popped in a 2.5 turbo they would also have a sport suspension. I drove the current gen 3.6 a year or so ago and it was definitely a cruiser, not something that liked corners like a Mazda or apparently the new Honda with the available adaptive suspension.

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