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  1. Last night my SO decided she would like to get a CUV to replace her lightly driven 2008 Accord Coupe with 40K miles on it. She asked about hybrids but I convinced her pretty quickly it wasn't worth it given how little she drives (maybe worth it with our combined mileage if I end up driving it too if it is a small upcharge for a bit of extra oomph with the MPG). In the end she will probably end up in a CX5 or Forester, she did express some interest in something "fancier' but I don't think it is worth it with the kid seats, spills, crumbs etc..
  2. The RAV4 hybrid is selling at 100K+ a year clip in the US last I checked, so Honda needed to get this here. In Canada currently there is almost a six month wait upon ordering a RAV4 hybrid. They should probably have the option for their thirstier midsize/3 row models too (Passport/Pilot)
  3. The great mystery... Still no compact EV CUV sized similar to big selling CRV, RAV4, Rogue etc but a lot of compact cars/hatchbacks.
  4. Would definitely affect next purchase quite a bit, maybe accelerate it a little if say a $1500 repair were necessary.
  5. Probably the S5 Sportback. I would be just as happy with an A5 Sportback brand new, don't need all that power for a daily driver and it still has most of the looks, interior qualities and "hatchback" versatility.
  6. I do recall a friend who worked at the Oakville Ford plant saying a fair number of empties ended up in the door cavities on Friday cars..
  7. The CT4 looks very good until the ugly rear end, Ct5 is ugly from the C-pillar back.
  8. Like the look of the two tone Trail/Adventure trim version
  9. Seems like the non hybrid RAV4 is mostly criticized for its powertrain/noise.
  10. Hybrid RAV4 sold at around 150k a year clip.
  11. Like the interiors, too bad about those front ends.
  12. In fairness to the Acadia vs the GC it has a third row seating for those that would need it occasionally. I think the front end is an improvement and like the "blacked out" trim.
  13. I think it looks good, maybe just a little narrow.
  14. Haha my neighbour had his Prius set on fire (arson, I suspect maybe from a college student he failed) a few years ago.. batteries popping woke me up at 2 in the morning.

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