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  1. Wow, forgot to take your pills? Such a stupid post or I missed the tongue in cheek. Just live to stereotype don't you..
  2. Well as the Model 3 came to market both the 3 series and C Class sales shrunk by 50% or so in the US (you could also partially blame that on the CUV craze), but the Model 3 is not a CUV and it outsells the 3 and C Class combined by a fair margin.
  3. But the report has Mazda being above average in the dependability survey.. I see no mention of the CX5 individually on the link. Somewhere else perhaps? I find JD Power's rankings pretty odd.. Buick and Chevy being so much higher rated than GMC currently. Even twenty years ago when Buick was just a lightly disguised Chevy/Pontiac/Oldsmobile with a softer suspension and slightly changed body panels from the same production facility it was so much higher rated.
  4. Was driving behind a Taycan for a bit yesterday evening, a 911 Turbo S drove past going the opposite direction, turned around and caught up to us for a closer look.
  5. Has some heft/presence on the road with a large front end for these times, definitely room for a smaller model in their lineup.
  6. Let's see it! Take a picture or use a scanning app... C&D doesn't seem to look back on it too fondly. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/g15378902/black-sheep-embarrassing-offspring-from-otherwise-upstanding-automotive-families/?slide=12
  7. The days of BMW doing simple RWD sport sedans with a bit of luxury are over because everyone wants faster numbers.. more HP, lower 0-60, more ultimate grip. Everything is digital now for all mfgs, it is a lot easier to drive fast without skill with cars basically doing the work for you and removing risk with torque vectoring AWD systems and nannies, but the connection to the road for the driver is gone, whether sedans, CUVs or even sports cars. BMW is doing very well regardless, their sales went up in 2019 and USA is not their core market, it is less than 20% of their sales. Just because t
  8. I don't see where Oldsmobile fits and would have enough sales to be around still. Do we really need more 1.5t, 2.0t and 3.6L CUV's from GM?
  9. They are doing enough to survive, but competition is far greater these days compared to their heyday of the 90s and early 2k. Tesla has eaten up a lot of that market of entry lux vehicles with the 3 and Y, Porsche is no longer just a sports car company, Koreans are moving upmarket and investing a lot of coin attempting to do so.
  10. Just the Mazda2 being sold as the Toyota Yaris.
  11. Yeah 500hp and probably almost 50% more expensive except for Tesla, and projecting a 100% douchebag image driving one.
  12. Seems that the BT-50 is sold in international markets (Australia from what I can tell), and this is just the next generation. Doesn't seem to indicate it will be coming to the US.
  13. I was thinking developing densely populated countries with areas of mass poverty like India and Pakistan would fail to control the spread the most.
  14. I'm not going to retail places often, my wife goes to the regular grocery store and Korean grocery store once a week each, and I go to the bakery and fruit/veggie market each week. Other than that a couple times to garden centres and hardware stores over the last few months. So we are not using our masks much, just making do with reusable multi-layer cloth ones. They are not that comfy outdoors now with the heat, should probably get some disposables. I carry a small hand sanitizer with me on my walks to the stores, not much of a shortage of those around here any longer either. We put a

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