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  1. There have been some STI powered Porsche swaps.
  2. Still the season to be jolly when there is Subie weather..
  3. "Subie rumble" is distinct with unequal length headers with the Subaru boxer 4 cylinder. Only the STI has the unequal length headers from factory now. Equal headers are better in most regards (aside from the sound preference).
  4. Pads should last 100k miles+ if you adjust to one pedal driving on a BEV.
  5. Wonder if they will amp the cladding up to this level when the new CX5 and 9 show up within a few years. Hopefully they both grow some inches given how close this is to the CX5.
  6. I don't think so, the XT4 is built on E2XX (Epsilon 2 updated). Trailblazer I believe is VSS-F.. maybe VSS-S (S for SUV). Future smaller XT2 or 3 could use the same.
  7. Tesla sold around 150,000 Model 3's in the USA last year and Musk thinks the Model Y CUV will outsell it (I imagine it will cannibalize a lot of 3 sales given the 3 is the default ~50k electric car currently). The Mach-E is about a direct competitor as you can get for the Y, will be interesting how many people choose it over the Tesla. The Camaro is probably on more precarious ground.. <50k sales, no new ICE RWD platform in site, not popular internationally compared to the Mustang.
  8. I'm pretty sure Tesla owns this segment currently (compact entry luxury sedans) by a wide margin. The others have declined the last few years, but the top dog BMW in particular has tanked. Will be interesting to see if the Model Y is able to do the same.
  9. Is diesel fuel pretty close in price to unleaded there? Here I believe it is about 5% more expensive half the year and 10% cheaper the rest of it, but I haven't paid attention much the last few years.
  10. Math seems completely random/off for only 11000 miles a year. To save $4125 annually you would need to save $80 or so a week on gas.
  11. It's MSN that parsed out the CR results and posted the article. This is just the worst 65 vehicles from the CR results, the others scored higher than 65.
  12. Took them a long time to enter this segment (similar to how long they took to get the Palisade, Telluride out), but the end results are the same, right up there.
  13. I haven't driven enough vehicles and would be basing it on what I've watched and read of other's opinions. We now have a few Teslas in my extended family and my brother acquired a <40,000km P85d Model S a few weeks ago after shopping performance trims of various midsize Germans. I drove it around the suburbs for about 20 minutes and it blew my socks off in most respects except interior material quality, and it is pretty much too fast off the line for me at full throttle (too easy to give myself motion sickness).
  14. I really don't understand why Mazda still offers the white leather on their vehicles. It looks good in pictures, but we know how it will wear/show dirt. I don't really want to stop wearing denim, spend $800 re-uphostering the driver seat every four years or clean it every week so I don't have to. Surely grey or a shade of brown would be a more popular alternative to the black. I know the Mazda CX5 top trim offers comes with that really dark brown.

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