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  1. Audi News: 2019 Audi A7 Retains the Swoopy Hatchback Look

    I like it quite a bit, not a fan of newer large Mercedes sedans with the 4 huge vents in the center stack.
  2. Audi News: 2019 Audi A7 Retains the Swoopy Hatchback Look

    Well they sold almost 1.9 million cars globally last year, USA was only about 15 percent of that, I don't think they are too worried compared to many other automakers. Since 2008 they have grown sales from 1 million to where they are now. They can afford some niche sellers, they are not Cadillac selling 300k globally, almost all in China and the USA.
  3. Volvo has really stepped it up since being bought by Geely. Reminds me of Audi's recovery from the double whammy of gas/brake pedal placement and Lexus arrival in the US.
  4. By 2025, save $30+ per employee per hour, move all production for the NA market to Mexico on new flexible platforms like MQB, TNGA..
  5. Making major changes costing billions of dollars and distracting from other efforts isn't worth it for mfg's just to account for the current administration. They should probably just accept the 2.5% duty and move on for 3 years until things get better (if we are not nuked before then).
  6. Tentative deal reached.
  7. NAFTA Renegotiation Thread Brett House, deputy chief economist at Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto, said the rules of origin proposal would be a “potentially Pyrrhic victory” for Trump because automakers would just pay the U.S.’s 2.5 percent tariff to import cars into the country rather than deal with the complicated set of rules for Nafta. If it were to come into force, “what you would likely see is a lot of production being shifted either offshore or to Mexico rather than creating more jobs in the United States,” House said. “You wouldn’t see a big increase in U.S. employment and production.” ... Charles Chesbrough, a senior economist at Cox Automotive, called the U.S. rules-of-origin proposals an opening salvo that could change before an agreement is reached. “If they do hold, they would be tough to meet, especially with all the high-tech components currently made in Asia, and would certainly require a reshuffling of the current supply base,” Chesbrough said. “The worst situation would be withdrawing from Nafta altogether -- something no one wants.”
  8. Ford News: Whats In Store for Ford's Product Plans

    I am having a hard time not laughing out loud when I think "upmarket Fiesta". The upmarket subcompacts are CUV's on the same platform..
  9. With NAFTA seemingly being killed by the US protectionist administration, the auto industry is in for a big headache...
  10. Tesla Model 3 Production Has Some 'Bottlenecks'

    I have the opposite problem, a 20-25 degree incline getting up the south exposure driveway in the evening. No AWD, I street park when I get home in the evening and whatever the sun melted onto my driveway freezed up again at dusk.
  11. Quick Drive: 2017 Hyundai Tucson Limited

    Pricey, but, atleast from my understanding the upper trim level Tucson comes with ventilated front seats along with a heated steering wheel, both things I would really like along with Android Auto in my next ride. Anyways in this class I would get something with more cargo space than a Tucson or Equinox. "Cargo space still trails competitors with only 31 cubic feet with the rear seats up and 61.9 cubic feet when folded. The CR-V offers 35.2 and 70.9 cubic feet respectively. " The current CRV has 39 and 76, I think it or maybe the RAV4 are tops in this regard and the Equinox and Tucson at the bottom.
  12. Tesla Model 3 Production Has Some 'Bottlenecks'

    They already made the lame hybrid Malibu with the destroyed trunk, wouldn't expect them to invest more in the current gen..
  13. Ram News: 2017 Ram 1500 EcoDiesels Are Hitting Dealers

    I thought the Ecodiesel was having a concerning number of engine failures..
  14. Tesla Model 3 Production Has Some 'Bottlenecks'

    The Source is across Canada, owned by Bell Canada.
  15. Industry News: The Big Electric Car Blitz

    I could definitely get by with something like an eGolf as my commuter car, it has two days worth of mileage for me. I just wish it had AWD. My driveway faces south and is fairly inclined. lots of melting on it in the winter that freezes by the time I get home in the evening and have to drive up it.