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  1. 2019 model is very dated, dating back to 2013 on the platform from 2006. The all new 2020 might increase in sales due to no American competition.
  2. Love my current inner suburb.. ~5 miles from downtown, walk to all sorts of restaurants, grocers, bakeries, patio bars, doctor, dentist, barber, gym, subway station, movie theatre (though it will be torn down for condos within a few years), 3 minute walk to kids school. Still quiet enough at night I don't get woken by sirens, horns, 5am garbage trucks etc of downtown. More likely to be woken by territorial trash pandas fighting.
  3. And now the smartphone has arrived and made ownership of a car nowhere near as appealing for those living in urban areas where you can walk by a bar or restaurant every minute or to your place of work in 30 minutes. Oh they also made keeping in contact or researching potential hookups pretty convenient as well...
  4. Once the other luxury brands are producing a few electric sedans and CUV's each with similar or better range and performance, I don't see Tesla remaining an independent company.
  5. I would say any of Toyota's big sellers would be fine (Camry/Corolla/RAV4). They are on a new chassis, no turbochargers, most safety equipment standard, good resale, mature hybrid system if that is desired.
  6. When chassis were so crappy a "sports car" like the Fiero GT needed 60 profile tires to have an acceptable ride.
  7. I think there is room for car sharing and taxi-alternative services, but it depends on the market. Where the cost of living is high and car ownership/parking spots high they should continue to do well.. When we bought our last investment condo, a parking spot was $75,000 so we passed on it. I'm sure the tenant will be a frequent consumer of these types of services. When you pay $2800 for rent for 660 sq feet downtown, owning and maintaining a car for another $800 a month is probably not in the cards for most single people. Maven is here locally, the nearest spot I can pick up a Maven vehicle is about a 10 minute walk. Usually they have midsize CUV's, compact sedans, and some full size SUV's in their lineup. Selection if you are being spontaneous on a weekend is not great, mostly pre-booked.
  8. When travelling we use Uber but around here we just use the subway when needed, gone are the days I'm out past last train.
  9. They actually have a handful, not like VW/Toyota/Subaru.. I'm sure the old Accord platform will be going away within a year or two. MDX/Pilot/Odyssey/Passport/Ridgeline Civic/Accord/CRV TLX/RLX (old Accord platform) RDX (new Acura platform) Fit/HRV "Global Small Car" Platform Clarity?
  10. There is no status in driving your average 5+ year old luxury car. and by 10 years old most are worth about the same as a 10 year old Honda.
  11. Well full size is pretty much gone for anything but trucks.. For personal coupes you have Challenger or a fair number of luxury options starting with the A5. I guess there is not enough money to be made on the ones based on mass market family cars with two less doors any more.
  12. Have to get something large like a Mustang, Yaris or Accent to get more cargo space.
  13. M850i xDrive LC 500 NSX Silverado Trail Boss GLE450
  14. Now I would put the new Pixel 3a/3aXL into serious consideration..

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