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  1. When the Honda HRV arrived I thought it was pretty ugly.. Somehow now I like the looks of the upper trim levels. Maybe because it looks more like a regular hatchback than an oddly shrunken compact CUV. Not a fan of the looks of any many subcompact CUV's in general though.
  2. 10 more miles electric and it would likely cover my round trip commute in winter. The RAV4 interior is a bit chintzy and noisy for what they will charge (assuming it won't be much different from current hybrid) but otherwise a very good option.
  3. Was feeling positive about it while watching it until he got to the powertrain details.
  4. These are really nice rides. It was between this and two Subarus for my wife but she ended up picking a Subie. Not sure where you got the cargo numbers, I've read smaller? Around 31/56 seats up and down.
  5. Oh come on a couple Canadians, Mustangs and no one brings up Gino Vanelli
  6. Can not say I'm a big fan of the side profile, windows make me think of the previous gen ~2014 Tucson. Hopefully looks nicer in person/in better images.
  7. I don't see any reason midsize sedans would make a come back. Its not like they were being driven like sports cars and people are missing out because they have a 1.5 extra inches of ground clearance and a slightly higher center of gravity.
  8. I don't think there are going to be any sedans from GM outside of Cadillac in a few years? The ones left will be Cadillac with their sports car/convertible size trunks.
  9. I have that reaction to boiled chicken, chicken congee etc. Yuck.
  10. I wonder if they won't offer a V6 AWD Avalon until the Lexus ES has it.
  11. Also Subaru seems to have kept to bland 2009'sh style for their sedans. Would be interesting to see total midsize sedan sales figures from 2004 vs 2019, maybe down by 50%?
  12. It would be great if it had the hatch style opening like the Stinger but it still looks pretty nice. Hopefully the interior is up to snuff, probably will be if Telluride is any indication.
  13. Nice to see ventilated seats and heated steering wheels become more common on 30k cars. I don't think I would get black leather without ventilation at this point.
  14. You must not have exposed them to enough Helix or Honeymoon Suite when they were younger.

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