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  1. Chevy Cruze diesel buyers - put up or shut up!

    Something was lost in the second gen Cruze. To me the rear end looks awful. Shoppers chose the new Civic (its best sales year ever) and rejected the new Cruze and Elantra (both down). I suspect the Equinox will do OK because "a rising tide lifts all boats" but it is also overshadowed by the new Honda..
  2. If I expand to 10 a Boxster or Cayman would make the list for sure , along with the new A8 and a Volvo.
  3. All current models 1. Panamera Turbo 2. Cayenne GTS 3. 911 Turbo S 4. Jaguar F-Type Sport 400 Convertible 5. Ferrarri 488 GTB
  4. VW earlier stated the I.D. Crozz was about spacious as the new Tiguan. So good on them for focusing on a family sized hauler and not a subcompact CUV that has less practicality than a traditional hatchback.
  5. Chevy Cruze diesel buyers - put up or shut up!

    One sweet day
  6. Suspension maintenace - W body

    ISS was just a sound issue for me..
  7. Ford isn't sleeping on the Mustang either, bunch of updates coming for 2018, competition is good.
  8. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Jetta SE

    Hopefully the next gen Jetta gets an interior closer in quality and features to the Golf
  9. Leaf 2.0 Spec's Leak Online

    I actually kind of like the Leaf looks, a bit of an ugly duckling that grew on me. I prefer its size being a foot longer to the Bolt. I wonder how much better the new dash will be and what the 200 mile+ one will go for.
  10. Acura News: 2018 Acura RLX Debuts Before Monterey Car Week

    I don't see that big of a change, just the new corporate front end and the same type of brightwork around the driving lights so many others seem to be doing.
  11. Suspension maintenace - W body

    I had a 99 Intrigue that had its ISS serviced due to a clunking noise. Initially they were replacing them but eventually they just greased them. I'm pretty sure newer W-bodies would not have the same part since they were so problematic, but could have their own set of issues.
  12. VW News: Volkswagen Passat GT To Become Reality

    VW's pure-EV platform is apparently ready.. The I.D. Buzz could shape up to be an awesome road trip vehicle.
  13. VW News: Volkswagen Passat GT To Become Reality

    I'm hoping it goes MQB especially with the Jetta reportedly going that route. That would make all of their cars here MQB if I'm not mistaken.
  14. VW News: Volkswagen Passat GT To Become Reality

    More interested in whether/when a next gen Passat is arriving and if it will be on MQB.
  15. I think mfg's are more worried about 1mpg extra a turbo might yield vs a supercharger. Perhaps there is an issue with superchargers on smaller engines as the only one I can think of recently was on the Mini Cooper and it was replaced with a turbocharged engine.