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  1. From the getgo, I have preferred the Terrain to the Equinox. The Equinox is too tall for that flowing C pillar but the boxiness works well with the tallness on the Terrain. I want one. Drove an Equinox. The interior has an outstanding look (swoopy lines, superb red stitching), great ergonomics, not sure about the feel of materials, though, but I'll let that go. Its an environment I would want to spend time in. Drove a 6 and a 4, FWD. Not sure the 6 has much over the 4. Neither allowed me to rush down the road.
  2. SAAB SONNET COUPE By ksfarch at 2007-09-26 By ksfarch at 2007-09-26
  3. One more: CHEVY MONZA ROADSTER By ksfarch at 2007-09-25 By ksfarch at 2007-09-25
  4. BUICK SKYLARK ROADSTER By ksfarch at 2007-09-24 By ksfarch at 2007-09-24
  5. Saturn Alpha a Nissan Versa/Honda Fit competitor
  6. I agree. Two views means you've thought about your design idea enough to figure out how it works in the front and the back. Designing a beautiful front in isolation is only half the story. How does it all work together? I think its important.
  7. Could be. Pontiac's got strong genes. Its hard to change much and still look like a Pontiac.
  8. I think any use of Photoshop for a sketch competition should be banned. Whether Photoshop is used to clarify a hand-drawn entry or generate a line drawing embellished with shading tools, it should not be allowed. Either its apen or pencil to paper competition or its not. Can we have some clarification on the rules?

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