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  1. Came across this interesting true story about an amazing Crime Spree involving NASCAR races and spanning years: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/the-rv-bandit-004524310.html (Click the "Read More" button for the whole article and a video of the criminal in action!) It's regrettable this low-life caused such grief and losses to so many people. Hope he gets the maximum penalties.
  2. Sad to see the continual decline of Cadillac sales in their home market. Even the CT6 is not selling well, and its the best looking of the sedans, along with being engineered quite well with the latest technology. I think Cadillac styling still needs to be bolder. It would be great if a few more variants of the existing models were offered, such as Wagon, Convertible or Coupe versions, rather than four Sedan models.
  3. Name: Cadillac Eldorado Convertible (1971) Date Added: 20 February 2016 - 12:39 PM Owner: ClassyEldo Short Description: Second owner since 2004. Kept in original condition and restored where necessary. Highly optioned when new. A true "Black Beauty!" View Vehicle
  4. ClassyEldo

    Colony Park!

    I've always loved the Mercury Colony Park wagon ads that stated, "If Lincoln Continental made a station wagon, this would be it." [Of course there were appropriately staged models and background photographs commensurate with the image sought accompanying this text.] The hideaway headlamps, whose door coverings changed trim almost annually, were a nice feature on these wagons.
  5. The XTS ads appear well done, in my opinion. I think the XTS should emphasize luxury and contemporary features--the high quality interior and the ease of using CUE infotainment. There is quite an emphasis on safety features, too. There will be time to develop ride and performance ads relative to the XTS in the future.
  6. I can't tell for certain, but it seems as though the 2014 Impala has nicer exterior door mirrors than the XTS--they seem to be more sleek and smaller in pictures? The two vehicles may also look alike due to the short trunk decks--and the Impala design has done a better job of masking the "cab forward" look (or dash to cowl proportion) for some reason. I also wish Cadillac had a few more color selections for the XTS and those were unique to the Cadillac brand.
  7. Thanks for the pics, Oldsmoboi! (However, the car shown is beige metallic, not White Diamond color.) Although I like the XTS, after seeing the 2014 Impala shown at NYIAS, it seems there could have been a little more "embellishment" of the XTS. For example, I like the block lettering on the front door and the C-pillar emblem (carried over) on the Impala. Additional detailing like that would have gone far with the XTS's audience, for little added expense to GM. Real world photos show the XTS best!
  8. Today the online 2013 XTS Ordering/Reference Guide from GM went online and here is the link: http://eogld.ecomm.g...ID=12962&type=0 This probably means pricing has been set and production is starting? I wonder when the XTS will be arriving at dealerships?
  9. Changing the names so often confuses buyers and makes it difficult to achieve brand loyalty! The cars that established GM as a great auto manufacturer had iconic names that endured for decades--Corvette, Bonneville, Eldorado, etc. Learn from history, GM!
  10. ATS looks fantastic! Kudos to Cadillac's design team! It's great to hear of additional interior color selections! I can't wait to see the ATS Convertible when it comes out!
  11. You should investigate with the Lincoln and Continental Owner's Club and the Professional Car Society. Ask the seller for information from any data plates and see who did the coachwork? If it is as rare as the seller claims, it would be highly coveted by some member of either of the organizations mentioned. Hopefully, it will be saved by the proper restorer, and good luck!
  12. Although I usually prefer Cadillacs of the seventies, this unrestored 1965 Calais Coupe looks superb: http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item3f0e0ae7ff To think all this style and class was incorporated into the most "basic" Cadillac offered! This example features power windows (including vent windows), power door locks (with the button being the actual door lock lever high-up on the door), power seat and guide-matic headlamp control. It was in such gorgeous original shape I thought it was a great representation that even the "base" model featured great styling!
  13. The current generation CTS Wagon is much more appealing and it appears quite well done. However, I think the first generation CTS Sedan is often underrated, since it has proven to be a design with an enduring appeal and really put the Cadillac renaissance on track!
  14. As for the true wire wheels, they were not a factory option on the '80 through '85 Sevilles until 1985 model year, but they were often installed as a dealer accessory. Side note reply: Every other year I've been on the Car Show field on Saturday, but this year I have another commitment tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. If I go it will not be until Sunday. (I've still got my '71 Eldorado Convertible.) :smilies-38096:

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