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  1. If the 3 had another 30hp it would almost nice lol......it's just so bloody ugly. The Speed3 is even more ugly. When I say that my Son he starts turning red with anger, he bought one of those damn ugly Speed3's .... At least it's quick for a 4banger I tell him. lol No the power of the new SkyActive 2.5 is rather nice.....it's just the car is so damn ugly.
  2. I dunno.....for me the Forte EX is the nicest compact car on the road for 2014.
  3. Add the Chevy Cruze to the top of the list.
  4. Bought another KIA ...... a Forte5 in pearl. I love the (as one member put it) lame ass interior and eveything else about the Forte.
  5. Above it says I removed the photo. I didn't remove a photo. I didn't move the photo. I didn't do anything to the photo. I think this site lost control of the photo so here are a few more.
  6. And now I bought a KIA Forte5 because GM makes nothing I want.
  7. Yes Sir...................it's always nice to have pictures. Thanks
  8. RjION

    2014 Forte EX

    The $115 carpet floor mats that you can order for the Forte are crap, not worth half the price of $57.50. I got these off of e-bay for $69.99 including shipping, and they are worth the money........ So far that's my only complaint with the car
  9. RjION

    2014 Forte EX

    Couple more pictures...........First when the temps drop this fall I will be lowering the Forte. Like most cars it sits to HIGH for my liking. The other photo is of a FULL size tire and wheel in the well along with tire tools and jack. It's nice that the well is large enough to drop a full size in. [url=http://s105.photobucket.com/user/rjion/media/FORTE/SpareTire_zpse4ca5dcb.jpg.html'>
  10. RjION

    2014 Forte EX

    Took the gigantor KIA off and put the Broken K's on front and rear.
  11. RjION

    2014 Forte EX

    Mixed mileage about the same, no change on that. Did bolt on some new 17's, and took the crap of the deck lid. Will lower it in the fall, to hot to worry about now. Pictures VIA my phone
  12. $20-22k 2014 KIA Forte EX .........................drive it. Damn I have no warning points.....what am I doing wrong?
  13. RjION

    2014 Forte EX

    First three tanks of gas mixed......... 28.70 28.79 28.03 and if it's like my other cars .... that will improve once it rolls up around the 10k mark
  14. Yep.............almost a year later and I'm still driving this ION. Got rid of the Solstice and bought one of those junk ass underpowered no torque 2014 KIA Forte EX's. I didn't buy a new Cruze as I hoped, GM just doesn't want to get at least 189hp in one that would make me happy.

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