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  1. The $180,000 BMW M760i Is the Most Expensive BMW Ever

    Doug Demauro (or however you spell his name) video? No thanx. I dont feel or care to listen to his opinion. Im sure the M7 BMW has plenty of good reasons as to why its price tag is 180 000. I would LOVE to know why. Just NOT by that guy...
  2. Good cars that sell poorly

    Chevrolet Malibu Chevrolet Impala Honda Accord Probably the victims of their respective brands equivalent CUVs cannibalizing their sales. Also, the Malibu and the Impala probably compete with each other for the remainder sedan sales. And for the Impala, we add the Lacrosse and now the Regal... As for the Accord, we could add that the new larger Civic also steals sales. AND, the TLX...for those that want a sedan from the Honda corporate company but prefer having the Acura badge instead of the Honda one.
  3. The Year Is: 1988

    1988 huh? Well, I did drive a 1986 Celebrity in Montreal from 1990-1994 (daddy's car, family car)i n Montreal wintery weather that is on par to Minnesota's winter. Actually, Im still living in Montreal. This thread is right up my alley. So...we WILL go back into time and I WILL tell you what FWD car I liked then. 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix TURBO. Yes yes....the year should be 1988 and not 1989. The 1988 Grand Prix was dope, but the Mclaren Turbo version was doper... but as a family car, I think I remember to have liked the Bonneville SSE.
  4. I think it IS a business model. To see what sticks. Eliminate what doesnt. Find what works and go that way, get rid of what doesnt. And yes, eventually, they trim the fat. But not without creating a fan base for their vehicles. Even the models that did not sell all the well, still had some buyers...they were in THAT showroom. And now that their vehicle wont be coming back, maybe they had a good experience with that model and will be back in that very showroom buying another M-B... I know what I just said could be challenged with brand loyalty data...it still does not change the fact that even with the slow selling models, people got to experience a BMW or Mercedes Benz vehicle. That is MORE than Cadillac since Cadillac has NO models that these people would consider buying as Cadillac lacks many many products in many many niches... And yes, Cadillac or GM, other than Corvette or Camaro or the V Series Cadillacs, are not daring greatly. And I dont mean speed, but awesome engineering and taking chances and growing the brands that are Camaro, Corvette or V-Series...
  5. Yes. I agree to the XT5-V not being much of an interest and therefore not a money maker or at the very least, getting people in the showroom. Soccer moms, suburban housewives, scrawny yuppie middle managers that think they got a clue but really dont, dont really buy into performance vehicles of any kind really. And they dont get excited when the sales rep talks to them about high performance either. They dont go out of their way to visit a showroom based on the fact that Model XYZ won the 24 hours of Lemans or the Nascar race on Sunday and want to buy the baby version of that car or any other car in the showroom...and the XT5 or the RX or the X1 from BMW are just vehicles with luxury intentions that makes them feel good... The Escalade...now that would be something of an interesting footnote in automotive history if Cadillac engineered and offered something wild in powertrain and in sporty suspension demeanor options. "If it aint broke dont fix it" would not apply here as the Escalade aint broke and it sells just fine. But "why the phoque not???!!!" would do wonders in getting people in the showrooms just to look at one and see for themselves how stupendously nutty the vehicle might be and you never know, they may just drive off in a brand new CTS-V instead because they would deem the Escalade ESV-V too crazy and weird to explain to their neighbours...
  6. Well, of course. But where is that XT5-V? Or any other performance oriented CUV from Cadillac? The Germans are pumping out all kinds of models. Sure, they are pumping them out at an insane rate and its more akin to see what sticks rather than business savvy, but still. The models are there. Cadillac makes concepts that has the planet salivating, ALL THE PLANET, and are afraid to build it. (minus the couple that they did build, but failed miserably in the market-place, but that was because of their piss-poor execution than anything else, which means that Cadillac product planners got no clue of what is going on in the market place...)
  7. Yeah...but about that... Could it also be that Audi interiors are, like awesome, and when people actually sit inside an Audi CUV or SUV or sedan above the A4 car, are impressed and when are cross shopping with other brands like Acura, Buick, Infiniti, Cadillac and the like, are less impressed and go on to buy that Audi instead?
  8. Yup. And I dont talk cars with them. Ive stopped conversatin' with people like that. IA while ago. Not too long ago though but I made it a rule that I wont be wasting my time with folk like that...on any subject, not just cars. When I see the entourage near me be filled with cluelessness and clueless people, I stop being the person to enlighten and I have become the person to flee. I enjoy the parties and get-togethers I go to much more now.
  9. Im sorry for that. Drew made that case loud and clear that idiots are in fact everywhere! Sorry.
  10. Well, yourself and Drew just now has proved to me that there are many idiots around. I too have met idiots like that. But those idiots are not car people to begin with. So...all kinds of shyte comes out of their mouths. Im basing my statements calling them out as trolls to the people that ARE car people and have an inkling of what is actually happening in the automotive world. In Quebec, the furthest place in North America that one could call it being a car enthusiast place, and I have yet to meet a car person that would be THAT dense....(non-car people aside...) THAT is how Im basing my statement.
  11. This much I agree. So..Drew, THIS would be a HUGE plus for a RWD CUV for Cadillac. Albeit the XT5 is still needed. And needed to be FWD based. There NEEDS to be high performance/high end RWD/AWD CUVs and SUVs for Cadillac...
  12. From what I gather...there wont be any "re-badged" Chevy stigma... (I cant believe Im still reading trolly responses like that in 2018...)
  13. Brand image? Cant get away with the "re-badged" Chevy stigma? Where is that stigma present in those 4 photographs? You are barking up the wrong tree in all 4 of those segments...albeit the GMC, Buick and Cadillac are in the same market niche fighting for the same market dollars...but nothing says that they cannot co-exist. In fact...they MUST co-exist to ensure their respective brands get sales... What you may want to say, is that Cadillac needs RWD sporty oriented CUVs and SUVs with V Series badging to ensure enthusiasts are well represented for the brand... CUVs and SUVs to go up against these machines from BMW and Mercedes Because either you are trolling with this statement... because a CTS was NEVER an Impala based car....EVER... never looked like the CTS could even BE an Impala. So...either these guys you bumped into are trolls...much like yourself, or just cant stand Cadillac and/or GM and NOTHING that Cadillac and/or GM will do will EVER change that. Because quite honestly, NOBODY is THAT moronic and clueless to confuse a CTS of any generation with that of an Impala of any generation. Maybe if we went and compared a 1980s Caprice with a 1980s Fleetwood...but I doubt your entourage were old enough to remember those cars...
  14. The Infiniti Q60 has got to be the most prettiest car in its class. Its got lines that only Italian car designers could only achieve. And that is definitely a good thing.

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