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  1. No 3000GT VR4 and no 1st and 2nd generation Eclipse. No care.
  2. The Restomod and Pro-Tour Dream Car Garage Thread

    Im always thinking about crazy stuff like this. I would love to take a 1970 Challenger and resto-mod and pro-tour it to be a 1970 Hellcat. Yes, Id take the Hellcat's 707 horsepower, 6.2 liter supercharged "Hemi" and all its go fast goodies and brakes and suspensions and stuff and put that into the 1970. Id replicate all the exterior Hellcat trademarks such as the hood, grille and the one headlight that is a ram air get-up unto the 1970. Even the little kitty would adorn the 1970 model. The interior would stay stock 1970...other than the necessary computer upgrades to accommodate the computer controlled modern powertrain. The frame would be from Schwartz Performance to accommodate all that modern hardware and better suspension and brake systems. Another would be... Id take this And the powertrain of this A supercharged 4.4 liter Northstar V8 producing 440 HP and 430 ft.ibs of torque would be enough for the Oldsmobile G Body. 4.4 liter. 440 Horsepower. 4 valves/cylinder dual exhaust That is as close to a 442 definition to remain loyal to the name as I could get. Plus...its a Northstar. Oldsmobile had some engineering input in the engine and also had a version of it in its cars. The frame would be from Schwartz Performance to accommodate the STS V's brakes and suspensions and stuff. The interior would be stock, but would have leather adorning it. True to its Oldsmobile luxurious side and Cadillac's heart transplant.
  3. The Restomod and Pro-Tour Dream Car Garage Thread

    These posts from the Random Thought Thread belong in here!!!
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    You are making me blush.
  5. This is not a pure Dream Garage Thread game we usually play. There are no rules in this one. No maximum amount of cars to dream up. There are no rules. This is just a thread to which I am asking the Cheers and Gears community what dream car or cars (trucks,motorcycles, anything that goes) would you restomod and/or pro-tour and what do those mods include? Engine choices and the like. It could be new engines in old cars. It could be old engines in new cars. It could be sacrilegious engine swaps. I believe that if an owner sees a vision for his ride...then its AWESOME if that owner sees his vision through. Example: Bill Mitchel wanted to improve upon the 2 generation F-Body and envisioned what a Ferrari inspired and powered Trans Am would be like... We all know what a 2nd generation Trans Am' soul is all about...whether its about an SD455 or the 6.6 liter black and gold Bandit all with the different colour comboed Phoenix's that adorned the whole hood. But you got to admit, a Ferrari powered and inspired Firebird gives the car another persona. This is what I want you guys to give me here. One or several cars that you guys love, but what significant changes you would do to these cars that alter the original(s).
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

    The quoting that I did was for OCNBLU...I quoted the wrong post in which Horsey was quoting OCNBLU to which the post quoted Horsey instead of BLU... Does that make sense? Anyway... IMO... I agree that a car's soul is its powertrain and engine and driving dynamics, but, I also feel like a car's soul is also part of the owner as well. Even if two cars are exactly the same with all options being 100% identical from the transmissions being the same, engines being the same, the same fabric choices and even the same colour choices and wheel cobinations and tires...I feel the owner of the car and his/her personality is as much part of the car's soul as the car itself. With that being said... If a car is to be resto-modded and pro-toured...leaving behind the original pieces of what made the original special, it does not mean that the resto-modded and pro-toured new car wont have soul...and because the owner saw a vision for the new car...a different powertrain may ENHANCE the soul of the original...albeit if the new choices really do enhance what made the original car mythical. OK...Ill admit...dropping Corvette LS engines into everything and making the new car just another LS swap project is NOT a way to enhance the original car's soul...it does depend what kind of LS swap it is and what other mods were made to make that swap a soulful experience. Just my two cents, if anybody cares what I have to say.
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    And what is this definition of "real" automotive enthusiast in your view? In my view...I will tackle this 3-fold. The first... For performance oriented "enthusiasts" Youve seen the vids with the babes whose boobs pop out with acceleration runs with the old skool gasoline piston engines...well...the Tesla has the same affect... The vid is more classier as the girls are not trashy. (Disclaimer...I have nothing against trashy girls...God bless them, they had a profound influence on me growing up!) The second....performance oriented again as we all confuse enthusiasm with speed... The third..and yes...I know...the Model S makes no sounds...not sexy.. But that is only 1 part of enthusiasm... Speed and performance is another part... I think this man is a symbol of a real automotive enthusiast as he EMBRACES ALL PARTS.. And the cool part is that he loves every type of motorvation including electrics EV bikes... So...what is your definition of a "real automobile enthusiast" ? Because mine is more in line with Jay Leno...and he also adopts a live and let live philosophy... A car does not have to be the sexiest, the loudest, the nicest, the fastest, etc for me to be enthused by it... I just have to like it... YOU, dont have to like the Model S... But...if you cant see why others like it...then you my friend...according to my definition...YOU are just a fan boy...not a "real automotive enthusiast" Nothing wrong with that...I just find it ironic that YOU think you are representative of a "real automobile enthusiast"...
  8. General Lee built out of a Ford Crown Victoria

    It was a joke people... I wanted Lengert to "forgive" me for being rude as I did not wait for his thank-you when I said "your welcome... I chose a Bryan Adams song titled "Please Forgive Me"... But...its a love song... Im a dude... Lengert is a dude... Neither of us is a dudette... Yes...the joke has homosexual undertones... Im not gay... And judging by his and others reactions...are not gay either... IT WAS A JOKE!!!! Jesus Christ guys!!!! Its 2017...you folk are still uptight about sexuality? Damned right...wth (from my point of view)
  9. General Lee built out of a Ford Crown Victoria

    Challenger/Charger..yeah I could see how one could get confused... Seriously speaking.... Im just having fun! At YOUR expense! While being douchey Please forgive me! I know not what I do! And if you think I serenading you with that song! What are you doing tomorrow night?
  10. Audi News: 2019 Audi A7 Retains the Swoopy Hatchback Look

    I fell out of love very quickly with the 1st gen. I dont know if this generation is gonna get a chance to be liked by me. I need to see it in person because in pictures...I aint going for it. Im waiting for the A6...more specifically, the S6 and if we are lucky...the RS6 to lust over.
  11. General Lee built out of a Ford Crown Victoria

    We could now add making clone Chargers to the list of the attraction to Ford's Crown Vic! Ahem... Charger. Your welcome.
  12. Tell that to FoMoCo and Apple... AND Steve Jobs using it for his corporate suicide ways... Its a shame... BOTH are AMERICAN PIONEERS THAT CHANGED THE WAY WE LIVE and represent American ingenuity all in the name of being afraid of what the future may hold. I get it though...evolve or die...and some of us are afraid to evolve and therefore die...
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    OK....the Demon is the only one that could challenge the Model S. The Hellcat however, does get destroyed...