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  1. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    In all seriousness. Ill move on when the trolling stops. No. Really. I did not see you tell CCAP to move on when he BLATANTLY trolled me. In all seriousness...YOU even laughed. Irony....CCAP talks about the how down voting should not affect people, how it does not affect him. Sees that I down voted him....ACKNOWLEDGED the down vote...and then proceeds to tell me his trolling me must hurt me... You dont see the hypocrisy in that? I point that hypocrisy out time and time again... But here we are... Seriously though. Its just a couple of songs. You could take those songs one of two ways. 1. as trolling back defending myself 2. as a joke to laugh. Its interesting as YOU chose to see it as trolling. Its interesting to see that CCAP's post to me was blatant trolling and yet YOU chose to see it as a joke. Its interesting to see that you chose to see MY post as trolling... Seriously... The moving on will happen when YOU decide to move on from it... How did you think this would turn out by you telling me to move on? YOU laugh at the trolling post HE makes at me...signaling to me YOU are laughing with him at me... It OK...I could take that. Im a grown ass man. Laughing with you. Hence the song...cuts like a knife but it feels so right... Then I proceed to tell him (and you) that no...your trolling me does not bother me, it does not affect me and I feel the same way about it as both of you. Love hurts as we have this special bond in these forums all of us... But then here we are...you telling me to move. So...you were actually agreeing to the egging on... So...what about you...did you move on? Are you gonna apologize to me for laughing at me? For egging him on? I didnt think so... So take this post how you want to. The moving on will happen as soon as you let it go...
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    Arent glaciers floating on the water? Arent glaciers just ice? Doesnt ice contain the same amount of water displacement as regular water so when ice melts, it just displaces the same amount of water? Therefore we arent getting more water, right? This has to do more with density, right? Im assuming regular water is more dense than ice as ice floats. OK...with that being said...ice melting is just frozen water...ice in liquid form... what? When bodies of water are flowing it is possible for water to be at freezing temperatures but it aint becoming ice as there is movement so with that being said, as the glaciers melt, the surrounding water and the melting glaciers are becoming the same temperature...at which point will eventually warm up as that area of water now is travelling away from the North and going South and will eventually warm up becoming less dense again... That part confused me, as Im trying to make sense of what the hell this new science is trying to tell us... Because like I said... Glaciers are already floating on our oceans...if they melt, more or new water is not being created as the displacement of water has already been accounted for... The first paragraph of that report seems false to me...NO new water or extra water from melting glaciers is added to our existing water tables...therefore no added weight from denser water. I know scientists are telling us that when the ice caps melt, the oceans will rise....whatever... OK...I may now understand this...maybe denser water is being added to our oceans as the glaciers are no longer ice but liquid H20 and liquid H20 is denser than ice therefore heavier than ice so the ocean floors can no longer support melted, denser glacier water??? Im just thinking out loud and typing this for all to read.
  3. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    Cuts like knife actually. Oh...but it feeeeeeels so right. But you did notice the downvote, right? I wonder if the down vote hurts as much as your comment hurts me at this moment in time? Because whatever you feels...I feels the same way. And that down vote is because you are trolling...
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    Add a couple of gloo gloos of olive oil to those beats and you've got yourself a tasty treat. I used to enyoy that as a kid (still do). Id put more than a couple of gloo gloos of olive oïl and then Id take fresh Greek (or Italian or French bread..you know...the kind with a thick crust) and Id dip my bread in the olive oil afterwards. (still do) MMMMMmmmmmm goooood! Delizioso!
  5. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    You have your posting style. I have mine. YOU always seem to whine about mine. I accept your without saying a negative word about it. And yet...here we go again... You whining about the 15 000 word posts. Albeit in a very very clever way. I applaud you for that! Nicely done! And for a rare moment...I dont have a comeback for that. Really nicely done...Im speechless. Im just bummed out that I cant get 15 000 words out of this...maybe next time. Maybe you read it, maybe you wont. But I guarantee you that I will challenge your point of view whether you like it or not...
  6. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    EDIT...and a as a pre PS: So as to not derail the tread further than what it already has... I assume you dont edit my stupidities too...as I dont expect you to either. As I could easily own up to my fodder.... My kids dont really get that whole off roading scene. They bike ride. On a bicycle path. Never leaving the nice paved path. They skate. In an indoor rink. And an outdoor one. They dont ski to see a beaten path. So yeah. They dont like a SUV. Because Im soooo against SUVs as family haulers, they too dont get why a family of 4 need a SUV of gigantic proportions such as a GM Lambda platform SUV. So yeah...not as much of a smooth transition from the bickering, but I am trying.
  7. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    And JUST because YOU have been posting here for 14 years....and I ONLY a couple.... It does NOT mean that MY contributions to this site should be overlooked or ignored or made fun of... YOUR battle seems to be quite the veteran elitism where you think you are the only one that cares or follows the rules... Yet...ignore the ...not attacking other posters rule...and laughing when another poster trolls another...(CCAP defending you at the expense of me!!!) And you know what...the site's owner also made fun of me... Said my posts confuse the shyte out of him that he doesnt know whether to up vote or down vote me... So...you had 14 years on this site. Ive had 2. And? You dont troll? You dont talk politics? I already showed you where you poke fun at political leaders...that might not line with your...um...conservative lifestyle... You dont get to say you are holier than thou, dude. I told you...freedom of expression is stronger than you and I. You want Drew to start erasing posts? How about ignoring the little things and enjoy the ride. How about NOT making a big stink about nothing so 15 000 word rants are NOT a common thing. Because you also have a problem with 15 000 word rants. You got a problem with politics. You got a problem with broken rules that even yourself does not follow. You got a problem with EVs. I mean...are we here posting JUST to PLEASE YOU? Just post things that your eyes and ears could agree with? You told me to bite you? I am telling you to phoque off!
  8. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    I used to have many vices. The drink. The sex. The adrenaline junkie stuff such as driving fast on EMPTY city streets late at night or going fast, like stupidly scary fast down ski hills(night skiing and on the side trails of the ski hill where many trees reside. And yes Ive hit one and screwed up my knee and eventually requiring reconstructive knee surgery decades later a decade ago. HUH? ) Now...I got one vice. My family. (wife and kids) They are my drug now as I cant live without them. Weed... I dont care who smokes it or who doesnt. I dont want my kids touching the stuff just like I dont want my kids over doing the drink and the speed when they are ready to drive. Hard drugs. Well...I speak against the drugs, the soft ones as well as the hard ones, and hopefully they make the right decisions when its time to make those decisions. I do keep on pounding the message that drugs=bad. And I just hope the parenting that my wife and I do resonates with them. And they do know that so they choose to do the vicey stuff, that we are not going to be mad. They could count on us to help them get through the bad times. But...bad times will come if they do the vicey things...
  9. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    Yes. Back to cars. My son always loved little Hot Wheel cars. Now he is obsessed with them. Yes. Yes. He loves his computer related toys like his remote controlled robot Olie or his video games and stuff like that. He does enjoy old skool little toy cars. He also loves playing sports. Back to cars. The basement play area this past year has become a Hot Wheels racing track/city room. Its not big enough to make Youtube video salary with it, but its fun for me and him alike non the less. Waiting for the summer so we could play baseball... Next Hot Wheels toy I buy for him. The wireless 'smart' racetrack thingy.
  10. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    No weed. Dont do weed. Weed is bad. Although Trudeau wants to legalize it. And he will. And it will be legal by the summer. Wine. Drink wine. Socrates drank wine when he philosophized. My rants require wine. Because with wine, people can easily (pun alert) WHINE about the 15 000 word posts easier, and with wine they could tell me they love me when drunk. With weed, the brain just becomes, mush...and the only thing you will be telling me is that you got the munchies and I aint about to cook you up some poutine just to get some some love. With the wine, your whining (pun) turns to love almost immediately!
  11. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    I dont whine...I ask for an explanation. I get it. I do rebuttal and most of time...the dude that questioned me gets butthurt... Take the SBC argument... I said what I said...ya'll said what ya'll said what you prefer... I accepted it. Ya'll...more like you, told me I got a hard-on for the SBC and Im butthurt for it... Nope...YOU admitted you dont get a hard on for the SBC and just prefer the M-B engine over it... I gave you examples of why I feel the way I feel about it...you...told me its YOUR opinion for prefering the M-B engine over the SBC... I had to defend an opinion...which I did... YOU just stated your opinion that you prefer one engine over the other and I was supposed to accept it. I was told by YOU that the examples I gave were just opinion...but were factual... Yet...YOU did not seem to want to accept MY opinion... And...here we have another 15 000 post rant that YOU dont want... Its easy...dont read my posts. Its easy. Dont question my opinions if you dont want my 15 000 word responses. Dont whine because I give you a rebuttal. My thoughts are ALWAYS thought out. Logical. I have pretty stable thought processes. I always admit when Im wrong. I learn from others. I change my views when necessary. After all. This is why I join a forum. To learn. To teach...maybe. If you just want to troll....accept to get 15 000 word responses telling you about how you troll... PS: I DONT ASK FOR BETTER TREATMENT!!! Like I said.. troll me...accept to get 15 000 post words. PSS: I get it...many of you get confused by what I have to say. OK...lesson learned.
  12. Cheers and Jeers for 2017

    It would seem that it bothers me... But I have stated the reasons why I keep on bringing that up... My reasons have never changed. Its the hypocrisy of the way people use it....the down voting part. In my view. Down voting should be only used to down vote trolling posts. (and since we basically dont have any blatant tolls anymore at this website...I dont want to see that red arrow anymore!) A differing opinion should not be down voted. If down voting, then explain yourself why. Just expect a response back. If the reasons dont make sense at all, expect a back lash. Dont whine if you cant handle the backlash afterwards... Dont downvote and leave. Dont whine and cry if the other poster made you look like a fool when responding to your non-sense rebuttal especially if an opinion was down voted. Dont cry foul and try to muzzle the other poster hiding behind "rules". We had a pretty heated exchange regarding the small block Chevy a few days ago. We all have an opinion. We all defend that opinion. No trolling was made that day. Well...some words were said by both camps that maybe should have been avoided... This here, is something quite strange. A down vote and a rebuttal triggered me because while politics shoiuld have not been brought up from the get go...a rebuttal stating what OP's opinion was false...is...false. Its how HE feels about the current state of affairs. Its not false for him. Hell....it aint false for me either. I did not up vote that post at all. I could have seeing fit that I agreed with the OP's opinion on the current state of affairs regarding politics. Yet the down voter decided to make it THE point on interest whining about a political post yet he HIMSELF continued on with a political view. Instead of just IGNORING that part. Now...we have 2 opposing views.... Mine and the down voter. Why...in MY point of view, does HE get to whine and to stress how wrong MY point of view is (because my POV is same as OP) regarding the current state of affairs? He decided to make a battle cry for it. So did I! And THAT is why there may be a problem the way the casual down voter is seen by me. PS: And then he proceeds to down vote and call me names...while he was preaching "the rules" a few posts earlier ignoring the rules he just broke and then questions why he got down voted again by another poster... And THAT is why I may have another problem with the down votes... Now...for the thousandth time... Can I stop answering these questions on why I dump on people down voting all the time? Its the same message and answer I give. Every. Single. Time.
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    Boston is getting hammered with a snowstorm as we speak? (Yesterday and today) This is what I just learned while watching the news on TV. Im jealous. Montreal just got a measly 1-2 inches of snow in that same time frame. We used to get that kinda storm. Oh well. Obladi oblada life goes on.
  14. December 2017: General Motors Co.

    Read further on... About the Escalade and the CT6. My points still stand.
  15. Ford News: Ford Cans Plans for Fusion Redesign

    @ccap41 @Cubical-aka-Moltar Yes. I forgot about Hyundai and KIA. And the reason why I forgot IS because their car offerings are no longer at the bottom of the pile. @Drew Dowdell Yes, the Maxima is still a great choice. Is the Maxima and the Altima on the same platform? I thought it was. And the Murano too? Hyundai and KIA made money selling to the lowest common denominator. Its great that they ditched that ideology. Like Drew said, 'tis the Sentra and the Altima that are ultimately sub-par as compared to their respective niches. The Rogue is comparable to its market. Its an OK family hauling CUV. To be fair, this current generation Sentra when it first came out, a decade ago, was a very very good family hauling product. Eons ahead of its predecessor. Its just that Nissan has let it rot on the vine. That Sentra above sucked ballz. The SE-R spec or whatever it was called back then was fast, but it was NOT reliable. The Sentra before that one was a great little car. Tough and fast without the Fast and the Furious SE-R spec spoilers and shyte. There was an SE-R variant and it was one of the fastest compact cars around. Maybe even faster than the Civic Si. Maybe even faster than the Type Rs of the day. Back in the 1990s. Actually, the 2 generations of the 1990 Sentras were great little cars. The Altima is where the Fusion will end up becoming if FoMoCo is not careful about what it wants to do with it. With the Altima. It too is a shame. It took 20 years to build a solid image. It was MORE difficult for Nissan to get respect in regards to the Accord/Camry duo than it was for GM and Ford to get respect from their mid-sized offerings. And I will applaud Nissan for getting the job done with the Altima. But for this generation Altima, they dropped the ball big time. PS...I have no idea what an Aldi store is. And yes, I thought KMART was gone for good.

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