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  1. Will do! And I did not waste any time in accepting your suggestion of talking about cars and letting the infighting be a thing of the past!
  2. I would LOVE to own both actually. That Ferrari just screams exotic Italian awesomeness even by today's standards when today's Toyota Camry's spank it in almost every performance metric! But yeah, one needs deep pockets to maintain it. Deeper than buying a new Ferrari even!
  3. Grand Cherokee. All. The. Way.
  4. I too want Tesla to stick around. My partner's Model S is problem free so far, he had a couple of recalls, but my wife's Fusion is on 3 going on 4 recalls so....that is not a problem for Ford, why would a recall be viewed as a problem for Tesla? Therefore, when my 2012 Acura's time is up in 4-5-6-7 years time, a Model 3 is what Im looking at!
  5. Me....its in my name... OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS S CONVERTIBLE for me! Catching the tail end of the Olds in this scene!
  6. Its been a while seen Ive done this. I thought Id stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution So....after watching a few movies and seeing awesome cars and witnessing a few gems on the road as well....maybe its time to do this again. I saw Beverly Hills Cop II a while back and 2 of my all time faves are front and center in this movie. So....what would you pick? Axel Foley's deep undercover car in Detroit? 1986 Ferrari 308 GTS Or Axel''s deep, deep.....DEEP undercover car in Beverly Hills? 1968 Olds Cutlass S convertible
  7. Yes! yes we can! I earned myself at least a week ban for this! So yeah...Ill take a week off! Ill read posts and just up vote where I see fit!
  8. No alotted time.... Yet YOU shoved it in my face though.... But I aint allowed to shove it right back to you? Why are you defending yourself to me then? Im just a stranger on the internet... I am not important to you but you felt the need to put me in my place, right? OK....does this post ring a bell to you? Because YOU and I are engaging ιn EXACTLY what YOU are trying to school me in! And again in YOUR own words... If YOU REALLY went by your ORIGINAL THOUGHTS ABOUT NOT LETTING A CIRCLE JERK HAPPEN....MAYBE YOU SHOULDNT HAVE RESPONDED TO ME AT ALL!!! AND THAT WAY I WOULDNT HAVE THE NEED TO ADDRESS YOUR CHEAP SHOT AT ME AND THEREFORE YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO RESPOND BACK IN KINDNESS!!! So you see, WHAT YOU PREACH AINT EXACTLY WHAT YOUR ACTIONS SAY!!! I COULD CALL YOU A HYPOCRITE.... You see, I dont have a problem....I calls it how I sees it.... Always have! ALWAYS WILL! So....are you gonna respond back? Can YOU be the bigger man and I get the last word in? Are you strong enough for that? Because the more we continue this, the more YOUR preaching seems less sincere...
  9. Knowing I wouldnt be present for a while...you felt the need to address me? YOU knew I was NOT gonna be responding yet you had the need to reply to me in that way? Only for you to shove this back to my face? I aint ruffled my dear.... Have you noticed all my responses to you have been question marks? Yeah....I responded....I felt you cheap shotted me! Because obviously this is the internets and we shouldnt let a stranger get to us yet YOU felt the need to address me on a post that was made 48 hours ago that YOU knew I made telling you I wouldnt be responding yet YOU took YOUR internet time to show YOUR bravado to me? Yup..... Irony.... YOU continue whining why it bothers ME... PS: I also discuss things calmly... But not when loud mouthed bravado types dont do it calmy... Much like yourself now! Irony part two... You once had a hissy fit with me when I used a broad stroke regarding Americans IGNORING the bigger picture when you told me I was a hypocrite.. Well guess what? YOU are doing the same thing now! WHINING about others WHINING ignoring the WHY!
  10. Are you OK, Bro? Is anything bothering you? Because....I could flip this on you!!!! Why does it bother YOU that WE may have an issue with trolls down voting without any explanation? It looks like YOUR panties are worn too tightly to give a shyte what WE think?! Its only the internet!!! PS: It looks like YOU also wants to win an internet argument.... Because THAT answer is just plain douchey and it screams that YOU want to have THE edge... So....I repeat.... Anything bothering you for you to behave in such crappy manner? Looks like I broke other ban.. I giving myself another 24 hours....unless someone wants to cheap shot me....because yes, I feel like that was a cheap shot!!!!
  11. I GAVE ONE! But YOU dont like it when people, because there are others like me, have time and time and again EXPLAINED AS TO WHY IT PISSES ME OFF!!! Drew and Dfelt have explained eloquently today for the millionth time!!! And...its ironic when YOU ALWAYS have to ask why and its ironic when you always get the same answer for the millionth time.. Its OK... Im a big boy, I could handle the heat. In fact. Im banning myself again so Drew has one less headache to deal with. 3 days Im banning myself and it starts...NOW! See ya Thursday at around 17:40 ish
  12. LIke usual YOU ARE A TROLL!
  13. Let me guess.... Pee Wee Herman was your hero growing up?!
  14. CCAP....you got the +1 vote.... But then again....you jumped the gun on me...read the edited version.... But it seems like you want to know why I gave him a -1? HE IS A TROLL!!! HE IS A FORD SHILL! IF I GET ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR WARNINGS, ITS ON YOU!!!
  15. I dont think I need an explanation why I down voted... And If I did give you one, William would give me another 2 points for abusive behavior for calling a spade a spade... But I did give a +1 to the poster who best explains my thoughts. His way though is a more political correct way of going about it. I dont do P.C. Heads up....you'd get plusieurs down votes today!!! I only get one...why? Again...your behavior and you playing coy!