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  1. oldshurst442

    Need Car Advice.. Corvette Z06 kinda advice

    Do you need the ceramic brakes? You will be tracking it... But...once a year? Are ceramics worth it for that once a year track thing? Is suede seats worth the 22 000 difference to you? If either of those is yes...then buy new... But...if I were you, Id buy the used one...and keep that 22 000 dollar difference and put it towards the new CT6 V Sport. I know you want that Caddy... Shyte...the new Vette and the used one really have no visual difference. You have to look very closely to see. So..im my opinion...22 000 dollars is best put towards the CT6 V-Sport. Awseome is what I need to say next!!!! Im sending you some love your way!!!
  2. oldshurst442

    More content for the price...

    Not necessarily focusing on you Balthy or on Paolino with my 1st world problem statement... Just a general statement that 1st word people like to complain about...in general. But as you and Paolino have stated in these posts, and how you even said: Yes...1st world problems. Manufactures in the USA have collected enough data over the last car buying century, have conducted many focus group meetings, that they have more or less stream lined the options available in their offerings... Pay up and shut up it shall be. And that means that the way these options are being offered is just to facilitate the money coming in for these companies...you know...profit. Profit is the driving force of a 1st world country. I understand what you want out of cars as I have a feeling we both want the same thing out of our cars regarding these safety features. I always buy the top of the line trim model, yet I hardly use the features that come with the car. I pay up and shut up...but that is how I want it anyway. In Paolino's case, either he pays up and shuts up with a higher trimmed Buick that he doesnt want, but living in the 1st world, he has options to buy somewhere else other than Buick. It is NOT frustrating because we, North Americans, are free and rich enough to buy almost whatever we want, whenever we want it. Look at his statement... He has another year to go to get another car. He KNOWS he will get another car. He just does NOT know what he wants yet. He is frustrated with a false sense of not getting what he wants. Yet what he wants is available somewhere no doubt... He WILL find it. He WILL acquire it. There is no doubt that he will find it and acquire it. Next year. Its a guarantee. In your case. You want the option to de-option. But your fellow American citizens want their cars to do their laundry for them if it was possible. Your fellow Americans are now even tired to wait in a drive-thru window to get their coffee that they would want their car to place an order through their car's internet connection and their restaurant of choice and they want their coffee to be ready as soon as they arrive... And these features are a must today... So...maybe not a 1st world complaint you have Balthy, but your complaint resides with the North American market DEMANDING these 1st world options to be available at ANY price point. So...you and I have no other choice but to pay up and shut up as WE are in the minority... So yeah...1st world problems where we have these options at our feet, we either complain because we dont want them, or we complain because we want them offered a certain way... Yet in other parts of the world... OK...less grim... That would be asylum seekers in a country that is thought to be paradise... Yes..that would be Greece... And lets look at Greeks in Greece. Forget that...lets look at Detroit Michigan... So yeah...1st world problems complaining about being frustrated at the lack of features on a Buick... Like I said. Buick offers no features you like. Do not buy Buick. Buy something else. In America, we still have plenty of choices to choose from. This aint an angry rant. Just a defensive post defending my 1st world statement.
  3. oldshurst442

    More content for the price...

    1st world problems are nice to have. Buick does NOT offer you what you want in a car. Dont buy Buick. Buy something that offers you what you want at the price you want it for.
  4. oldshurst442

    Buick News: Buick Velite 6 To Come In Plug-In and Electric Flavors

    Problem is... You never actually offer ANY kind of rebuttal... You make fun, you chastise, you complain about anything remotely political that goes AGAINST your political spectrum. You revert to sarcasm with stuff like kevlar wheels like the post I quoted you on... But you never ever offer ANY kind of rebuttal. On the off chance that you do...on a rare occasion...an occasion so rare, it could be called a miracle by bible belt Christians....its often short sighted. Its often full of half-truths and inaccuracies.... And when somebody actually tries to enlighten you...tries to show you that there is a different rerality than yours stuck in Lancaster Pennsylvania...you downvote and the whole process of you whining and/or making fun continues... I understand fully of one's surroundings could influence one's opinions... HELLO...I COME FROM MONTREAL!!!
  5. oldshurst442

    Buick News: Buick Velite 6 To Come In Plug-In and Electric Flavors

    Im going by what YOU said... Standard of living of the 1950s... WW2 ended a decade prior. Europe was war torn. Japan was war torn. China and India were 3rd world countries. In some instances...China and Indai are still 3rd world... 1955 America... All was well...wasnt? Marylin Monroe. Joe Dimaggio. James Dean. Elvis. You wanna keep on going to the hop...problem is... Times...they are a changin' That Jewish boy with the whiny singing voice sang that one a decade later...and from then even...times kept on a-changin'....and time keeps on a-changin'. You in that quote mentioned a manufacturing economy is not ideal but as a safe guard...its good. Montreal actually does have a manufacturing industry that from the 1970s-1990s thrived. It still does. Bombardier Aerospace. Also...Quebec with Bombardier and its trains also stayed afloat... I dunno where middle America resides in all of this. But I do know one thing. America better take care of herself going forward because if America does NOT educate herself, take care of her schools....which is a huuuuge problem, does NOT influence and does NOT accept influence from others, and just keeps on closing her mind to change, does NOT go with the flow, wants to keep that status quo, in trying desperately to keep America in 1955, America is in grave danger. The calender on the wall says 2018. Marilyn Monroe. Joe Dimaggio. James Dean. Elvis. All DEAD! if the French in Quebec have accepted to speak English...and they have...they always did accept to speak English...and if the English in Quebec, the ones that stayed, have accepted to speak French, and together we actually work on towards the future and we are not still stuck on the bloody Plaines of Abraham, (referred to as the French and Indian War in the United States). I surely would hope that people as closed minded as BLU is to new technology and EVs and all that will change... Im not the one downvoting anything remotely relating to EVs. Im not the one remotely dissing the arrival of EVs. Im not the one remotely denouncing them. Saying stuff like it will take 50 years before the fossil fuels only START to begin to die off. 50 years? Like I said...in America, perhaps... Instead of fighting over liberal this and conservative that...perhaps all that energy made to divide you folk should be concentrated on improving your education. Your schools. Your road infrastructure. MODERNIZE it... Alls I hear is excuses. Its too old. Its crumbling. OK...fix it! At that same time...when fixing it...MODERNIZE it!!! It takes trillions? Yes it does... FIX IT!!! Coal powered electric plants? Hey...I do not know who voted in Donald Trump...but protecting coal was a numb-nutz move... The future is NOT in coal... The Americans USED to be innovators...what the hell happened? Stuck in 1955 we are... MAGA? SURE!!!! With coal? With fossil fuels? The WHOLE PHOQUING PLANET WANTS TO MOVE AWAY FROM THAT!!! General Motors ENVISIONS selling 1 MILLION ELECTRIC CARS by 2026... HELLO???!!!! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT TELL YOU???!!! Not in America though...in China... What are YOU folk gonna do? Whine when China gets all the nice shiny and techy General Motors cars while we get the shyte? Well...2026 is NOT that far away...Chinese people will be gobbling up the electric cars...and that Chinese Buick EV CUV has shwon us what at where is GM thinking about its future and the future of cars... What did GM give us in Detroit or New York this year? its quite telling...isnt it? So...while you ask me where in middle America does it pertain to Montreal or China...I honestly dont know and dont care frankly... Montreal is actually growing and evolving...is middle America? THAT SHOULD be the question you should be asking...
  6. oldshurst442

    Buick News: Buick Velite 6 To Come In Plug-In and Electric Flavors

    I KNEW BLU would downvote!!! You are soooooo phoquing predictable!!! You scream and shout and whine about liberal Californians. YOU SHOVE SHYTE MY way about how EVs is NOT your thang... How phoquing conservative YOU are... Yet when someone has a differing opinion that yours...you downvote away... Typical! Like I said...good luck to you out there in Lancaster. Or as a Motor Trend forum poster used to say about places like Lancaster. Bubblephoque, USA.
  7. oldshurst442

    Buick News: Buick Velite 6 To Come In Plug-In and Electric Flavors

    I do not know at what rate... Actually I do! Quebec politics circa 1970s. There was the quiet revolution where the French people of Quebec fought back against their Anglais (English) overlords. Montreal was the city of the future just a few years prior to 1970. Montreal thinks big in the 1960s. New highways, new subway systems. Expo '67 highlighted that. New international airport that debuted in 1975 that was one of the most advanced and futuristic airports at that time. The idea to have an international airport AWAY from the main city and having highspeed trains connect your airport to the city along with that same high speed rail system connect you to the other major cities surrounding you. Those would be NYC, Boston and Toronto were all on the table. The Summer Olympics of 1976 was the pinnacle. Montreal was on top of the world. Then politics got in the way. Twice. Those politics was necessary and for whatever reason. But Im not gonna delve into that as this is an automotive forum.... OK...it took Montreal 40 years to recover from that. Those politics, necessary as they were, blinded Quebec people for the next 40 years and it took away from progress. 40 years. In that time span, Toronto surpassed Montreal. Boston, from a small town that was beleaguered in ghetto crime and in organized crime saw itself rise into a wonderful metropolis itself. Boston dug itself literally out of the hole with many projects, including the Big Dig. Stopped the crime, stopped the brain drain, kept its students. NYC saw the same thing. Montreal...although we are still fighting off that organized crime thing, we are only NOW growing. The quiet revolution brought out the change we wanted. At a cost. But there were other changes that we did NOT think of changing. We tried. But we failed because other shyte was going down. When Montreal was on top of the world, we even got the 1st Major League Baseball team that was outside the USA. At our downfall, we lost this baseball team. 40 years of recession after recession after recession and broken down businesses. Empty building after empty building. No new construction of anything. No new highways. No new international projects. No national pride. 40 years to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. You think YOU guys have it bad? HA! Its worse in Quebec. Well, it was worse. As of now, not only are we thinking about new infrastructure as in extending our existing subway lines, we are introducing new electric rails for our people to commute. To highways. Extended highways. New bridges being built to replace the ones that are literary falling down. The Champlain Bridge is the busiest in Canada. Its failing. Its getting replaced... EVs...Quebecois are embracing them. It helps though that Quebec DOES have Hydro-electric power. It has now for 100 years... The baseball team in Montreal will most probably be back with 5 years at the most. Eventually, the high speed rail system will be made to connect Boston, NYC, Montreal and Toronto. Change...how fast you want it? Believe me...40 years is a long phoquing time. I do not think you want to wait that long. I do not think some parts of America will have the same 40 years Montreal had. We were lucky to come out of it OK. We were lucky to have resources at our finger tips. Such as: We do have more higher education institutions than Boston does. Good ones too. Along the lines of a Harvard. We DO have a population that is literate and speaks a MINIMUM of 2 languages. We DO have a MULTICULTURAL background that gives us an edge in seeing things from different angles... We have a port. Montreal's port is one of North America's busiest. One of the oldest in North America too. Our seaway trade goes further than that. The North American indigenous peoples used this rivers to trade with one another. Boston, NYC and New York State in general and other neighboring US states have a very close relationship with Quebec. Montreal survived this way. When Toronto and Ottawa were not so kind to Montreal and Quebec, we did have the US to turn to. Does Lancaster Pennsylvania have these same resources? Do other parts of America that seem to stuck in 1955 have that what Montreal has? Montreal was stuck in 1967 to1976 a looooong phoquing time! It was NOT pleasant. We had our joie de vivre...but that was it... Good luck to you guys...I mean it! But it was not fun economically during those times in Montreal...
  8. oldshurst442

    Buick News: Buick Velite 6 To Come In Plug-In and Electric Flavors

    https://www.investors.com/news/tesla-gm-joined-in-1-million-ev-sales-race-by-japanese-rival-nissan/ As of March 23, 2018... Nissan, Toyota, Tesla, GM, Volkswagen all want to sell 1 million EVs by as early as 2022 and as late 2026. These are sales targets... Tesla wants 1 million by 2020. They dont have to production knowledge to do so. I keep on hearing that people dont want EVs... Well...maybe in certain parts of the United States of America. But other parts of this phoquing planet...they want EVs... Infrastructure and range anxiety are all of the bullsyte argument variety. If one wants change....change DOES happen... I have NO DOUBT that each and every one of these automakers WILL succeed in selling 1-2-3 million EVs a year EACH by 2030. Not here though. Not in North America. As long as people like you, BLU, who lives in a bubble...will NEVER happen! MONTREAL is currently hosting its 2nd annual EV autoshow. Like right now! Like April 20, 21 and 22. Like this very week-end. SEPARATE from the Montreal Auto Show and a lot smaller. But it is growing... https://svem.ebems.com/home.html Its fine to NOT want EVs... Just dont snicker at the fact that the phoquing planet is MOVING away from gasoline engines... In China and in Japan for instance...the infrastucture for EVs is being built RIGHT NOW by LEAPS and BOUNDS... Yes...I know...the United States of of America people, much like yourself, dont want that change... Its cool... Dont phoquing complain when people from OUTSIDE of the United States of America make fun of you... Just like you folk made fun of others outside the USofA...its payback time if you folk do NOT go with the flow... From the late 1970s... From 1985... Just before this scene...DOC makes fun of Japanese electronics... from 2018... Its not nice to laugh...but the Smokey and the Bandit laughter at Japanese cars was told in blindness. The Back to the Future laughter was satirical and an eye opener. The Trump thing was just flat out backwards and catering to the folk that are simply...simpletons...the simpletons of America dragging your beautiful country down... All this to say...America IS falling behind... America is NOT the world leader it once was... NOT because America has lost it completely. Its because the WORLD itself has had a chance to catch up to America. Yes...thanx in part to America...but that is the thing. The world is such a smaller place right now... Other world powerhouses do influence the world, including America. If you dont evolve with the times, be prepared to fall by the way side. Take that as you will BLU, but change only happens if you want it. Success happens ONLY if you STRIVE for it. Hoping for the best and NOT doing ANYTHING about it will ONLY result in failure. You see, other engineering brainiacs and innovative entrepreneurs ELSEWHERE on the planet get to dictate what is the future going to be and if you living in Lancaster Pennsylvania can not see that and still see China and Japan and Korea as rice patty places and Germany and France and Greece as 3rd world countries devastated by war...yes Greece...Greece still has the brain power to reverse severe austerity measures...then you living in Lancaster Pennsylvania will be the one to be what those countries were in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s... Laugh...but that horse and buggy will be coming to you soon if you dont adapt... Laugh...but what Greece is experiencing right now, what the USA experienced in 2009, will happen again, but PERMANENTLY if you Americans CONTINUE to live a life on credit but FAIL to MODERNIZE!!! Yes...MODERNIZE!!! Fossil fuels are coming to an end...be it 20 years from now or 50 years from now... Change needs to happen to YOUR country NOW... EV infrastructure needs to be built NOW...and not at a slow sloth pace its at...at the the rabbit pace its happening in China... California, Washington...its got it! Lancaster Pennsylvania...I feel sorry for you!
  9. oldshurst442

    Review: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

    Wasn't there a commercial sometime in the 1950s or 1960s that said you want a sports car but you marry an Oldsmobile? (Or was it Buick?) But yeah... Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of beauty, love and fertility. Eros: Greek God of love and SEXUAL DESIRE! No need to commit. One could have flings! There is nothing wrong with that. One could have lustful desires and one could indulge in them without the burden of love and commitment...if its between 2 consenting adults that are NOT committed with other people in a bond of holy matrimony. If one could have strong lustful desires and love with a wife or husband, then that is awesome... I know...Christianity does not allow for lustful desires outside the bonds of holy matrimony. Its a good thing for us Greeks that there is loophole for us as Aphrodite and Eros allowed us that for a minimum of 3500 years BEFORE the Holy Trinity took it away from us...and...the Holy Trinity is only bossing us around for ONLY 2000 years after that.... With THAT being said... Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW also have HORRID emotional problems. The thing is, long term relationships with those 3 are at a minimum...people lease those cars, non? Actually, people lease faithful Chevys, Hondas and Toyotas. People just dont want commitment today! People lust over those buxom blonde Germans, yet they are aware of the long term problems so they dont commit long term. They dont marry them.... Same for Alpha Romeos. One could EASILY have lustful flings with Alpha, as long as one takes a 3 year lease term. And then one moves unto another conquest. To frolic naked in the Garden of Eden with a lover doing all kinds of nasty and dirty things to said lover...
  10. oldshurst442

    Camaro or Mustang EV CUV?

    Well...I have said that Corvette needs to be a brand on its own. Which in turn, means that a Corvette CUV is necessary, as part of a brand... About the proposal above concerning Mustang and Camaro: NO! I wouldn't mind a Mustang and Camaro being 100% electric sometime in the (near) future (maybe?)...as 2 door sporty cars...just as they are now, but with electric motors and batteries. I wouldn't mind AWD either. Actually, I wouldn't mind AWD now! Both top Mustangs and Camaros have upwards (or will have for the Mustang soon) of 650 horsepower and 650 ft.lbs . of torque. AWD will benefit them. OK, maybe not as weight may be an issue. As long as Mustang and Camaro stay true to their original purpose, for me, what powers them is irrelevant. If GM and FoMoCo need sporty CUVs to peddle, Im sure they could find a way to engineer, market and sell a new product and create new brand identity with said new vehicle. Does that mean the death of 2 door sporty cars if in the future people wont be buying them which in turn will make Mustang and Camaro nameplates disappear? Sure! But what is the point of slapping the name Mustang or Camaro on a product and that particular product is the exact opposite of what Mustang's and Camaro's original purpose was? If that is the case, the original purpose to Mustang and Camaro is clearly dead...so clinging on to names just for the sake of the names is useless... Marketing should find a way to make Mustang and Camaro...AS 2 DOOR SPORTS CARS RELEVANT IN ANY FUTURE!!! Marketing should also find a way to create NEW brands to be as iconic as Mustang and Camaro in the future as well as sporty CUVs... Engineering should take care of business to make all that happen!
  11. You know what? Id still take the Eagle over the Mercedes... Its just a rendering though, so all this negative talk over the Mercedes is for nothing. All that I wanted to say is that what is old is new again...
  12. Well...we've seen this styling before... From Mercedes... And we all know the PT Cruiser was throwback styling to these... Yes! American cars from the mid to late 1930s just before America entered WW2 and the US automakers shut down automobile production... This a Buick. 1938. With running boards for a SUV look. These are high off the ground. They actually DO have a trunk. They got today's high beltline styling. They look aerodynamic... Ive actually said this before...if we are gonna go down the SUV craze for a tad longer...I want my SUV to look like this. Now...take that monstrosity rendering from Mercedes. Which one would YOU like to be seen in? Id take the 1938 Buick Special please!!! The design is more coherent. More fluid. More elegant...and dare I say it? MORE MODERN!!!! Even with those fenders and the upright windshield!!! So...like I said, NOBODY would be copying that M-B. Its UGLY! If anything...automakers would be looking to Harley Earl's designs from 80 years ago for inspiration...
  13. This...deserves a frowny face. Nothing this hideous will make ANY automaker copy it. Not even the Chinese or the Koreans...
  14. oldshurst442

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I was always a Goodyear tire guy. The 1980s made me be a Goodyear tire guy. Because of General Motors. Id say 99.9% of GM cars in the 1980s came with Goodyear tires and because I was so far up GM's tushy then, Goodyear was it for me. And they were good tires. I recently have liked more and more the tires of Michelin and Yokohama for winters. (Bridgestone Blizzaks are good too. I prefer the Yokohamas though.) At the same time, I like less and less Goodyear.
  15. oldshurst442

    Buick News: Buick Enspire Concept Makes Its Debut in China

    LOL You are right. Its not a Canadian thing this liters versus cubic inches. For me, anything smaller than a 305 gets to be called in liters. The Buick V6 for me will always be a 3.8 liter V6 rather than 231 CI. However, original American V8s that started our craze for V8 power in our cars, like the small block Chevrolet for instance will always be 283 cubic inches. But...even then, a late 1970s Trans Am will be referred to me by 6.6 liters and the Cadillac Northstar will be 4.6 liters....yes...I know...283 cubic inches... So technically for me, this dilemma is a Canadian thing. Why Canadian you ask? Because Canada has adopted the Metric system. Since the early 1970s. And Canadians, for the most part, including myself, STILL use in conversation the Imperial system. Feet and pounds. Inches. When we are conversing with others. Technically, our schooling has stopped teaching our kids both systems, so I think the Millennial students wont be comfortable with the Imperial system. Irony is that myself, I cannot visually see in a spacial reality what a meter is. I can visualize a foot, an inch. 1 centimeter. With a little concentration, I could decipher miles in a spacial reality. Im better with kilometers. I know how heavy 1 pound is. 2 pounds. 3 pounds. I also know how heavy 1 kilogram is. Im working on temperature. Baking and cooking is done in Fahrenheit while weather is done in Celsius in my head. I know the basics. Water freezes at 0 C or 32F. Water boils at 100C or 212F. -40C= -40F. So yeah...there you have it. This is how I process cubic inches and liters. With a backstory to go along with it. PS: Muscle Car engines of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s will ALWAYS sound better in cubic inches. Not only sound better, but in reality, these engines ARE cubic inches.

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