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  1. Fiat News: Rumorpile: Chinese Automakers Are Interested In FCA

    Chryco died in 2008-2009. (Earlier than that if you wanna go further back to the merger of equals) The FCA thing in hindsight just prolonged the agony...it was a good thing as many did not lose their jobs...it would have been disastrous... Does it really matter who gets to say they own Chrysler, Dodge (and Dodge Trucks), Jeep at this point in time?
  2. Fiat News: Rumorpile: Chinese Automakers Are Interested In FCA

    PS: Ill continue being a douche... Speaking of gunpowder and the Old West...which is a BIG part of American history with the end of the Civil war and all... There was this too...you know...how America's first steps in becoming a world super power began...all coinciding with the industrial revolution...with the electrification of our North American world... I repeat: the very essence of our North American existence is DIRECTLY related to the Chinese...
  3. Fiat News: Rumorpile: Chinese Automakers Are Interested In FCA

    This could be a very good thing...or it could be a very bad thing... The Hollywood glitz of it all is the bad thing...and THAT is what our society actually takes to when it comes to those two Presidents...
  4. Fiat News: Rumorpile: Chinese Automakers Are Interested In FCA

    Instead of us whining about the Chinese...maybe we should reflect upon what BLU just said and maybe just try to prevent more bleeding... The British lost their automobile industry...its only fake national pride that keeps them going... Maybe us as North Americans should take a good hard look in the mirror, identify the problem and fix what is ailing us!!! It is hard to do because the truth hurts...its easier to blame somebody else though.... And this could turn political, racial, educational, social, rational and any other kind of "-----al" we could think of because in my opinion...there is more than one problem wrong with our North American society!!! Dont look now guys...but many other world markets have surpassed us in anything remotely related to Americana of cocktails and dreams... The only thing we rule is garbage TV where everybody thinks they could be a star of some sort... Big Brother American Idol Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump becoming Presidents of our nation... the OJ Simpson trial and everything that is related to that such as the Kardashians and BLM... School and mall shootings and cops killing people off of burnt headlight stops and routine check-ups thug culture and the dummying down of our educational system...
  5. Fiat News: Rumorpile: Chinese Automakers Are Interested In FCA

    Well...since they did invent playing cards... Oh....and before there even was a place in the dessert called "the" Vegas which in Spanish is Las Vegas... With this little gadget You dont read Chinese? BTW: Im keeping this STRICTLY DIRECT NORTH AMERICAN CHINESE INFLUENCES... BEGAT Is this OK with you? Because the very essence of our North American existence is DIRECTLY related to the Chinese...
  6. Fiat News: Rumorpile: Chinese Automakers Are Interested In FCA

    http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/song/readings/inventions_timeline.htm silk, ca. 1300 BCE • 1300 BCE • [received in the West, 552-54 CE] folding umbrella (?) • 300 BCE • [received in the West, 1600s] lodestone, 240 BCE • 200 BCE • shadow figures (?) • 100 BCE • [received in the West, after 1700] BE/BCE lacquer • 100 CE • [received in the West, 1730] peach and apricot [earlier origins in China, but cannot be accurately dated] paper, 105 CE [received in the West, 1150] tea, 264-273 CE • 200 CE • [received in the West, 1600s] Word for porcelain first used • 300 CE • [produced in the West, 1709] sedanchair • 400 CE • [received in the West, 1600s] kite, 549 • 500 CE • [received in the West, 1589] silk, 552-554 [in China, ca. 1300 BCE] • 600 CE • playing cards • 700 CE • [received in the West, 1377] dominoes gunpowder (?) [received in the West, 1330] porcelain described, 851 • 800 CE • [produced in the West, 1709] oldest printed book, 868 [Bible printed in the West, 1456] The Song Dynasty, 960-1279 • 900 • movable type, 1041-1049 • 1000 • [block printing in the West, 1423] compass [received in the West, 1190] zinc used in coins, 1094-1098 [described in the West, 1500s; industrially produced, 1740] orange [earlier origins in China, but cannot be accurately dated] • 1100 • paper, 1150 [in China, 105 CE] explosives, 1161 [gunpowder and cannon in the West, 1330] compass, 1190 [in China, 1000s] • 1200 • • 1300 • gunpowder and cannon, 1330 [in China, 700s] playing cards, 1377 [in China, 700s] lemon [earlier origins in China, but cannot be accurately dated] • 1400 • block printing, 1423 [movable type in China, 1041-1049] Gutenberg's Bible, 1456 [China's first printed book, 868] chaulmoogra oil and ephedrine described, 1552-1578 • 1500 • [received in the West, after 1700s] zinc described [used in coins in China, 1094-1098] kite, 1589 [in China, 549 CE] The use of the following also originated in China in early times, but cannot be accurately dated: peach, apricot, orange, lemon, pomelo, chrysanthemum, tea rose, camellia, azalea, China aster, gingko, "German silver," wallpaper, goldfish. • 1600 • sedanchair [in China, 400s CE] tea [in China, 264-273 CE] folding umbrella [in China, in the 300s BCE] wallpaper manufactured, 1688 • 1700 • porcelain, 1709 [in China, word first used, 300s CE; first described, 851 CE] lacquer produced, 1730 [in China, in the 100s CE] zinc in industrial production, 1740 "German silver" production, 1750 chrysanthemum, tea rose, camellia, azalea, China aster, grapefruit shadow figures [in China, in the 100s BCE] gingko, tung oil, soy bean ephedrine and chaulmoogra oil [described in China, 1552-1578] - I find it funny when "the West" complains about China...and in the end...its about freakin' time "the West" has something technological to teach China....several millennia has passed when all "the West" ever did was learn from China!!!
  7. How I have ALWAYS felt about the alpha Camaro is what Bob Lutz said on August the 4rth, 2017 on RoadandTrack. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a11471024/bob-lutz-on-why-the-new-ford-mustang-beats-the-camaro/ And to boot, I quickly fell out of love with the Zeta Camaro shortly thereafter when the 3rd Transformers movie came out...so sometime in 2011. Yes...not long after the Camaro went on sale. I was deeply, madly in love when it hit the streets. We had several lustful encounters together but the attraction was short lived. To get my attention...it seemed like every other month there was another Transformers Camaro reference...and it scared to shyte out of me... It felt kinda like this Then the Alpha Camaro came out...and it felt as if Chevy was purposely trying to kill me!
  8. Ultimate Dream Garage: Unconventional Cylinders Edition

    1985 Audi Quattro LWB.. the SWB sport is probably the way to go with the rallye shenanigans, but I appreciate the LWB proportions better. Volvo 850 T5-R Or estate wagon 1998 Volvo C70 coupe 2001 Mazda RX-7 Βathurst R. Japan only model 1930 V16 Cadillac speedster boattail. Yup...Id own and drive this car regularly. Listening to these song loudly And before driving the car...Id hype myself up with this scene
  9. BMW News: What Is In BMW's Future Product Pipeline?

    I think even the yuppies will forgo this car. 1. the new age yuppies nowadays prefer to play with gadgets like phones and tablets and fitbit wrist thingys... 2. the few "car enthusiast" yuppies that are around have grown up from BMW sedans and are either a) gone to BMW CUVs like the X1 or X3 along with their house playing wives... b) gone to another German manufacturer...and that yuppie will buy that manufacturer's sedan...but not really...as I think that that yuppie will probably buy that manufacturer's CUV instead. c) dont laugh, but I believe today's car enthusiast yuppie will probably buy a Ford Mustang instead of the 1 Series as its cool to buy a Mustang once again... d) and if that is only if today's car enthusiast yuppie respects the internal combustion engine...because I find that today's car enthusiast yuppie is on the electric vehicle bandwagon...and he is probably on the waiting list for the Model 3 already...or will be soon...
  10. Leaf 2.0 Spec's Leak Online

    yup. 1971 for the Bolt and 1518 for the Volt. If we go by Musk's words...60 000 plus orders canceled but 1800 per day ordered... Despite Musk saying that Model 3 production wont reach 10 000 per month BEFORE December 2017 and orders taken NOW WONT be delivered until late 2018 early 2019, maybe....the Model 3 STILL TECHNICALLY outsells it...even with all the scare of the Model 3 not being CLOSE to that 35K price tag... Considering that the Model X and Model S costs about DOUBLE what the Volt and Bolt costs...Tesla EV products are neck in neck with Chevy EV products in sales year to date. But yeah...the Bolt has got 1971 for the month of July and 9563 for year to date. Ill just repeat my statement but Ill cross out the barely less than accurate statement.. The REAL joke would be on GM and Chevy FOR NOT MARKETING THE BOLT AND FOR CAPITALIZING ON THE MODEL 3's ABSENCE!!! UNLESS OF COURSE THE MAJORITY OF EV LOVERS DO NOT WANT A CHEVROLET!!! There are some EV lovers that prefer the Chevy...all 1971 for July and 9563 for the year...but MOST EV lovers would prefer to wait a year or two for the Model 3 knowing that the Bolt is available NOW knowing that the Model 3 would probably delivered to them loser to 3 years!!! (Because like you said Balthy...500 000 units by 2018 by Musk's recent words AINT happening) Therefore...even with that faux pas of OVER SELLING a year ago on production numbers the majority ofpeople would STILL rather wait forever for a Tesla than buy a Chevy NOW...
  11. Leaf 2.0 Spec's Leak Online

    Explain the joke part... Because everything is on schedule of what Musk said about the Model 3. Musk's production numbers for 2018 AND 2019 seem questionable but we are not in 2018 or 2019 yet... We were skeptical for the Model 3's production time-line for 2017...but Musk delivered on that...so... The interior for the BASE Model 3 is a joke? No....that is sour grapes trying to find a problem where there is none. The Bolt....its a fine car that is ready as of now for EV lovers...unlike the Model 3...that much is true... Its just that the Bolt has the wrong badge on it...in other words....it aint a TESLA... Despite 60 000-70 000 orders being canceled...and some of those canceled orders DID end up at Tesla anyway....the Model 3 STILL has an upward waiting list for 450 000 orders for the Model 3. Did some of those canceled orders end up in the Chevy store for either the Bolt or the Volt? THAT would be the REAL question!!! And if not...then the REAL joke would be on GM and Chevy FOR NOT MARKETING THE BOLT AND FOR CAPITALIZING ON THE MODEL 3's ABSENCE!!! UNLESS OF COURSE THE MAJORITY OF EV LOVERS DO NOT WANT A CHEVROLET!!! OH YEAH... ONE OTHER THING I FORGOT... YOU AMERICAN? WHAT GIVES???!!! TESLA IS AN AMERICAN CAR COMPANY!!! YOU SEEM TO PRAISE A NISSAN LEAF MORE THAN TESLA ITSELF??? I DONT UNDERSTAND? all in the name of love Blu!!! The CAPS is to create DRAMA....a cheap way to stir the pot...
  12. Ultimate Dream Garage: Hybrid Edition

    Well....they flow together just as well as "future" and "internal combustion engine"
  13. In other words...there are some Australian legal people that want to be...um...given some sort of monetary gratuity hush hush style...
  14. BMW News: What Is In BMW's Future Product Pipeline?

    A front wheel drive BMW car for North America. I cant wait for it to finally show up in Canadian and American BMW dealerships.