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  1. Blame the (North American) tourist for that...Possibly the American or Canadian Greek on top of all that... And we were there last summer...I think I know what joint you are talking about Yeah...my mom made the best Greek potatoes. I miss those. I miss my mommy. The wife is a good cook too. She cooks authentic Greek food quite alright. My belly is proof. But nothing beats momma's cooking. *SIGH* I agree though about questioning the authenticity of it all. Although, Athens in general has changed for the better IMO....however, the street food that you got in Athens during the 70's and 80s' will forever be gone. Today, first of all, you cant get a souvlaki stick sold by a vendor with a grill on a sidewalk, who also grilled corn too to begin with. That is loooong gone. But even the souvlaki, although still delicious, its not the way it used to be. Back then, it was beyond delicious. It was heavenly. At least that is how I remembered it anyway...
  2. Ah... Thanx for clearing that up...not that you owe me an explanation or nuthin'...but you gotta admit...you do many of the trolly responses...and I hate that...so Im up your face wit dat...
  3. Why are you surprised? These come with turbo engines... A turbo 4 cylinder and a turbo diesel. You know...no need for a 6 cylinder because the turbo 4 is THAT good... And unlike GM's diesel, VW's diesel is quite good...
  4. Those are not so much as Greek fries as they are cultural appropriated Greek oriented American fast junk food...(I aint sayin' they are not delicious, could very well be, I dont doubt it!) These are Greek potatoes... Just sayin'...
  5. I could sense you are a troll...A Ford Shilling kinda troll I help you out... True...GM had prtoblems with Diesels. Maybe peeps could forego a GM diesel and they could flock to Ford with their ecoboost turbos. Sure as hell Ford never had any problems with those catching on fire...and I AM talking about the trucks catching on fire, not just the little 4 banger ecoboosted Escapes and Fusions...but the lawddy dah 3.5 liter Ford F-150 ecoboosted 6...and I am talking about THIS decade...the one YOU are talking about was sooooo 1/2 a CENTURY ago..
  6. Unless of course the dude or dudette has more money than brains, are vegans, buy "organic" foods, and want to save the planet and a big 'ole Charger Hellcat is the antithesis of what they believe in so therefore a Tesla is the new Prius for these kinds of people. These people scour the internet for planet friendly clothes and furniture to buy...and they make sure to tell you how eco friendly they are...and they might, just might scold you how eco friendly YOU are not... And Ive met some of them... they do exist these kinds of people. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, these types of people drove Volvos and Lexus sedans. Then they went on to Priuses and the Lexus version of the Prius. The new generation of these types of people flock to Tesla...not because of the performance numbers, but because its a green vehicle...they dont care about cars...they care about "saving" the planet...
  7. mmmmmm....yeah.... And most people dont really need to tow that much shyte either... The point you wanna make other than trolling?
  8. YUCK!!! NEVER WITH SOUR CREAM AND CERTAINLY NEVER WITH VINEGAR!!! Yogurt...always with and only with yogurt...thick yogurt. Strained yogurt. Never with vinegar. Too much sourness... Lemon juice ONLY. Lemon juice also gives you that "refreshing" taste... But the first one says add some feta cheese....interesting... The second one...mayonnaise??? WTF???!!! But if you like it like that...you like it like that. Im Greek so...Ill be a purist about it...
  9. Tzatziki? But you said dressing. I guess tzatziki could be made to be less thick and more liquidy to be a dressing. Tzatziki is a dip. Its also the "sauce" that is in a gyro or souvlaki pita. Or "on the side" when ordering souvlaki on a stick. All kinds of veggies taste good with tzatziki as well as all kinds of meats (except beef) and fish and seafood. Unless of course its not tzatziki what you are referring to. But the only thing that I could think of that has cucumber and dill as a dressing or dip is tzatziki. And I wouldnt think that tzatziki would be that exotic. Even Lebanese cuisine has a version of this. Granted, maybe there might not be a big population of Lebanese people but Greeks are everywhere in North America now-a-days. Not as big of a population as the Eye-talians. But still...I would think that tzatziki would be more popular than that. No matter where we are in North America. Or maybe its because Greek cuisine has had a big influence in Montreal and Toronto...and Boston and NYC, that I take it for granted...that maybe other parts of North America may not be so into Greek cuisine.
  10. Toyota: Only ten less than Nissan per 1000...if one does not want to go back into time to reveal that Toyota has recalled the most cars in history of all time...and those recalls happened in THIS generation in OUR lifetime just a short 10-15 years ago... GM is STILL paying the price for their shenanigans that happened close to half a phoquing century ago... So...is Toyota really that reliable if we are gonna go with this 2018 recall data sheet? Because all others in the lower section are all UNDER 1000 recalls per 1000 vehicles...and by a margin of 43 per 1000 where Subaru sits at 985. Toyota is closer to the highest number of recalls section than they are to the lowest side... You cant accuse me of purely hating on Toyota...I "recommended" the Corolla and the RAV4...because those two are fairly cheap and reliable transportation perfect for folk that just dont give a shyte about cars but need one to get around...but I also know that Toyota cut some serious corners JUST to get to the number #1 spot of being the manufactuurer to sell the most cars 15-20 years ago when they made that decision to try to top GM...and STILL cut corners to this day actually when looking at that very same data sheet. GM is at 958 recalls per 1000. That would be lower than Toyota, right? Yet we STILL hesitate to give GM kudos... At least that is how I interpret this...
  11. I like the Fiat 124 Abarth. Like you said, its a nice little rig. It looks good. Looks like an authentic little Italian roadster. I most definitely would buy one if I lived in an area where there was sun...and it actually warmed up the place at least 8 months outta the year. Because where Im at now...sometimes the sun is shining hard, but it aint doing much other than looking pretty in the sky.
  12. Its a French sir name. Cadillac is a street name, and the Metro station is on that street and so the Metro station takes the name of the street its on. https://www.google.com/maps/@45.5768388,-73.5466271,3a,39.8y,65.5h,88.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sBqKV-qH-HXp0f4krtejSLQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 My 99 soon to be 100 year old auntie lives near this Metro station. In fact her old apartment and her new old age home is a mere 5 minute walk from there. Further east on Sherbrooke Street, there is a McDonald's. That would be the first McDonald's Iv ever been to waaaay back when I was 5 or 6 years old. A little later, a Burger King opened up. And you guessed it...that would be the first Burger King Ive ever been to. Both are still there. A St. Hubert BBQ rotisserie chicken restaurant is a tad closer. My family would eat there too often enough. The Olympic Stadium is further WEST on Sherbrooke street. Yes. The Montreal Expos would play there. And yes...I would go see them play often as I lived close by. On Ste Catherine Street. Yes...The same Ste Catherine Street that is the heart of Downtown Montreal. Pie-IX Metro station is where the Olympic Stadium is. In Between Cadillac Metro and Pie-IX Metro would be Viau Metro station. And those are the streets that those Metro Stations are on. The Stadium would be between Pie-IX and Viau... When clicking on the link, turn the direction towards west, and not even advancing forward on anything and you would see the Olympic Village Appartments.
  13. I will admit....owning a car in the city, in the core of the city, must be a female dog. I could see how ride sharing could be useful. Nothing beats owning your own car, but I could see how ride sharing could be a viable alternative. Me too. Suburban living, but not far away from the city. In Montreal's case, because the immediate suburban cities away from the downtown core are basically little cities of their own...30-40 minutes away from Downtown Montreal is what I prefer myself. There are suburban towns that are farther though, but those are too far removed... (a circular perimeter of 15-25 minutes away from Downtown Montreal still lands you on the Island of Montreal, in any direction and while technically in some on-island burroughs you are considered living in Montreal's burbs, you are still living in an urban environment.) Immediate off-island suburbia, and now you are 30-40 minutes away from Downtown Montreal, but now you are in a real suburban environment, but not so suburban because they are little cities in their own right with everything you described that you would like in having in a modern world with all the amenities you described. And yes, in Montreal, great restaurants need not be soley in the Downtown core...the trendy stuff is Downtown, but we are really spoiled in Montreal.... Ive lived in a rural setting only when I was visiting Greece weeks at a time on vacation. Living in the same house my momma lived. And while I enjoyed that lifestyle, keeping in mind that its on a Greek Island in the summer...I would only like to do that in the summer for a couple of weeks, because, I am a city slicker more than anything else. On vacation, in Greece, chasing down a chicken so we could have dinner later in the night,..eating figs and peaches straight off the trees while WALKING to the beach...WALKING to the village καφενείο (coffeshop) or souvlaki joint... yeah...I LOVE that rural setting...but ONLY on vacation for 2-4 weeks...
  14. Yeah...that infamous smart phone. I lived dead smack in the middle of the urban city. 15 minutes by bicycle from Old Montreal. 20 minutes by bicycle from Downtown Montreal. That was a great time. I must admit. By bus, downtown Montreal was a mere 10 minute ride if I entered the metro (subway) station and the train was just arriving. If not...add a minor 2 minutes to that trip. By car, with traffic lights and the like, 20 minutes trying to find parking... I tell you one thing though... Hooking up with some hot blonde that lives on the other side of the Island, maybe snapchat or FB on the iPhone could land you a date, but a car gets you to pick her up and then, the world is yours to discover with her... A smartphone is many a thing...but it aint a car. Living downtown or uptown, a car will always be a car... A date on a subway ride, is not ideal. Ive had those too, before I was able to legally drive, while I was a teenager. So...a movie and ice cream in Old Montreal was as cute as a teenage date could be. And in Montreal, we have the underground city, where we could avoid the frigid cold above ground, and like you said...where you can walk by a bar or restaurant every minute or to your place of work in 30 minutes....all underground and all connected from metro station to metro station...in the downtown core. Which is awesome, like you say...but...a car will always be a car, because sometimes, one aspires to see other things other than the downtown core. I do not know about Toronto (im just being a smug douchebag), but Montreal and Vancouver have beautiful nature on the outskirts of the cities, that make beautiful date destinations when hooking up with hot blondes...or date night with the hot wife you married 10-15 years ago...and while a smart phone books you that awesome resort at Whistler or Mont Tremblant, a car gets you there, and when you wanna be romantic and spontaneous to blow your hot blonde tinder pick-up or your hot wife's mind of 15 years...owning a car is really the only way to go...you could have all the lap tops and iPhones and virtual reality goggles and apps and tinder dates and Trivago listings...a car is the ONLY way to get you there, when YOU wanna go there on your OWN time...IF...YOU...OWN....YOUR OWN....CAR...
  15. Of course there is a need for Taxis! Or even *SIGH* Uber... But for the arrogance of some in the car sharing business that are trying to convince us that the future of the automobile is car sharing...I say bullshyte, and hence my rant above. Which also has some real stories to it about why I think the way I do about car sharing.

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