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    2000 GMC Sierra Stepside Z71 thinking of putting on a lift kit probably nothing more then 2/3" (would like to still get into garages and drive-thrus) But I am not sure If i should get a suspension lift kit (and all that comes with it) or a body lift kit. What is easier? What will cause more headach in the end? I know the price difference but are there things about a lift kit that most do not pay attention to (ex. driveshaft, axelwrap, etc.)????
  2. Actually I am not happy with the wiring (all though dealer says it is fine). Also it seems like no one has installed an electric fan in aftermarket it kind of makes me wonder why. Plus the way it is wired (and my mechanic can not think of any other way) it takes up space on the battery (which i may need in the future) and when the fan runs (about 18sec) when i shut off the truck I can not lock my doors in that period.
  3. tas81685

    Wimpy Horn

    As most may have noticed GM has a very wimpy horn for their big trucks in the Silverado/Sierra class. I am looking to put in an new horn in replace of the old. I do not really want to worry about a big rig horn with all the compressor and mounting junk so just a quick replacement for a louder/deeper horn would be great. ANY SUGGESTION???
  4. I have a 2000 GMC Sierra and I just put in (2) 13" electric fans in replace of the clutch fan. I am not sure if I am happy with it so could use your guys opinion.

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