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  1. Follow up: it's been 8 months, and I still love this car. No problems, no weird noises, nothing! Just a totally and completely solid little car!
  2. I Absolutely Agree... My chevette was this yellow, very similar to the spark, I think its very funky, as I'm not a fan of the super orange -y yellows or oranges you see peeling around... The colour was another total selling point on this car for me, I always wanted a red car, but the Spark doesnt have a red interior trim package, and I didnt want silver inside...Bo-oring.... so I went with my old friend, cream yellow (or lemonade)... Love it.
  3. WOW, Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you! It truly doesnt sound as though you would be the ideal customer for a Spark or even the Sonic/Fiesta sizes.. For you my friend, I would think your G6 is probably about the right size, maybe a Cruze.. For me, I know straight away that the Spark will NOT work for my needs when I need to hit some serious pavement - but I live in a crowded character-home infested neighbourhood (average homes are from the 1910's to 1930's) and many are very close together on very narrow streets... I commute through the city to my office, only ever reaching 70km/h (44mph?) for about 2 minutes of the drive. I truly do not need a Silverado or a CTS to complete this task.. so a 56MPG (Canadian Gallon) car that is spunky, and fairly fun to row about the urban jungle is just perfect for me. When it comes to the serious pavement I've still got my cobalt, and although only a 2.2L Ecotec with a 4-spd Auto.. It is really a great little mill for the highway trips I make every couple of months. Its also going to remain our 'Main' car.. the spark is just another fun little bucket to cruise around town in. Thanks for the feedback all! Truck Guy... I hope you two find what you're looking for!! Maybe a new Camaro will change her mind?
  4. Never heard #1 "Paula" until I started seeing shows like pimp my ride and overhaulin' Always been #2 Pal-a for me, from dads 68' to my aunts 06'
  5. I forgot to mention it's about as long as a park bench, so parallel parking is about as easy as blinking.
  6. As far as performance goes, this is most certainly NOT a race car. That said, it is perfectly adequate for city car. The 84hp 1.25L i4 seems to do a fine job of getting around, although it is a tad gutless. The fuel economy is outstanding though. My first tank of fuel hauled me around for 385km, and cost me $34.00 I think that's pretty amazing. (we get flat out raped on fuel costs up here) this was at $1.18/litre. Not as bad as Europe by a long shot, but still not ideal. As far as handling goes its considerably better than expected for a car that looks taller than it is wide. Autobox was forced on me. 'The wife' told me he wanted a car he could drive too.. Lol I LOVE MyLink... Being able to pair by Bluetooth to a keypad on the dash is quite honestly my favorite part of the car. It's a techy types dream. I can really see this little car appealing to cheap hipsters everywhere. Complaints: (I'm actually reaching to find true real world complaints - I think GM might've found the formula for great little cars after all!) The front seats, even when cranked all the way down still feel like they're about 6" too high up. I like feeling lower. They're pretty comfortable though, and the blend of body colored accent material and leatherette make for a neat looking interior. Front seatbelts feel too high on the b pillars. Making the seatbelt tough to grab until you get the hang of them. I'm mostly used to them now though. The 1.25L 4cyl - "The fuel efficiency compromise"...Oh god why couldn't they turbo this little champ. Not bad, but a tad underpowered. My score for the spark after week one: 4/5 It's zippy, cute, great on gas and so totally unique. It is one of two yellow sparks shipped into my city, and the other is in the showroom at the other dealership. It is truly one of a kind until the other one sells. I'm really loving this car.
  7. I have been all over the map with Chevy lately. In the past four years, I have worked in three different dealerships, driven three different models, test drove the Cruze, Sonic, Spark and Volt and wound up buying what is probably the least popular of the bunch. I had an Aveo.. then I 'upgraded' to the suspension headache and worsened build quality that was the Cobalt, and for some reason... insanity perhaps? I continue to go back to the mini-hatch Chev-woos. The Volt was a stunning car to drive, it was balanced well, had plenty of giddy-up and was nothing less than a technological leap in comparison to the other three cars I tested. BUT - the province I live in currently offers NO tax rebate, and $40K is far too much for a guy like me. The Cruze, was also a pleasant car. I had another well balanced feel, good pep and with the 1.4T it was a nice mixture of style, fuel efficiency and comfort - but I wasn't trading in my Cobalt just yet. Its only two years old. We needed a "second" car.. I also wanted something that was even a little bit unique - and although not a bad thing for GM, or for me someday if I had to buy parts for it - the Cruzes are EVERYWHERE. Also too, with Mylink, and the RS package (the only way I'd take one) the car is priced at close to 30K... pretty high for my budget. Next, I drove the Sonic. This was certainly a nice little car. Our dealer had a decent stock of Sonics, but I was set on Mylink, and the only way to get a Sonic, carries a sticker of $25K on this side of the 49th. The 1.8 felt as though it was trying way too hard, and almost carried a buzzing noise into the dash. It was a great little 'volks-esque' hatch though. Lastly, I drove a Jalapeno Green Spark 1LT - $18,045 Sticker... Well optioned for the price. 15" alloys, air, tilt, auto, Mylink, pw, pm, pl, keyless entry, and a host of standard features including Stabilitrak, Traction control and abs. Plenty of car for the price. It felt almost like having my Aveo back, although decidedly more optioned up.... This was a good thing. Long story short, I loved it. I also loved the fuel economy numbers. I'm not sure its as good as one would assume a 1.25L 4 banger would get, but it has decent pep (although a tad lethargic) handles well, and with Mylink for under 20K it certainly seems like a nice fit. I'm also fond of the interior... its actually super cool with the splash of body color all throughout, on the seats, in the door panels and on the dash.. very cool little car. I had them bring in a lemonade yellow one, and a week ago today I became a proud papa of a 2013 Spark 1LT. I love it, and the price was right. The color reminds me of, you guessed it.... my 87 Chevette! Feel free to criticize my choice below!
  8. Already at 9 year old platform at that point - hard to believe it soldiered on for another 11 years.
  9. Hugely supportive of this Corvette Evolution. I love the tail lights, but not the vents being incorporated as was mentioned above by many others. The Interior seems to be a wild improvement! Nice car. Not a moment too soon.
  10. Love it! It actually made a chill run up my spine. Heh, thats the Chevy I grew up on.
  11. isnt this quite similar to what they did in the 80s? The CRX, Prelude and Civic for example could really have just been one car platform could they not? Even the Accords were quite similar, in more than just style.. I recall, for a couple of years anyway the doors from Prelude/Civic and CRX must have been interchangeable.
  12. Back from hibernation!

  13. As an inner city Luxury Golf Cart, why would you need those items, it is not like people actually will be cruzing and need to put on the cruze control so they can play with their stupid Ipad. Nissan is clearly looking to reduce costs to increase sales. I doubt it will help much. If they want to increase sales, I suggest they style it in such a way that it doesnt look like a squeezed out turd.

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