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  1. ...some more sketching.
  2. PlumCrazy

    Yet another GTO...

    Some more sketching...
  3. PlumCrazy

    Pontiac Solstice

    An idea for a new more aggresive version--I don't think I've posted this here.
  4. PlumCrazy

    Retro Kappa Chevelle

    I did this for another site and thought you'd might like a peak.
  5. PlumCrazy

    Mid-Engine Corvette

    Some more lunch time sketching...
  6. PlumCrazy

    A quick BMW

    It's just a sketch, nobody's cutting steel with this to make molds...it's just a sketch showing an exaggerated emotional thought.
  7. PlumCrazy

    2010 HHR SS

    Here's a quick sketch I did at lunch with an idea for a more youthfull approach. Chevy needs to go after Scion and this could be the vehicle for it, so streamline the "retro" and make it more focused...creat more desire for it with mega personalization parts.
  8. PlumCrazy

    A quick BMW

    Here's aquick 5 series I did over lunch. I have got to buy some better quality paper.
  9. PlumCrazy

    Buick Kappa

    My image host went down for a bit it seems.
  10. PlumCrazy

    Porsche Hatchback

    Just a hatchback idea I was playin' around with.
  11. PlumCrazy

    Buick Kappa

    Well I missed the deadline but I thought I still post this sketch, hope ya like.
  12. PlumCrazy


    Just sketchin' away at lunch.
  13. PlumCrazy

    Lexus Reveals 2007 LS 460

    Obviously having not seen one in the flesh, I think this new LS does not break any new ground design wise BUT it has a beautiful quiet presence. It's sleek, graceful, and devoid of tacked on detail (a la Mercedes). It seems to be one cohesive thought from nose to tail that I think is very understated and elegant. I'm sure Lexus will do extremely well with this automobile.
  14. PlumCrazy


    LOL! I was just givin' ya a hard time! B-T-W, where the heck are YOUR drawings mister? We need some real professional car designer sketches in here pronto!!!
  15. PlumCrazy


    What, you've hated everything before!?!?!?!? :(

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