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  1. Exactly who is the underdog here ? Toyota or GM. Most people will hardly agree with your statement that Toyota is the underdog against GM. More than likely it is the other way around.
  2. Maybe, but Toyota was ahead by only 30,000 vehicle at the end of first quarter of 07. This quarter they are ahead by 160,000 vehicle. I doubt GM will be able to close the gap this year.
  3. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/toyo...mp;siteid=yhoof SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Toyota Motor Corp., in what many analysts believe will soon mark a long-term shift in the automotive hierarchy, wrestled the global sales crown away from General Motors Corp. through the first three months of the year. Toyota (TM:toyota motor corp sp adr rep2com News, chart, profile, more Last: 100.10-0.08-0.08% 4:00pm 04/24/2008 GM 22.11, +1.17, +5.6%) , however, said sales fell less than 1% from the year-ago period to 2.25 million vehicles. Toyota led GM after the first quarter in 2007, as well, only to miss out on unseating the reigning 77-year global sales leader by a few thousand vehicles by year's end. Both automakers pointed to strength in emerging markets for helping bolster results in the face of the downturn in the U.S., the world's biggest car market. "While the challenges of the U.S. economy continue to put pressure on the automotive industry there, we saw nearly 20% growth in the Latin America, Africa and Middle East and 6% growth in the Asia Pacific region," John Middlebrook, GM vice president, said. The two rivals provided further evidence of just how bad the U.S. market has become when they posted double-digit declines in March sales. GM sold 19% fewer cars in trucks during the month, while Toyota reported an uncharacteristic 10% drop. See full story. Record highs for gas prices have rattled U.S. consumers who are already struggling to cope with slumping home values and the related credit crisis. The combination of negative factors is expected to result in the worst year of U.S. sales since the early 1990s. China, the No. 2 market behind the U.S., has become a key battleground as the fight for the worldwide title heats up. GM plans to spend $1 billion a year to expand its operations in the emerging car market while Toyota aims to grow sales by 40% this year. Executives form both sides have consistently downplayed the importance being No. 1. GM sales analyst Mike DiGiovanni told analysts and reporters that he expected Toyota to grab an early lead this year and reiterated the company's stance after the results. "We obviously want to win...and we're going to compete hard for every sale to try to do that," he said in a conference call. "But really our focus right now is on profitable, sustainable growth across the entire world and we're doing well in three regions." GM shares rose 2.1% to close at $20.94, while Toyota saw its stock drop less than 1% to $100.18. Shawn Langlois is a reporter for MarketWatch, and the editor of its community message boards.
  4. andy82471

    VW vs GM

    7.4% growth is very disappointing considering the CHINESE automarket is growing at twice the rate. Volkswagon increased the sales by 33% and Toyota will increase their sales by nearly 40% this quarter.
  5. Well the streets of Bangkok, Singapore, and Manila are full of Corolla and Camry taxicabs. They should have no problem absorbing an extra 100k vehicles.
  6. Yeah that is what I thought too. Usually production number is greater than sales number because you always want excess inventory due to unforseen circumstance like natural disaster or a strike. For GM it is the other way around which means they had excess inventory from the previous year and had to curtail their production.
  7. AP Toyota Beats GM in Global Production Monday January 28, 4:38 am ET By Yuri Kageyama, AP Business Writer Toyota Beats GM in Global Vehicle Production 2007 Though GM Still No. 1 in Global Sales TOKYO (AP) -- Toyota may have fallen short of General Motors in global vehicle sales last year, but it's beaten its U.S. rival in another measure -- global vehicle production. In the latest neck-and-neck numbers race between the world's top two automakers, Toyota Motor Corp. said Monday it had made a record 9,497,754 vehicles worldwide in 2007, up 5.3 percent from the previous year. That's about 213,000 more automobiles than the 9.284 million that GM made last year. Honda and other major Japanese automakers also reported strong annual output gains. Only Mazda said its production dropped. Toyota's earlier, less precise production estimate for 2007 was 9.51 million. Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco in Tokyo said there was no special reason for the change from the estimate. By sales, however, General Motors Corp. just barely retained its crown over Toyota, selling 9,369,524 vehicles around the world, up 3 percent from the previous year, and about 3,000 vehicles more than Toyota. Toyota on Friday updated its sales tally for last year with additional three digits at 9,366,418. In number released last week, Toyota said it sold 9.366 million vehicles last year globally, up 6 percent from 2006 -- allowing GM to keep its title of world's No. 1 automaker for the 77th year. The two big manufacturers are vying for sales in the U.S., Europe and other established markets but also new markets, including India and China. Toyota said production in Japan marked its sixth straight year of gains for a record in 2007. Exports and overseas production also surged, it said. Toyota has been racking up growth recently, riding on its reputation for quality and good mileage. Soaring gas prices are making smaller cars that are Toyota's forte increasingly in demand. Toyota has enjoyed a green-car image because of the fashionability of its Prius gas-electric hybrid, which cuts down on global warming emissions. Among other Japanese automakers, Honda Motor Co. said its global production grew 7.7 percent to a record 3.91 million vehicles last year, the 11th straight year of growth. Declines in Japan production were more than offset by growth in North America, Europe and China, the Tokyo manufacturer said. Nissan Motor Co., which has a partnership with Renault SA of France, chalked up a 6.2 percent jump in global production to 3.43 million vehicles last year on strong demand for the Infiniti G35 and G37 luxury models and Rogue crossover vehicle. Especially solid was Nissan's overseas production, soaring 12.9 percent on year. Mitsubishi Motors Corp.'s global production totaled 1.41 million last year, up 7.5 percent from the previous year. Mazda Motor Corp., which is 33.4 percent owned by U.S. automaker Ford Motor Co., was an exception with production declining 1.9 percent to 1.29 million vehicles around the world. http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/080128/japan_toyota.html?.v=8 I wonder why GM's selling number is bigger than their production number ?
  8. andy82471

    GM pulls ahead of Toyota

    Look I am not anti GM. But you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see how quickly Toyota caught up with GM. All I am saying is the momemtum is on Toyota's side.
  9. andy82471

    GM pulls ahead of Toyota

    Actually, extrapolating the sales trend it is. Unless, Toyota completly implodes or GM sales increases by double digit % in this country ( neither of which is likely). Toyota is adding manufacturing capacity much faster than GM.
  10. andy82471

    GM pulls ahead of Toyota

    Except for the fact that the race is far from over. This year Toyota aims to sell nearly 10 million vehicles. GM would have a difficult time matching that figure. To put things in prespective; 10 years ago GM was ahead of Toyota by 3 million vehicles, last year GM was ahead by about 300,000 vehicle, this year GM is ahead by a measly 3,000 vehicle. The trend is certainly in Toyota's favor. I don't see what all the celebration is about. All GM has managed is delay the inevitable by one year.
  11. andy82471

    GM pulls ahead of Toyota

    So does GM's . And GM also includes figures from sales in minority owned stake such as the Wuling Motors in China.
  12. andy82471

    Toyota Global sales:

    Toyota just announced it sold about 9.37 million vehicle worldwide. GM has provided its figure but estimates sales would be around 9.3 million vehicle. http://money.cnn.com/2008/01/10/news/inter...rce=yahoo_quote Toyota in tight race for No. 1 Japanese automaker's global sales rise 6%, setting up a fierce fight with Detroit's GM for industry's top spot. TOKYO (AP) -- Toyota said Thursday that its global group sales rose 6 percent last year to 9.37 million vehicles, making for a tight race against General Motors, the world's biggest automaker. GM (GM, Fortune 500) has not released its annual sales tally but earlier estimated 2007 sales would come to 9.3 million vehicles. Toyota (TMC) has marked booming sales lately on the popularity of models reputed for good mileage, such as the Camry sedan and the Prius gas-electric hybrid, at a time when soaring gas prices have dramatically boosted their appeal. Detroit-based General Motors Corp. has been fiercely fighting back, boosting its overseas business and could still keep the top industry spot, which it has held for 76 years. But many analysts say its just a matter of time before Toyota beats GM to become the biggest automaker in global sales. Toyota Motor Corp.'s group companies sold 7.1 million vehicles overseas last year, a 10 percent jump from the previous year, offsetting a 4 percent decline in sales in Japan at 2.26 million vehicles, the Japanese automaker said in a statement. Toyota has long beaten GM in profitability, enriching its coffers with solid sales in recent years at a time when GM has been struggling, shuttering plants and slashing jobs. Toyota executives consistently brush off questions about becoming No. 1. Some company officials acknowledge they are even nervous about wresting the honors because of fears about a U.S. political backlash reminiscent of the "Japan-bashing" in the 1980s and 90s, when the nation was accused of taking jobs from American workers. When asked recently by The Associated Press how he felt about becoming the world's biggest automaker, Shoichiro Toyoda, a member of the founding family and former Toyota president, even denied Toyota was becoming No. 1. "We are not No. 1," he said, adding that the spot may be transient and hinting it may hold little meaning for an automaker. "It's just one moment," he told The AP at a New Year's reception for auto manufacturers earlier this week. "We need to just keep working harder." Such words may say more about Japanese cultural tendency toward self-effacement, and belie the aggressive and ambitious plan Toyota has chiseled over the years. Last month, it announced a target for sales of 9.85 million vehicles worldwide this year, up 5 percent from last year. After the first nine months of last year, Toyota was - at 7.05 million vehicles sold worldwide - just trailing GM's sales of 7.06 million vehicles for the same period. In the long run, the rivalry in the auto industry is shifting to new markets with enormous potential, including China, Russia, South America and other regions where a growing middle class is expected to snatch up cars. And in China, GM is well ahead of Toyota in sales. Established auto markets are likely to post slower growth, if not stagnate, amid worries about the subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S. and the growing gap between the haves and have-nots in Japan. Toyota is setting up new overseas plants to achieve growth in new markets - aiming to produce 9.95 million vehicles worldwide next year, up 5 percent from this year. Toyota executives last month also said they projected on-year better vehicle sales in the U.S. this year as well. GM holds the industry record in annual global vehicle sales with 9.55 million vehicles it sold in 1978.
  13. andy82471

    Lexus SUV luxury will grow on you

    Then get the Enclave, Acadia or Outlook trio. A thousand lbs lighter and 5-7 mpg better gas mileage. The only way to lighten a BOF SUV is to get rid of a lot of optional equipment. Including things like airbags traction control etc. In many parts of the world you can buy a barebone BOF SUV without virtually any option including stereo and A/C. But I don't think that will sell in the USA
  14. andy82471

    Corvette ZR1 Color Pallete

    Custom made for the gay community.
  15. andy82471

    Lexus SUV luxury will grow on you

    Most of the extra weight probably comes from all the gadgets and gizmos packed into the LX. Plus it is a better offroader than the Chevy Tahoe or Cadillac Escalade. So I am sure it has a beefier suspension. Although probably less than 1% of LX owners truly go offroad.

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