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  1. Nice car. Like the sculpted aggresive stance. Hot wheels. Somehow the name Regal just doesn't fit. I'd buy this car, but would always skip that name when asked, and just say I owned a Buick GS. Regal sounds like a queen or something.
  2. I'm more the Cruze SS type and that one would appeal to me more. And to be fair every era contends with the same thing. When one looks at vintage photos of streetscapes, the cars of a particular generation all seem to look alike. Most are not the top rung models either, many are humble entry level. Maybe the Civic sedan stands out, although for all the wrong reasons. Don't like the current HondaAcura esthetic. The last iteration of the Mazda 3 before the smiley face always looked right to me, stood out, had a certain something, a presense.
  3. Hey thanks! Totally agree, every compact sedan blends in. But should the Cruze? Should any car? Heck maybe I'm really not the intended audience for this car. It don't feel anything...nothing moves.
  4. I'm mildy disappointed with the Cruze. Saw one recently, it looked ok, blended in with most cars on the road. And that's the problem for me. It doesn't seem like a fresh new model. Let's face it, this is the car that should have been here a couple Chevy small car generations ago. Maybe it's because I've seen this car so much on the net, it's anticlimatic when seen in person. I wonder if it's got staying power. It's a Chevrolet appliance and maybe that's the buyer they want to appeal to. More and more I get the sense that's all that most people want. A couple gripes. Hate that Sebring
  5. How bizarre. Frankly this is really quite silly. I've always tried to be reasonable in my posts. I've seen some of the most hateful, vulgar posts on C&G and nothing said or edited. And with that I'm finished with C&G. I've had mostly good times here and enjoyed the insights of a few great people here...they know who they are. And I wish those individuals much good fortune in the years ahead. But there is a limit to one's patience.
  6. Blu, there's something so utterly sad about a closed down car dealership. It's like a death. These are troubling times.
  7. While Western Canada hasn't been as hard hit as the US with this deep recession, some things are changing. Dealerships going out of business is almost unheard of here in Calgary, but I saw a local Saturn/Saab dealership ad delaring 'closing doors forever'. I don't know the particulars, but sad to see this happen.
  8. Oh, and Opel and Vauxhaul?.....they will become history.
  9. I believe GM could do just fine with this: Chevrolet Chevrolet Trucks Cadillac After they finally declare bankruptcy, this is probably how it will be structured. And sadly, Corvette will not be part of this. Maybe resurrected in the future.
  10. Yep the fox is in the henhouse. Finally the leftists have GM and the auto industry just where they have always wanted them. Just the saddest of times. Just the thought of GM groveling to these people is frankly humiliating.
  11. The Truth about Cars editorials are often spot on. Sometimes the truth hurts.

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