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  1. Move Chev and all the overseas ops into one group, they seem functional and can share supply as they do now. Chev gives access to the NA markets, plus all the global markets they are now in. CM? Chevrolet motors - almost sounds European - Opel, Holden, GM DAT stay as subsidaries and suppliers.
  2. Don't believe LPG is CNG. LPG doesn't require as much pressure so more practicle for storage in the car, also quicker for filling.
  3. But not "almost hald a million" Sprints, I'd wager. From the dim, dark recesses of my memory...... I believe the correct honour for the Dolmite Sprint engine is that is/was the first 16v 4 cylinder without DOHC. I'd guess the Dolly Sprint was sohc (could it have been ohv? dont think so, but?). There was some special valve gear to operate the 4 of them. For some reason the term 'finger gear' comes to mind. Alfas and Fiat etc had DOHC with 2valve/cyl at the time, and Triumph had the opposite. I think Alfa went to Twin Spark before going to 16v on their venerable dohc. Gee guys this is all memory stuff, but I think I'm around the facts if not right on them. BTW I'd love to see Triumph come back. Could be a great niche brand if they are at least fairly affordable. Could be a product line like Pontiac and Saturn could offer with the will power to do it. Kappas, Alphas with some DeltaII's and a dash of Zeta. All with good looks and driveability. Brum brum brum instead of Zoom zoom zoom?
  4. Great to see. HUMMER should definately be in this market. I hope there is a torquey turbo-diesel in its future. Does HUMMER have the market reach to see a great number of these reach homes? or, should there be a GMC cousin?

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