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  1. After being gone from BH for decades, there is a new Cadillac dealership in Beverly Hills. Since Martin Cadillac in West LA closed recently (and Elhers Cadillac in Hancock Park was torn down for Beverly Hills BMW's new showroom) this is now the Caddy dealer for West Los Angeles. https://www.cadillacbeverlyhills.com
  2. Thanks guys; you're the best!
  3. It's stunning. Can't wait to see it in person. I also love that it's lighter than the outgoing model (which I liked a lot) I cam across this article, which kind of made me laugh. I can't consider a growth of 5 inches "whopping", unless it was in my height..
  4. They'll sell. I'm seeing more Volts where I live every day. It helps that cities in SoCal are installing charging stations (some free) and the Volt gets the sticker to get in the car pool lane. But also when Gas was flirting with $5 per gallon regular even my dyed-in-the-wool SUV friends were considering downsizing. The real issue is getting out the message what the Volt is and how it works and I think GM is doing a good job on that. The ELR will get market penetration where the Volt might not by being sportier, luxurious and by being a Cadillac. I remember when people on forums were saying the FWD SRX was the worst idea ever, and it's a sales smash..
  5. You guys forget one thing. You're young, enthusiastic car guys. I was at a table (as a guest) at a Beverly Hills charity event last week and apropos of nothing two of the couples at the table started talking about having seen the XTS at some other event or something. They thought it was gorgeous. They loved CUE and the tech stuff and commented on how well done the car was, especially the interior. They got the other two couples at the table asking questions. Granted, they're in their 60's but they're ambulatory and have the money to buy one like I have the money to buy a diet coke, and they were talking about Cadillac. With no apologies, no worries about resale and no RWD v/s FWD questions. Baby boomers aren't dead yet and they have disposable income. A lot of them don't care if it's front drive, rear drive or driven my chickens on Red Bull as long as it gets them there quickly and looks good. I've seen the XTS in person and it's a winner. I think Cadillac has room for this car in the lineup until the big daddy comes up, and even perhaps after.
  6. This past weekend was the 10th annual classic car show at the legendary Farmer's Market in Los Angeles. There was a whole strip devoted to Pontiac; the part of the market near Anthroplogie was Firebird central, while the north part of Gilmore Lane was completely about the GTO. The whole show was about American Iron and was a great time.
  7. Lexus also did well because at the time Cadillac and Lincoln had seriously dropped the ball, making cars that were smaller versions of their 70's ones. As much as I liked driving one on the freeway, on something like Coldwater or Benedict Cañon a 80's deVille was nausea-inducing. Trust me, I've done it. The Lexus hybrid sedan didn't do well because it was Lexus' Cimmaron (lite). It wasn't good looking or particularly luxurious, got good but not stellar mileage and didn't scream "I'm saving the planet and am better than you" like the Prius. The RXwhateverH is doing pretty well, at least in LA. Where, I think the ELR will sell very well. I just hope Beiber doesn't chrome his.. I think it's interesting that Lexus is going through their own "malaise era" and are desperately trying to convince the world that they're actually sporty..
  8. This is the last building that housed Beverly Hills Cadillac. Dated? Maybe a little. But with a little polish and an interior redo I can see them selling Kanye a Ciel or Leonardo an ELR..
  9. I drove one at a Chevy ride-and-drive and was really impressed with it. So much so that I tired to talk a co-worker into one. She chose to go with a Mini instead. From my experiences with friends who have had one, she might regret that decision. Certainly when she gets her first blow-out..
  10. Damaging another persons vehicle during the operation of yours is a property-damage accident. If the gunk hit someone's face and cut them then it becomes a personal injury accident. Especially when doing so by being a dick and showing off. You would preferably call the non-emergency number, but yes, you can report him as a dangerous driver. I don't know about your cops but in my hood the cops would have him pulled over before he got a mile.
  11. The guy on the bike was an ass. Having written that cutting a bike off isn't cool, even if he's an ass. Better to get his license plate # and call him in to the local constabulatory as a dangerous, possibly drunk driver. If there was damage to your ride then a charge of leaving the scene of a property-damage accident will hurt the little bastage a lot more than any invective you could throw at him, since it will hit him in his pocketbook and perhaps land him in jail.
  12. Hope it's okay to post this here Linky
  13. This is kind of old news- courts have decided this in several states. I even remember it in an episode of "The People's Court" back in the '80's. Moral? Take your keys..
  14. I think there room for this more in Europe or China than in the US. But if they didn't water it down too much I think it would sell here as well. Especially if they kept the doors. I can't think of it as a Mini-fighter though. If they do it right it would be in a class by itself.

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