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  1. Funny you should ask, I'm bi-racial, part Italian part Black man who was born here in the USA. I have a cousin whose mom is half Chinese, half Japanese and her dad is part Black and Native American Indian. She is married a man who is Hispanic and German. We refer to her children are Global American. I guess we are politically and geographically correct when we say that? LOL, seriously I'm not a racially sensitive person. I don't have any pictures yet of the G6 but it is a Fusion Orange Metallic GT Sedan. I will be getting the mirrors painted to match the car. I like everything about the car except for those black plastic mirrors! Damn GM beancounters! The car came loaded with heated black leather seats, sunroof and 17" chrome wheels, it also has OnStar and XMRadio and 6 CD changer. It already has almost 4,000 miles on it and had its first oil change. I just I got on July 5!
  2. I originally was going to type, Why Pontiac is losing market share. It's funny how that typo fits the stereotype; however I do not speak in Ebonics. The error is not any indication as to my English language and grammar skills. I added GM to the statement because Nick Chevrolet-Pontiac dealership also services Chevrolet, Pontiac and other GM brand vehicles. If enough people are rudely turned away from a GM dealership for service they will go to the competition and never return. It is a fact that GM is losing market share to the competition. They don't need this kind of representation from any of their dealers. The end of the story is a happy one for GM and Pontiac. I have since gone to another dealership, Joe Ball Pontiac-GMC on Route 8 in Glenshaw PA, and traded the Grand Prix in for a new 2006 G6 GT. This dealership is a twenty-five minute drive from my neighborhood. However I will continue to go there for service. At my first service visit, I was treated well, just like EVERY customer would expect to be treated. One of my co-workers liked my G6 so much he bought one too.
  3. Josh, Yes, I called Pontiac Customer Service on Saturday, June 17 and I have a Case# 1-416634221. Today, I called Pontiac Customer Service back today and gave them the update to inform them that Nick the owner did call me today to apologize. I have not heard from anyone yet from Pontiac Customer Service. I could care less about the donut, that's surely not the issue, its not about my race either. I'm don't cry racism easily. I was just pointing out the facts of who was present, I really wish that a white man would have also present and then it would have been crystal clear, if I was the only one who was asked the question. Nick, Jr., the owner went into great detail to reassure me that he is not racist, telling me about all the close black friends he has...etc..and the issue was NOT race related. I personally know a service employee who has worked there for a very long time who is African American. So lets remove racism from the picture then. The REAL and only issue in my mind and the reason I posted this incident is the way a Pontiac customer was being treated at this dealership by the owner in front of other customers. All because they did not purchase their vehicle from his dealership. If this is common practice at this and perhaps other dealerships. I asked him how his actions were going to help persuade me, anyone else present or anyone who hears about this incident to buy or have a car serviced from his business in the future?
  4. Just wanted to give everyone an update, I received a call from Nick the owner and he apologized. He assured me that the incidicent was not race related. He was angry because he had a service chnician call off sick and his service manager had to turn away a customer who purchased his car there because they were too busy to look at it. He is upset because they cannot properly service their customers from the influx of customers who buy cars from other Pontiac dealerships such as #1 Cochran in Monroeville who live nearby his dealership and want their car serviced locally. I told him I didn't care what his excuse was, his actions were still inexcusable and I wanted my $100 customer loyalty card refunded and that I would not return to his business for any sales or service. He never asked anyone but me where they bought their car. He did not call the other ladies by their first names and they did not seem to personally know him either. He said he would send me a personal check from his own bank account, which I said I would accept. I have spent enough $$ with Pontiac and GM over the years. No, I don't think Pontiac or GM should suffer because of the actions of one jerk, but when I go car shopping for my next vehicle I WILL CONSIDER brands that I previously ignored. I have always just bought a Pontiac or Oldsmobile and never really shopped around or test drove the competition, not so anymore. If Pontiac has a superior or competitve product, then they may retain me as a customer, but I can tell you from my personal experience, that my current Grand Prix is not very competetive and no way superior product to what other car companies have to offer. People remain loyal to brands out of tradition, good customer service and a good quality product. From my experiences they have ALL declined.
  5. I Called Pontiac Cares and filed a complaint. I also called the service manager at Nick Pontiac, who is a really nice guy, and informed him of the incident and told him that I will NEVER be coming back there. In March 2006, I was sold a a customer loyalty card for $100 and I have requested a refund. I better get a refund too. I have since made a service appointment at another Pontiac dealership. This incident has outraged me because, since 1995, this dealership has providded service for my all of vehicles. I have owned a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, and now a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Hence the C&G username of GrandPrixman. I wish this incident would have happened back in 1995, it sickens me to think of the eleven years of profit this jerk has made off of me for oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, rotors, brakes, warranty repairs etc.. and for him to treat ANY paying customer this way is inexusable. It's incidents such as this that will cause GM and Pontiac to continue lose customers. How can or will GM address it remains to be seen. Nick is the owner and it is his business, time will tell.
  6. On Saturday, June 17, 2006 I had my 2004 Grand Prix in for service and was waiting in the customer waiting area at Nick Pontiac in Tarentum, PA and Nick the owner came out with a box of donuts. He offered three ladies dounts, and when he got to me he offered me a donut. Then before I had a chance to get one he pulled the box back, closed it and asked me if I bought my car from Nick Pontiac. I told him, no but I always bring it there for service. Nick responded. "Why don't your car to where you bought it from for service; don't worry us with your problems". I asked him if he was joking about not wanting my GM warranty repairs and out of pocket maintence repair business. He said "No, I'm not joking and I would appreciate it if you would take your car to wherever you bought it and you can go there and eat up their donuts". He never asked any of the other ladies where they bought their car. The two difference between me and them was sex and race. I am an african american male and they were white females. I cannot belive that a GM dealership, who is losing American market share still has people who behave like this representing their company. The ironic thing is that 20 minutes before this incident, I was working with a sales rep on trading the car in for a new one. GOODBYE Pontiac, GOODBYE GM. I'll take my business where I am welcome and respected.
  7. I went onto Buick.com and I cannot find anywhere it states that the LaCross has side impact airbags. I know it has standard side head curtain roof rail ones, but I'm referring to the torso protection side air bags that either come out of the doors or the seats, they really make a difference in crash test results. If Buick wants to make the LaCrosse more competitive this would be a no brainer to add. Also I remember reading a Car & Driver or Automobile mag article where the Intrigue beat the Camry & Accord back in 1999 or 2000, so its products weren't inferior. The Intrigue and Aurora would have much sold better if GM had spent some money properly advertising them and given them model names that meant something special and their customer base was used to such as Cutlass and Regency or 98. Just like the G6 isn't selling at the same numbers the Grand AM did. GM has an identity crisis so it has abandon some of its heritage and be viewed as more Euro/Global/Asian. GM wanted to eliminate a division and since they had a hardon for Saturn, they deliberatly setup Olds to fail. On another note, all the W-bodies lost rear leg room and comfort in the latest refresh. This is the 21st century and with all the advances in technology and space effiencieny over the last 8 years , I can't help but wonder why the rear seat of new models are more cramped than the old ones. Especially evident in the rear seat of the Impala and GP.
  8. I'm 34 years old and I recently test drove the 2006 Buick LaCrosse CXS and it looked and felt too sedate for my tastes in a way even the previous generation Regal didn't I'm glad they are updating it, it could use several changes. The 3.6L engine is great and a faster engine option along with new shaped grille are great ideas. However, they need to revise the appearance of the center console and steering wheel, add an optional navigation system (sister car Grand Prix GXP has one), and add side impact airbags, in addition to the roof-rail air bags, as standard equipment to make it more competitive. To me an ideal setup would be that the Lucerne CX/CXL would have the DOHC 3.6 VVT engine, the Lucerne CXS Northstar V8, and LaCrosse CX & CXL models would come standard with the CTS’s DOHC 2.8 VVT engine, and they should offer a supercharged/high output version of the 3.6 with like 270+ HP in the LaCrosse CXS with the 6-speed auto tranny (wishful thinking). It would compete better with the new 06 Camry (268 HP) & Acura TL (270 HP) then. Considering GM's current financial situation, they'll probably put the GrandPrix GXP and Impala's SS 5.3 V8 in there and call it a day. I used to lease a 2002 Olds Intrigue GLS. The Intrigue was the best executed W-body car GM built. GM please hire back the Intrigue's designers to help fix the LaCrosse's suspension and steering feel. I now have a corporate lease on new 05 Grand Prix GTP, but I miss the Intrigue and probably would have chosen a LaCrosse CXS if it already had a just a few of these changes.

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