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  1. Must run in the family. There's a few Tacoma owners quietly making the same complaint.
  2. It's not what they say, it's what they don't say. No they won't say content or perecntage of source content. No they won't say source of investment dollar. No they won't say tax structure. But just like how we as voters make a choice, it's done on tags and what registers. Not content or results.
  3. I remember this issue. What was happening was a few truckers were using the ramps and chains to chinch the trucks down. They spotted the truck on the hauler and used the rams on the ramps to pull it down. Just like a frame shop does when they straighten a wreck. Completely against all directives from the factory. Once they stopped, unlike the sludging, the problem went away. Was it any issue of frame strength? Absolutely not! So why again are FJs bending or Toyota V6s sludging? Not poor maintenance, poor design. Toyota Troll running for cover.
  4. GM is dropping a program that it never started on a model they don't even sell yet? Wisdom and the internet. Yeah the Saturn program. May as well be over on GMI and put up with the bored ricecar salesmen and zit faced kids talking about the cars their uncle drives.
  5. G6 is in Orion, if anything, Malibu would go there.
  6. Far easier to just control the amount of combustable gasses introduced into the engine. Think about it, when you have EGR, you already have the inert gasses that effectively reduce the "displacement" of the combustion chamber.
  7. It looks like the next gen Mini Van spent the night with a Pacifica. And the Pacifica left town and the offspring kept mom's name.
  8. The "trick" behind modern engines is something very simple. To run high compression for when you need it and can use it is to be able to disable it for when you can't. Some of you may understand the concept, others won't but there is a difference between static compression ratios and a running compression ratio. And it's related to valve timing and overlap. Ever wonder how electric fuel pumps are inside a fuel tank and the fuel is "plumbed" through that electric motor and there is absolutely no danger of it igniting?
  9. The one where I post as "Buickman", That seems to be totally enraptured with getting mentions in other media, Of course it's GM (?) Inside News
  10. Call it a Scion BS and Edmunds will label it the next Mustang
  11. Look what unions have done for us and them. They've given us a whole bunch of sensational stories about worker misconduct only problem is, lots of those stories are complete bull$h!, not all but a lot. And unions have given Japanese workers healthcare for free at given ages, a really substantial benefit pacakge, the abilty to regulate competition with trade barriers, in other words, the abilty of their nation to screw the $h! out of us. It's not just their auto workers, it all their unions. They are doing everything they can to defend their workers and it bears repeating, the best way to do it defend "your" (or in their case, the market they have stolen via trade barriers, currency manipulation and political payola) market is screw the $h! out your competition. I say let the UAW organize Toyota and Honda. Make they death trap plants they run safe and fair to the workers. Then see how fast they close them. And still the idiots in this nation will still but their stuff because Consumers Reports is so ...... factual? What a stupid nation this has become.
  12. May as well say it since the "other" GM site shut down the subject. The subject is the "other site". Just how much credibilty has that site lost with so much sponsorship from Toyota dealers? Yeah there's a bunch of you that cross over and I'll say what I think, that other site seems to have more than it's fair share of Toyota trolls (aka, salesmen spotting rumors to sell their own stuff) Yeah they are fairly thin skinned about people taking shots at the "immaculate ones" and some people get pretty nasty but there are some that can't take it when stuff goes wrong like what is so common these days with the Tundra. Myabe they should just change their name to Inside Motor Trend? BTW, I won't hide it, I post under the same moniker over there too, what are they gonna do?
  13. You know it has been "calculated" that Toyota could build 200k Tundras and give them away and still turn a profit. At this rate they may have to.
  14. Ask somebody with a Toyota in the driveway about the UAW and they almost always make some sort of disparaging commmnet about the union. It's not a matter of not wanting to support GM or Ford, they don't want to support the UAW. Why? IMO, it's part of the image that has been created about unions. Doesn't matter that the vast majority of the stories about UAW work is bull$h!, it's the stories people want to believe, that their neighbors tell them. If the reverse was true, that the image of a owning a Toyota was that you supported slave labor overseas, it wouldn't matter how good a car they built.

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