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  1. Intrepidation

    New Logo

  2. Intrepidation

    New Logo

    Hey guys, we're switching gears and redesigning the logo. The final design is nearly in place, but there's two versions with different fonts. We like both, so the final choice will come down to the community. Vote for the one you prefer! V.1 V.2
  3. Intrepidation

    Good cars that sell poorly

    Pretty much all of Mazda's lineup, especially the 6.
  4. Intrepidation

    Cheers and Jeers for 2017

  5. New Year's Eve I was originally going to go to Boston and enjoy the festivities with a friend, but it's so damn cold it didn't seem like it would be very fun to walk around with subzero wind chills. I defaulted to the "tradition" of watching some movies at home with family and then watching said festivities on TV.
  6. Scare interns as many times as possible over the course of the day. Yesterday was 17 times. A new best.
  7. Intrepidation

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Unveils the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

    Silverado front end brought to you by Nissan's designers. It's got dimples! Don't like the Trailblazer Trailboss front end, maybe I'll like it better with a body color fascia.
  8. I use it because it's cool, and because 2-strokes are torque monsters by small engine standards. Also if you mix the fuel correctly you have little to no smoke. I'd have no qualms about using something like a Ryobi One+ Hybrid mower, I just have no need because I have like, six gas powered mowers to choose from in my garage, including what is considered the holy grail of engines, a 2-stroke Suzuki powered Toro Recycler.
  9. Intrepidation

    The Intrepid Project

    Shortly after getting that project done, my friend convinced me to drive out Carlisle for my first All Chrysler Nationals. I had less than a week to prepare, but little engine bay detailing was in order. . . . . . . Before: After: Next year I'll get even more done for Carlisle. At the same time I did this, I also painted the wiper cowl.
  10. Intrepidation

    The Intrepid Project

    Been a while since I posted anything in here, or much in general, so here's a tally of this years projects: In June on my way home the car got very warm near my house. I nursed it back by running the heat. Come to find out it was low on coolant. What followed was an extensive maintenance project the involved the replacement of the lower intake manifold gaskets, manifold tuning valve o-ring. coolant recovery tank, several hoses, and what columinated into the replacement of the water pump, timing belt, and tensioner. While I had things apart I also cleaned and painted some components that typically don't get any TLC.
  11. Intrepidation

    I Did a Thing

    Long time no see! The ATS is a fine machine, there's a white ATS-V around here that is always a treat to see.
  12. Intrepidation

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Apparently it talks now.
  13. Intrepidation

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Water pump #2 this year...

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