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  1. Industry News: Houston-Area Dealers See A Deluge of Buyers

    Making a mockery of people who lost everything using an article more outdated than your rotary phone. I mean there's stories from from Nazi Germany that were classier than that.
  2. It Ain't Easy...

    Gonna need this to go with your recall now.
  3. SMART News:Smart's Dealer Network Will Shrink By Two-Thirds

    Well I guess if you get interrupted during the fap it'd be busted.
  4. Tesla's Upcoming Model Y To Use Model 3 Platform

    Hatchbacks are their own body style classification while CUV's were jacked up hatchbacks that want to look like they can maybe but not really go offroad. For example: Subaru Impreza is a hatchback Subaru UX Crosstrek is a CUV Hence why if you look up Chevy Bolt you get this:
  5. Tesla's Upcoming Model Y To Use Model 3 Platform

    Didn't you hear? GM just released it never. But hey, it sells as many units as the entire Pontiac division does.
  6. Cadillac News: Cadillac To Replace Three Sedans With One

    Ah, well that whole tweener thing worked so well the first time around. It'll run into the same problems the first two generations of CTS did: too big to be compared favorably to the 3 Series/A4/C-Class, too small to go against the 5 Series/A6/E-Class/.
  7. Tesla Model 3 Details Are Revealed!

    CUE sad trombone.
  8. Cadillac News: Cadillac To Replace Three Sedans With One

    So basically they are just killing the XTS, which we knew was happening, and when the ATS and CTS are up for redesigns they'll get renamed, which we also knew was happening. So literally nothing we didn't already know.
  9. Lamborghini Urus SUV To Pack 650 Horsepower

    It does look rather thick in the middle, and the wheel arches are definitely smaller. The upper character line on the prototype seems to be above the wheel arch up front, while on the concept its below the top of the arch. I'll reserve final judgement until the camouflage is off though. The concept is quite a looker.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

  11. Random Thoughts Thread

  12. This place is looking very nice these days...

    We've come along way.
  13. Fiat News: Marchionne Considers Spinning Off Jeep and Ram

    Spin off the only profitable parts of the entire company and the only brands actually doing well. WHAT A BIZ WIZ
  14. A New Kind of Dream Garage Thread

    I'm game. Jeep Compass Trailhawk ($28,595) Volkswagen CC R-Line 4Motion ($37,820) Dodge Challenger SRT 392 ($49,195) Jaguar F-Type Coupe ($61,400)
  15. New Feature Coming: Clubs

    I remember, years ago, we unofficially had clubs. It was pretty fun.