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  1. Lamborghini Urus SUV To Pack 650 Horsepower

    It does look rather thick in the middle, and the wheel arches are definitely smaller. The upper character line on the prototype seems to be above the wheel arch up front, while on the concept its below the top of the arch. I'll reserve final judgement until the camouflage is off though. The concept is quite a looker.
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

  3. Random Thoughts Thread

  4. This place is looking very nice these days...

    We've come along way.
  5. Fiat News: Marchionne Considers Spinning Off Jeep and Ram

    Spin off the only profitable parts of the entire company and the only brands actually doing well. WHAT A BIZ WIZ
  6. A New Kind of Dream Garage Thread

    I'm game. Jeep Compass Trailhawk ($28,595) Volkswagen CC R-Line 4Motion ($37,820) Dodge Challenger SRT 392 ($49,195) Jaguar F-Type Coupe ($61,400)
  7. New Feature Coming: Clubs

    I remember, years ago, we unofficially had clubs. It was pretty fun.
  8. Quick Drive: 2017 Acura MDX

    Acura still hasn't figured out how to style a car I see. They used to be so good at it.
  9. A "Would You Rather" Thread

    I love the 308 GTS, but even if I could afford to take care of it, I'd be afraid to drive it I think. The Cutlass you could enjoy cruising in and not be nervous a scratch would cost thousands to fix. Also it would likely making to its destination and back.
  10. A "Would You Rather" Thread

    Money and maintenance costs no object, the 1986 Ferrari 308 GTS all day every day. To be able to realistically afford to live with? Cutlass.
  11. Motor Trend ...

    Having not been on here in a while, I can say that its exactly the same as the last time I browsed here. A thread gets posted, and then the same group of people getting pissing and voting matches with each other. The thread gets derailed, and any semblance of discussion devolves in to trash. It'd be one thing if this was once in a while, but this is daily, and involves most threads. Case in point.
  12. G.M. plant siezed by Venezuelan Gov't

    I have noticed that.
  13. Why Doesn't My Cylinder Deactivation Work?

    His cylinder appears to be firing alright.
  14. Why Doesn't My Cylinder Deactivation Work?

    What an ass.
  15. G.M. plant siezed by Venezuelan Gov't

    This thread, explained in one simple graph.