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    Spy Shots: 2007 Ford Super Duty

    Here in Ohio amber rear turn signals are actually illegal. Of course it isn't enforced at all (yeah, I'd like to see em try that)... nor is it really known... but it is part of Ohio's law. On most cars I really like the amber... they also seem to stand out more than the red... so I'd have to agree with you.
  2. Ford Invents Hybrid that is *300% more efficient* than Toyota Prius ---Ford is developing a new form of automotive propulsion, and the implications for the American Auto Industry are huge. The Hydraulic Hybrid could be the greatest innovation since the internal combustion engine itself, and Ford is on the inside track with its F-150 Hybrid. New Tech Spy Has learned details about the system that are simply amazing and could put Ford in a commanding position in the fiercely competitive full size pickup market. ---The Idea behind the current crop of Hybrid cars is well known; the cars main energy comes from gasoline which recharges batteries that move the car at low speeds. Hydraulic Hybrids work in the same manner, only instead of batteries, excess energy is stored in hydraulic cylinders.That in itself is not revolutionary, except for the fact that Nickel Metal Hydride batteries used today are not an efficient way to store energy, and hydraulic storage blows them away with 3X the efficiency. Even next generation Lithium Ion batteries do not come close to Hydraulic Energy Storage. ........ full article at: http://www.newtechspy.com/articles06/hydraulichybrid.html
  3. johnnyangelb

    Mercedes pile-up at safety demonstration

    :lol: I remember that! What a great moment in time!
  4. johnnyangelb

    Mercedes pile-up at safety demonstration

    This would make me Very hesitant with this system... what about bridges... tunnels... anything that has a lot of metal around you. I'd have a hard time trusting it. I guess it is good as a emergency safety system... just don't rely on it.
  5. original link: http://www.askaprice.com/torque-article.as...ration&item=669 AUTHOR: Haje Jan Kamps PUBLISHED: 16/11/2005 The new Mercedes S class has a sophisticated radar-based braking system - when it works. A TV demonstration ended up in a 3-car pile-up when the S-class' safety radar failed. A German television channel got a bigger scoop than they bargained for when Mercedes showed up with three of their flagship vehicles - only to crash them into each other when a safety demonstration failed. Full article at: http://www.askaprice.com/torque-article.as...ration&item=669
  6. johnnyangelb

    C&G Spy Shots: The Next ION!

    I'm affraid that by 2008 this car's interior and exterior styling, as great as it is, may not be good enough. I don't know. I just wish that this was a MY2006 or even MY2007.
  7. johnnyangelb

    Another S3X Spyshot

    I see the uplander, but it is not in a bad way at all.
  8. johnnyangelb

    Hyundai recalls 240,000 cars

    At least the Elantra has this system. I don't think many cars in this class even offer it.
  9. johnnyangelb

    Civic "Real Life" Photo Gallery

    THAT IS CRAZY!! Bad Honda! If you're gonna copy though, audi is a good choice. I like the interior... I think... I at least like it for being different. I like the fact that a nav system is available. GM IS stupid for not even having it on the Impala. Exterior is so so IMO. It is a civic. It will be a hit.
  10. johnnyangelb

    Honda Pilot receives new look and new tech for '06

    Oh gosh... what is with honda... there vehicles ARE getting dorky. The next gen civic sedan is a geek too. That weird grill treatment they are puting on their trucks has to go. Who would ever approve that for production??? :wacko: :huh:
  11. johnnyangelb

    2006 Ford Fusion

    Ha ha Guess you could consider this GM blasphemy?
  12. Yes, please do post it. I was just thinking I would like to see it and was going to look for a pic on the web. I thought all of the EV1s where collected and destroyed. I remember reading the articles and seeing the pictures of crushed EV1s all grouped together.

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