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  1. damien

    Cutlass Supreme coupe

    I stand corrected...
  2. damien

    2010 Ford Interceptor concept

    This is one of my favorite sketches because I love Crown Vics. My inspiration was the 1972 Ford Custom 500 sedan.
  3. damien

    Cutlass Supreme coupe

    That would make a cool Toronado
  4. damien

    2009 Cadillac Eldorado

    I appreciate the tutorial, but you guys are just going to have to deal with my laziness. If you want perfection you can pay me
  5. damien

    2009 Cadillac Eldorado

    Damn, I feel like a newb now...
  6. damien

    2009 Cadillac Eldorado

    space between the wheel well and the tires...?...!....?.....@..... ;( I think I'm just going to start making spaceships.... I hear those are doing well on here. I have a 68' Eldorado and I'm very biased towards believing that was the greatest Cadillac design of all time. Well at least the only good work they did after the 50's... If only they had made it RWD! Damn GM for trying to think back then....
  7. damien

    how I would Fix GM

    How I would fix GM..... Duct tape and C4
  8. 2009 Cadillac Eldorado. Inspired by the 67-70 Eldorado's. Bring back the Eldo and build it on the Zeta platform with RWD and the 427cu. V-8 from the Z06.... Oh and I added ground clearance for those who got tired of hitting speed bumps...
  9. damien

    Ford Still Thinking RWD?

    Why does every body have to ruin a good car with a V-6. If they put a V-6 in those big ass cars they would struggle get out of the driveway. As far as Ford calling the new RWD a Taurus, I hate to see it happen but it's a smart move on their part. Ford could call a box a Taurus and it would sell.
  10. damien

    the stupid things I do

    I like the GTO...
  11. damien

    2008 Pontiac LeMans concept

    On on the verge of lowering my cars even more just to piss people off... If that's possible. I'm already scraping the surface of the earth...
  12. damien

    '09 XLR to get Update?

    I miss the good ol' days when all Cadillacs had V-8's and Cadillac buyers didn't mine a 5,000lb behemouth that needed to followed down the road by a fuel tanker...
  13. damien

    2008 Pontiac LeMans concept

    I hate to break it to you guys, but you'll have to deal with the pimp down to the ground look because I suck at wheels. It's just not my strong point...
  14. I saw pull you dash out and buy a can of tan vinly spray paint and go to work....
  15. damien

    Chevy Nomad

    Wow, I can't get anything past you can I? Thank you for that in-depth analysis Captain Obvious.....

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    Phoenix, AZ

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