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  1. Pfft, the Park Avenue is where its at.
  2. All these Zetas are starting to look the same.
  3. Doesn't mean it has to look like a pile of $h!.
  4. Worst tires/wheels ever. Looks like you can take it off-road.
  5. Well gee, I wonder why their market share is declining here.
  6. It's pretty much clear that GM's path of thought is that only oversea countries get the better products. YOU GM. Always shortchanging the market you should be offering the best products in.
  7. CadillacCTS, was there a release date on the G6 GXP?
  8. Awesome, thanks for the info!! Any release date?
  9. Ah Wonder if the engine with be boosted or if it will keep the concept's N/A engine..

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