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  1. I wonder if Canada is covered... I didn't give them my address since I moved last year. And actually my purchasing dealer closed down and became a Kia dealer.
  2. Interestingly reminds me of DAF, when they were owned by Volvo. Swedish owned a Dutch brand, now it's the reverse.
  3. I'm just so tempted to go to a Toyota dealer now and say I want to buy a car. "Oh wait, you don't have any to sell?"
  4. I know we don't have a lot of Canadian members here... but I'm trying to get this message out and far. http://dissolvethecrtc.ca/ Are you tired of expensive phone and TV bills? Do you want your internet to show only what the big companies want you to see and drop everything else? The CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Commission) has displayed that it has lost its direction and forgot about its organization motto: to have a fair and unbiased policy. Recent incidents, such as allowing Bell to throttle users connections and introduce Usage Based Billing to its wholesale customers (in order fo
  5. That's even a T6 model (can tell by the wheels). My family has one exactly like that except it's silver, and it's still in active service. Probably has like 80-90k kms on it now, but it's still rock solid.
  6. Watching this made me cry. Seriously, tell me who traded this in and I'll personally go and beat them with a stick. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/07/31/video-c...e-being-killed/
  7. Went back to the dealership since they fixed my steering in the past, turns out it's a bad steering column. It was replaced under goodwill warranty and everything's all good. Thanks to everyone who helped.
  8. OK, so the shop got back to me, checked my rotors, there is some slight imbalance in the rotors, but it's not the cause. They suspected the intermediate U-shaft, and asked me to send back to the dealer. Now since I have sent the car back for the bulletins saying this was a problem, is there a slim chance I can get them fixed under "warranty", even though I don't have any left? They already fore-warned me that if I don't fix this under warranty I can look at several hundred, parts alone.
  9. I wonder if those interior components were originally destined for "next-gen Torrent"... the interior does have a Pontiac vibe (no pun intended) to it.
  10. 40k CAD was the MSRP for the GXP, less rebates. And it turns out they are not shipping any base models up here. The only way to get a coupe is GXP.
  11. Now I regret not putting the order in back then even if they wanted 40k for it...
  12. Anyone know if it's actually still possible to even order one right now?
  13. She's in the shop right now, so will see how that turns out. I personally agree with everyone, it's the rotors warping, but it was the shop owner saying it wasn't, but the mechanic agrees with me though. Thanks guys.
  14. When I first got it back I did a few harder stops to burn in the pads and rotors, and followed Hawk's instructions.
  15. Yeah that was the dealer, actually. They say GM told them to do so under warranty. The mechanic I have tells me to don't even bother. Same reasoning, they will just warp, because it just means the rotor is off-spec. But back to my question... other than rotors what else can it be?

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