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  1. Hi guys!! My seat adjuster finally took a pooh on me. The motors are spinning but no movement. I haven't taken it apart yet because my son still drives it to work everyday. I've been hunting around the interwebs and I've read that 87 adjusters are different than the others, but I've also read that is only true on the Buick. It is buckets of course which also matters. Any ideas? I really would like to just have an entire adjuster assembly, even new if possible. I'm not afraid to spend some money on this particular part as my new husband is 6'7" and can't drive it until we get this fixed. Secondly, it is time to replace the lock actuators and while I'm there, the weak window motors but I'm not touching those panels until I find some replacement pull strap covers as in the past I've always broken at least one. I found two private listings for one each on ebay but I would like a more reliable, plentiful source if possible. Any ideas there? As you probably know, G-body parts, especially interior are very scarce, even moreso on the Olds vs. Monte SS and GN. Soon enough my baby boy will get a different car and I will have my girl back and I can begin the interior repairs that she needs but I'm afriad my options may be very limited. G-body parts.com has some of it but not a lot and not those covers and they are pricey!!
  2. Ok, thanks guys. I'm gonna see if he's made any leeway. He was breaking the new parts putting them back in as well. There must be some procedure they aren't doing. Thanks a bunch for the help.
  3. Hey thanks for the warm welcome. I love the color too. I'm working on pics. I only have a few bad ones from my phone. It is such a fun little car.
  4. Hey guys, I'm back!! Got a tech question. One of my local shops is getting their butt kicked by this Buick. I haven't seen it mind you, I'm passing on second hand information. He says the control arm shafts thread through the frame and they are having a monster of a time getting them in and out. He asked if there was a special tool or a procedure to do this. Any suggestions?
  5. Name: Chevrolet Cruze Eco LT (2012) Date Added: 07 March 2012 - 02:36 PM Owner: gmpartsgirl Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  6. LOL ok, I figured but couldn't find it when I searched.
  7. Check this out!! Hopefully nobody posted this already, many of you have probably seen it already. I must admit, despite my car knowledge I was still shocked by the results.
  8. is tired and ready for this week to be over.

  9. WOW!! I pay $150/month for internet and TV. No landline and still have a $150 cell bill.
  10. Yeah Olds is winning!! LOL Have loved them since I was a little girl, second would be Pontiac. Mom's a big Pontiac fanatic and third would Cadillac. Never really ha a soft spot for Chevrolet until I started working for them. Always liked BOPC for their uniqueness and styling.
  11. I have a very excited 17 year old boy. I think he's gonna make his girl shine like a diamond in a goats ass. LOL

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