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    RWD Lincoln Flagship in 2008

    I found this video on the MKR. I cant listen to it bbecause I am at work but it looks good. http://autoweek.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?.../1024/autoshows

    Navigator Grill tweaked

    I think that the chrome strip should be an option...I liked it. If they fix anything it should be the interior. It looks so plain now.

    New Navigator, Escalade will duel for American

    I saw the Caddy Esc. the other day in Hollywood. Actually I seen two of them…they are not that good looking. I like the pictures of the new Caddy but in person I am not feeling it. I still need to see the interior because what I saw in the photos, I liked. The Navigators interior honestly looks like it has taken a few steps backwards. That is one thing that I don’t like about it. One more thing I’m seeing the Lincoln Zephyrs everywhere out here. They really stick out with that chrome grill. I think that is what Lincoln is going for with the chromed out Navi.

    New Navigator, Escalade will duel for American

    LOL...that is real funny. Darn, I don't have a come back. I still like the Navi. I think that it will get a lot of attention from the "hip" crowd.

    New Navigator, Escalade will duel for American

    My money is on Lincoln. It has that edgy look that made the Escalade so popular. Now the Caddy looks eligant and the lincoln looks edgy...they switched.

    2007 Navigator pics

    I hope that they keep the name Navigator. I think it would be very dumb to change the name to MKN. How can you put that in a rap song? "Im rolling in my MKN"...weak

    2007 Navigator pics

    Check out Lincoln.com. There new line up is going to look great! I think they are on to something here. This truck is BAD ASS!

    2007 Navigator pics

    I did not like it at first...it looked photo shopped. But when compared to the Caddy (which does not look that great either). I like it. THAT GRILL IS MEAN!!! It will for sure standout and that is what they most likely wanted. I’m not to thrilled with the rear. But I would roll the hell out of this suv!

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