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  2. Seems the list keeps growing for EV NACS support. More automakers plug into Tesla's EV charging network | Reuters
  3. This thread is all about discussions on the current and upcoming battery technology. Much is changing and fast in the battery industry as we move from Liquid Lithium-ion to Solid State Lithium-ion. Discuss your thoughts and feelings here about this sector of the industry and how it will play out on EVs moving forward. Latest news is that Ford has signed a long term contract to use the Chinese CATL New Super Charging LFP battery cells. Quote: The new Shenxing battery is an LFP unit, which CATL says is the very first 4C superfast charging battery of that type in existence. It will reportedly be capable of adding up to 400 kilometers (248 miles) of range in just 10 minutes of charging and 700 kilometers (435 miles) on a full charge, which the company believes will help alleviate concerns regarding range anxiety and long charging times. Ford EV Partner CATL Debuts New Fast-Charging LFP Battery (fordauthority.com) CATL is expecting LFP battery cell production to start at Blue Oval City for use in EVs in 2024. But then we have the concerns of the politicians. U.S. House Expands Probe Into Deal Between Ford, CATL (fordauthority.com) QUOTE: The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently sent another letter to FoMoCo requesting more information from the automaker pertaining to its agreement with CATL, citing national security concerns as the catalyst behind this query. The letter was spearheaded by Energy and Commerce Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, along with 25 of her colleagues. “While Ford has labeled this project a ‘commitment to American manufacturing’ and asserts it will create 2,500 new American jobs, we are concerned that Ford’s partnership with a Chinese company could aid China’s efforts to expand its control over United States electric vehicle supply chains and jeopardize national security by furthering dependence on China,” the letter reads. Ford has stated the following: Ford has maintained that CATL won’t have any stake in the new plant, and also that it won’t receive any sort of as part of this deal. Rather, the automaker insists that it will merely use technology licensed from CATL to build LFP batteries at its new plant, which will be used to power future all-electric vehicles. So how do you feel about an American company licensing tech from the Chinese and calling it American made due to creation of the end product here in the U.S. by Americans with Royalty paid to a Chinese company? Sound off on the Tech and who owns it and why.
  4. Two really good reads that I wanted to share here: Charged EVs | EV charging is changing, Part 1: How automakers' disappointment in Electrify America drove them into Tesla’s arms - Charged EVs Charged EVs | EV charging is changing, Part 2: No, NACS is not today’s Tesla connector - Charged EVs
  5. Hahaha I certainly won't expect it but it can't hurt to ask! My last rental from Ford was an EcoSport... Last rental from Lincoln was an MKX or Corsair. I've had both but I don't know the order.
  6. Keep dreaming lol! you'll end up in an old fusion or escape.
  7. I'll have to do that. I have to call them up and check on a recall issue anyway and see when they can get me in. I wonder if they'd let me take one home overnight as a loaner vehicle...that'd rock.
  8. Well, if it is a dealer that you pass by on occasion, stop in and peek at the window sticker and let us know.
  9. This is how it's showing on their site. To me, it doesn't look like any ADM.
  10. "Fleet" can really mean anything. A plumbing business with three trucks qualifies. I wonder if there is any ADM on them. A lot of times it won't be reflected on the website, it will be a sticker next to the monroney in the window.
  11. Not sure if this really pertains to this topic of not buuuuuut, my local Ford dealership has 3 Mach-e's and 1 Lightning right now. It seems kind of odd for a small town of ~10,000 people. Yeah, we usually get these but it seems odd to have so many EVs all at one time. The Mach-e's have been here for probably 2, maybe 3, weeks, at this point. The Lightning has only been there for a few days. After going to the dealer's website, it looks like they have two more Mach-e's "in transit". The Lightning is apparently a Pro, which I thought were reserved for fleets only...? They have $1,000-1,100 in rebates on these EVs as of me writing this. I find it funny the description on their website for the Lightning Pro. 🤣
  12. Fisker and Rivian plan to offer it in an OTA update.
  13. Right now Tesla and GM seem to be the only ones that are offering home charging management, but others are talking about it too, so might be good to have a list of those companies offering home power management and if it allows V2H.
  14. I am thinking about opening an EV page on here with links to things like home charging, EV-specific tires, Apps for locating chargers, and ideally, a news feed of any EV-related news, a list of which companies are using which standard (and when any change goes into effect). What else do you think it should include?
  15. I saw a news item that Fisker is opening some “EV Lounges” in premium markets. I’m not sure what that’s going to entail. I’m following Fisker a lot closer recently because I think the Ocean might be our replacement for the 300C in a few years
  16. Discussions about the EV dedicated show rooms such as Tesla, Rivian, and more. My Local Ford Lincoln dealership was always in one place with Lincoln no more than a foot note compared to the Ford Auto's. Lately Harrison Ford Lincoln has started construction on a dedicated EV Lincoln Show room. Will have to grab some pictures and post them. Excited to check it out. Lynnwood Porche is a new dealership and I see they were installing the Chargers front and center to the dealership this week. Will have to also grab some pictures and post them. Excited to check out the New Rivian dealership that is opening soon by me so I can actually test my large size body in one.

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