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  1. I think they'd be just fine as long as they have better quality control than Tesla, which they do.
  2. People never understood why there was a 50k Malibu on the lots.. and walked right past it looking at the 25k Malibus.
  3. Yes and no, It's tough to imagine them producing the same level of "meh" that they were and being successful. I think the BK, in the long run, very much helped them realize some things and that's why we have some great products today. They were complacent and the BK woke them up and got them out of it.
  4. "Alpina works closely with BMW and their processes are integrated into BMW's production lines, thus Alpina is recognized by the German Ministry of Transportas an automobile manufacturer, in contrast to other performance specialists which are aftermarket tuners. For instance, the Alpina B7 is produced at the same assembly line in Dingolfing, Germany (BMW Plant Dingolfing), as BMW's own 7 Series. The B7's twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 is assembled by hand at Alpina's facility in Buchloe, Germany, before being shipped to BMW for installation,"
  5. You can buy an Alpina BMW that's factory(it's on BMW's website). As far as I know, Hennessy gets the car after you purchase it from Cadillac. Two different concepts here. Plus, Hennessy is a crook and good luck even getting the product you paid for.
  6. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I would actually love that! I love a lifting partner who actually takes it serious. I actually did that just last night but not that much.. I warmed up with a 5 min light cardio then 180X10 Then 410X6, 430X6, 430X6, 450X5. I'm getting close to 500lbs but as you and I both know the sled isn't all that difficult to throw quite a bit of weight on. I had to tweak my form a few months ago when I thought I did something to my super lower back/tailbone area doing this. I was bringing my knees as close to my chest as possible and I didn't know it was a thing but in doing so it was curling my hips off the back and curling my lower back and when pushing weight you can strain stuff down there. Now I'm more conscience about my hips and making sure I start to push juuuuust before they start to curl off. I probably lost about 2 inches of range but I'm all for improved form over trying to throw more weight than I should be risking injury.
  7. ccap41

    $106K Buick... and climbing

    It's beautiful
  8. ccap41

    Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price Again

    l use cruise control like it's my job.
  9. ccap41

    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy: Comments

    Nothing is a full size car to you. Your opinion on size of vehicles means absolutely nothing after how you speak about fitting and not fitting in vehicles that, conveniently, aren't Cadillac branded.
  10. ccap41

    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy: Comments

    Oh yeah the Maxima is a full size car, isn't it?
  11. Oh no, they've been electronic for quite a while now. The Hummer H2 had an electronic locking rear end when you selected 4L.
  12. Electronic locking diffs on trucks is available on every truck outside of the Ridgeline, that I can think of. Jeep's system might be the only in a FWD-based CUV that can lock the rear end. Yeah, the Cherokee Trailhawk is the first CUV that I see that has a locking rear diff. All of the others have various traction controlled systems for mimic 4-wheel drive.
  13. Like what's in some trucks? Or do you mean on a transverse engine mounted AWD CUV? Locking hubs have been gone for a long time now.
  14. ccap41

    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy: Comments

    Good call, Nissan still has their 3.5 V6 in the Maxima.
  15. Because it is a TRD Off-Road and not a TRD Pro, it likely won't be too pricey. Personally, I would just want the rear to be able to be locked. I don't know how fancy this new AWD system is but I would just want it to not allow me to get stuck in snow because I wouldn't be off-roading it.

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