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  1. In all fairness, when it came out it was absolutely a direct competitor to the 3 and C.
  2. What size is that, again? Is that X1/GLA sized or X3/GLE sized? Or, more than likely, is it in the middle? lol
  3. This is where I got mine from.. https://www.statista.com/statistics/287722/entry-luxury-vehicles-sales-by-make-in-the-united-states/
  4. 3 & 4 Series sold 99,083 in 2017 C Class sold 77,447 in 2017 ATS sold 13,100 in 2017 It's definitely not 3:1 3/4:C It's technically 1:0.78
  5. Wouldn't the sideways engine also allow the dash and everything move forward some as well? Isn't the tunnel much smaller for exhaust than the driveshaft & exhaust though?
  6. lol I won't disagree with that! The buying public, in general, is just the complete opposite of what most enthusiasts want. Too bad they outnumber us 99-1 and most enthusiasts don't buy new because they know the depreciation and that they don't keep them long enough anyway.
  7. It is yet nobody really seems to care. The buying public is okay with the softer rides of the A4, C-Class, and 3 Series.
  8. ccap41

    Review: 2018 Mazda CX-9 vs. Volkswagen Atlas

    I love the JGC and Edge-sized vehicles. Larger, two-row SUVs.
  9. ccap41

    Lincoln News: Lincoln Wants More Standalone Dealers

    This would definitely help their brand image.
  10. If only the Camaro's styling was hot on not-Camaros.
  11. ccap41

    Ford News: 2019 Ford Ranger To Begin at $25,395

    That's likely around where the Raptor version will be. One can be luxury and one can be performance. That's kind of how they're doing the F150. Also, while I'm not a huge fan of 4cyl only, if it is the lowest tune they currently offer with the 2.3 it would still be the torque leader by a large margin for a gas engine. The weakest rating for the 2.3 is in the MKC and it's 285hp/305tq compared to the Colorado's V6's 308hp/275tq.
  12. Isn't the 6.0 only in their HDs? The 6.2 is the upgraded engine to the 5.3. If anything they should give a hotter tune for Cadillac and maybe make it a 91 octane only tune.
  13. ccap41

    Ford News: 2019 Ford Ranger To Begin at $25,395

    Yeah it's even fine around 30k, imo. Once you click "Latiat" it should be a little nicer but I don't know how you financially do that without upcharging EVEN MORE. I can't see it happening but maybe if it sells well they will have a "Limited" or "Platinum" trim like the F150 or Denali of the Canyon.
  14. Yeah it's like Ford's old-ass 6.2 that chugs along in their Super Derties.
  15. This is probably because the 5.3 is underwhelming.

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