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  1. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    Sure as heck are. Effortless torque is absolutely fancy. That's one reason EVs will/are be so nice.
  2. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    I'm not disputing that. I'm just glad their newest offerings have engines to distinguish themselves and not weak n/a v6's. Everybody has moved away from them for a reason. Okay, it has torque.. as long as you give the engine revs. Not the fanciest of engines to put in a luxury-like branded vehicle.
  3. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    Oh yeah that n/a v6 is plugged into everything.. hello torqueless.. Why in the world is the XTS on the 6spd and the Buick get the 8spd??? I'm not saying it should be directly competing with Lincoln. They're both of the badge-job styles so they tend to be compared quite often. Yep, they're very fancy Chevrolets. The one legitimately cool Buick!
  4. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    Something you can still get in a Toyota though. This is like the highlight of the lineup. The 2.0T in the Verano was awesome and it could be had with a 6spd. Everything else... More blah blah blah than worth talking about. Yeah, they're nice vehicles. That's about it.. Their brand new has much "younger" styling which helps but prior to that they even looked like they're for the 50+ crowd. I'm glad you corrected me but still outside of the Verano and Regal all the engines are shared with the same tunes. They do gain AWD, which is neat. But they're the Mercury of Ford. "Meh" is their whole lineup. Do they have a single vehicle with 300hp or 300tq? Even Lincoln has multiple offerings with that..
  5. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    Cruze Malibu Impala Trax --- Traverse None of those are something I want.. I just don't like Buick products. They're actually lesser products to me than Lincolns.. At least Lincoln is trying to be a real luxury brand and not just a Mercury-like brand. There isn't much that is making these so different than their Chevy counterparts that they aren't rebadges. Yes, they're done much better than the 90's-00's but they're still almost identical products with different body panels.
  6. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Probably pretty high on Fords as I see Titaniums quite often. I'd only assume similarly for Chevy. Then again the Titanium name has been watered down ever since 2013. That mean fully loaded at one point and now it means there are a bunch of options on it and a bunch more you can still add.. Okay, not as bad as I thought. I went to Ford's website and built an Escape titanium and it started at 32k and I added every option(that wasn't floormats and cargo nets) and it got up to 35k. I know at one point the 2.0T was an option for Titaniums.
  7. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Then GM is just lazy/cheap. lol
  8. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    i just don't want my vehicles built in China. I also don't care if Buick were to go the way of Oldsmobile as they don't really offer anything I like. They're just re-badged Chevys.. they don't have anything specific to themselves, unless that wagon is coming here. That's cool as sh!t.
  9. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Not a very flattering angle... Best guess on the tailgate is some patent/copyright.
  10. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Hmmmm I think the split wing works better on the FWD chassis and the angle of the hood
  11. I. ALREADY. SAID. THAT. My only gripe was for performance and enthusiast cars. I have already said as daily drivers(which would be the 99.8%) they are perfect. You must have never listened to the intake growl of a 4 banger and only hear the shatty exhaust that kids put on them. Huge difference.
  12. It's not weak. Ford makes fake noises in the F150 and the Focus ST/Mustang 2.3 get an enhancement which takes the intake noise and just makes it louder. Nothing fake about the cars. F150 is but I don't really care as that's not even what I'm talking about nor were those other two as my examples were definitely thunderous V8s. But I do love the intake side of things on a 4 pot. Little 4-bangers have a great intake noise. Vehicles that sound deaden the engine are cars that an EV would suit perfectly. I'm not arguing that aspect at all. You don't like the sound of exhaust on any vehicle? What your favorite V8 drives past you you don't get excited? There isn't a car that could drive past you at full tilt where there may be a supercharger whining as it comes towards you then a screaming V8 exhaust note as it passes like a LS/LT, Hemi, Voodoo?
  13. It isn't a "weak excuse" in my book. Exhaust note, intake note and the sound of an engine pulling from 1000rpm to redline is exhilerating and a silent EV or one that sounds like one that dfelt posted just doesn't do the same thing. They may be wicked and insanely quick but they don't give off the same feeling that the rumble of a cammed LS/LT engine does. Ever walk through a parking lot minding your own business and you hear some nasty muscle car pull in just loping around at idle with a cam that sound like it could die? Or go to the NHRA Top fuel events where you feel the cars go past in your chest and you need ear protection because they're just that damn loud? Yeah, I get that the silence of EVs have their place and they will be phenomenal daily drivers but they will always be lacking in the noise and literal vibration department. NVH will be too good in them. You can make them sound like anything with the correct sound system! Maybe I could get a cammed small block sound with an EV.. I just might need a sub woofer somewhere on the exterior..
  14. Could you imagine hackers hacking the noises for that and when you stomp on the go-pedal you get "holla back girl".

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