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  1. Dream Car Garage- ATP Used Car Edition

    Durango R/T Durango R/T CTS V-Sport CTS V-Sport F150 FX4 This is all I have for now.. I'll have to finish on Monday.. Or alter it.. I'm not sure if I want a Durango and an F150..
  2. Dream Car Garage- ATP Used Car Edition

    Oh man, used market.. This opens this up so much! I actually have another one of these for ya after this one.
  3. Yes, but in a car like this I'd assume it's just quite. No real crappy 4 banger noises to worry about.
  4. 255/273... I'd rock that as a daily driver, for sure.
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    Wouldn't that be their fault for not knowing that people aren't the easiest on the throttle? Shouldn't they know their clientele? The Ford DCT was built for sh!t. lol Mine is okay but it definitely has it's faults. The thing I find the most odd is that when cold it acts just fine. No shuddering or slipping or anything. Its when you'd been driving for a little bit and everything is up to temp that it gets wonky.
  6. Probably all over the place with those three trims. Raptor is by far the most expensive, TRD Pros are 40-50k and Z71's probably get discounts as they aren't as hardcore as the other two listed. I actually wouldn't even put a Z71 in there.
  7. They have a 2.3 version making 350hp/350tq. True, but I think I read that it is very unlikely Ford will want to pay to certify it here. It would be pretty cool to have a twin turbo 2.0 diesel.
  8. Random Thoughts Thread

    I put that more on the engineering/programming side than the consumer. They already know 99% of people just get in and mash pedals around to get from A to B. It should be designed to work in those conditions.
  9. Dream Garage- Average Transaction $ Pt 2

    First I'd get my truck out of the way with a 2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road. They apparently dropped that trim for 2018 but I think it was around 34k(a couple grand more than the TRD Sport trim). The ole family-sized hauler would be an Edge SEL AWD. I wanted a Grand Cherokee but I didn't want a base model to get AWD. Now for some funner things. 2018 Mustang GT (manual trans) Miata RF Grand Touring (manual trans) Here's a car I'm not sure when I'd drive with considering I have the other vehicles to drive but I'd always had a little sweet spot for it. Acura ILX but it needs the A-Spec package so I can get my much needed fog lights. I also love the LED head lights Acura has too. I added pretty much any available package and it ended up at $36,065. The more I think about it, I might drive it more than expected as it's the only one that would really have any luxury to it.
  10. Dream Garage- Average Transaction $ Pt 2

    I think that's just an unflattering angle of the Accord. It isn't perfect but it looks much better than that picture makes it look.
  11. BMW News: Rumorpile: BMW X7 To Bow At LA Auto Show

    Hahaha Exactly what I was about to say!
  12. Dream Garage- Average Transaction $ Pt 2

    What the SH!T frisky, 370z???
  13. Dream Garage- Average Transaction $ Pt 2

    Damn, this was posted yesterday? I didn't even see it until just now. I'll definitely have to get in on it.
  14. Random Thoughts Thread

    Mid west weather here can be bonkers.
  15. Random Thoughts Thread

    DCT would be fine if they do it right.

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