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  1. ccap41

    Ford News: Ford Expands Production of the GT (Again)

    Ford: We would like more money. Promise?
  2. How long does the swab process take?
  3. That was/is my ONLY issue legalizing it in the first place. I think they needed to figure out a way to accurately test on the side of the road before it should have been legalized. I also noticed this never says DUI(or DWI - depending on your state's wording) are increased. It just says crashes are up. They could very well be making a correlation out of nothing at all. If DUIs are causing all 6% of increased crashes..they're absolutely on to something here. Just saying crashes are up 6% since legalization might be extremely misleading.
  4. Hahaha I was originally talking about the Mazda but I guess the response could work for both.
  5. How big is the back seat?
  6. They recently had Guard Green on their trucks/SUVs/Mustang. Only if you're a complete slob.. It's still leather. What @ykX said
  7. Complains about boring colors and then asks them to show their cars in BROWN.
  8. My god do I hate that people think AWD is some crazy miracle worker. It's great to have but it still needs to have adequate traction to the ground. I don't think it would be bad if they gave it some on-road nuts like an SS version or Z#####. Just a basic CUV seems pretty lame.. It seems like a good vehicle just a little boring.
  9. Yeah if I lived somewhere that got zero inches of snow I wouldn't want AWD either. Getting snow I would just feel like a huge jackass getting stuck in an SUV.
  10. Do they though? Tesla 3 interior BMW 3 interior Bolt interior volume: 94 cubic ft. HR-V interior volume 100 cubic ft. Well I know that.. That's why they sell them in the first place. But if they're trying to get the technology out to people it just feels like something that would start smaller with much larger volumes before a much larger 3-rower. GM with their fckn Kohls sales model.
  11. Which sells more, 100k luxury 3 row SUVs or mainstream compact CUVs?
  12. I think it will be a little bit yet before there is a 3-row full size SUV that's pure EV. I think they'd want to get the volume vehicles first but that's just what my brain says.. It doesn't have any form of statistics or studies in front of it.

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