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  1. They just need to stop making yearly or biyearly changes(Ford as well). Let costs get amortized out and actually have the cars paid off so you have a lesser cost per vehicle and you could charge less and get more people into them again. Nearly 35k for a Mustang GT/Camaro SS...sucks. They don't need to barely one-up each other every other year. They're fantastic cars already. Let them "mature" a bit and just do basic paint and wheel changes every year and then some tweaks where necessary..NECESSARY(faulty design, bad hardware, etc.). Instead of 3 year mid-cycle refresh, that should be 5 years and 10 for a clean sheet design.
  2. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/06/report-there-will-be-no-seventh-generation-chevrolet-camaro/
  3. Well, something came out today that it is a "delay" or "pushed back" and not canceled.
  4. MB is getting rid of the slow selling SLC, right? Or SLK, whatever the fck it's called... The small sh!tty convertible.
  5. Well, they're not there/here yet so there's reason to bring it up.
  6. Replace the Ecosport with this... This is literally just a hatchback. Look at how much taller the humans are than the CAR.
  7. Ford will bring back the 2005-2009 Mustang, exactly. They'll bring back the 3v 4.6 5spd and everything and laugh in people's faces.
  8. Except when you're stringing it out you can use 100% of the power, just not at 20mph. I see no issue with that.
  9. ...Duh...? I was responding to 500-600hp being too much in a RWD daily driver. I didn't say it was quicker.
  10. Name a coupe that any adult human could sit behind you... And none of that "GLE Coupe" or "X6 Coupe" crap.
  11. I don't think slogans come from customer perception.. There is nothing wrong with the slogan itself, it's the products following it. The most recent product that followed the release of their new slogan was the Chevy Traverse, sorry, XT6.
  12. Ironic is that Cadillac's is " Rise Above ". Above, below, what's the difference?
  13. Well, that's what traction control does. They do a similar thing with Top fuel cars with clutch slip. All forms of traction control.

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