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  1. 420hp! That's one little rocket of a car. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-shows/new-york-auto-show/a27192602/2020-mercedes-amg-a45-engine-most-powerful-four-cylinder/
  2. Almost everything is a coupe-style car now. That's what the CT5 is, Accord,...
  3. XC40 is a damn good looking vehicle. Volvo has been knocking everything out of the park looks-wise recently.
  4. FWIW, I believe the 2.3 AWD MKC's are 4000-4100lbs. They're not too light. I think Ford said the Escape was losing something like 150-200lbs.
  5. Motor Trend won't allow me to save images in a format that I can upload but scroll through the pictures and find the blue/teal leather interior. https://www.motortrend.com/news/2020-lincoln-corsair-first-look-mkc-replacement/ Edit: I should have just read through the whole thread first.. lol Thanks @dfelt! It's also a nice separation from Ford for those who don't really care about the cool-factor.
  6. I’m just speaking of the color. I love seeing colored leathers!
  7. And nobody takes Escalades off road, should they get rid of the low range transfer case? That's not how luxury items work..
  8. It's odd that the power figures are tweaked form the current 2.3. Current: 285/305 New: 280/310 More torque, more happy.
  9. Ehhhhh.. I don't dislike the CT5's interior at all but I think that A6 just looks really fancy. I don't see it working the best as it looks like way too much touch-ness to work everything but I think it looks great.
  10. Yeah, they really are nearly identical to those Cayenne handles. I'd like to know what they are for as well, on either vehicle. Unless their idea is that these are so high performance that the passenger needs something to hold on to and the driver side is there for symmetry.
  11. Uhhh.. This looks awesome. Corsair Interior.webp Corsair Interior2.webp Corsair Interior3.webp
  12. I agree. I don't know what they're for but they were also on the first/last(dated back to 2006) gen GL.

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