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  1. Random Thoughts Thread

    I completely dig the looks of the new Regal but I hate the Cascada so much.. Just that tiny segment of small, slow, FWD, convertible-only cars with the VW EOS...are terrible. Not that they're actually a bad vehicle. I just hate them for what they are. They're a teenage girls' dream though.
  2. When there's a corporate average that needs to be met every tenth of a mpg is worth cash. So it's worth it for them, obviously. Who? It seems like people buy these so called jelly beans.. There are only a few non-jelly bean shaped vehicles out there left. Trucks(and even the Colorado has a soft/rounded front end), Wrangler, G Wagen, GM/Ford/Dodge/Jeep largest SUVs they offer and that's about it.. Kia Soul as well.I can't think of many non-rounded vehicles left out there. But look what Tesla did with the X. That thing has some pretty incredible range for the size of the vehicle and the battery capacity and that's probably a good part due to it's aero efficiency.
  3. People tend to complain too much about how all sedans are shaped the same.. there's a reason for that. They're not all just copying the first to do it. They have a reason they're all "coupe" shaped now.
  4. But it's a realistic scenario that they could be selling off brands or closing doors on brands.. That's not just doom and gloom from somebody who doesn't like a certain brand, that's a realistic possibility. Or even worse, getting bought out by a Chinese company. These things are real. Sadly, that's the only Fusion that I didn't see a rebate for LOL. Well, I guess that would be under "2017 Ford Fusion" as a whole. A buddy of mine paid 33k for a Titanium last December... He could have had a Sport for 34k but he's not a car guy so he didn't even know.. He definitely overpaid for his Titanium. IMO.
  5. i was looking through trying to tally up the rebates for the D3 and they appear a little worse for Ford than they are... example.. 2017 Ford Fusion, Ford Fusion Hybid, Ford Fusion Energi. The 2017 Transit Connect is listed on there 3 times. but they also have it broken down to Transit Connect. Transit Connect Commercial, Transit Connect Wagon. So they have the Transit Connect listed 11 times. Some are 2016's and all of the variations then 2017's and all the variations totaling 11. And I'll await your proof in the future then.
  6. Yeah, no sh!t. What's that have to do with GM or FCA? Wasn't that an original comparison? Oh, no. It was that FCA has as much as anybody else, or some sh!t like that.
  7. Trucks have always had massive rebates and always will on specific trims. The High Countries and Platinums will make up for those 10-12k rebates on SLT and XLT trims. I don't know why you're just fighting facts. Surreal posted a very fair 3rd party research.
  8. There's also not much haggling on new cars anymore. Dealerships can't afford to mark them up all that much which is why the big rebates are typically manufacturer rebates. Welcome to the auto market. Is this something new to you?
  9. I haven't looked but those are usually only on specific trims, but I could be wrong. They'll do that to lower trims to get you in the doors...
  10. @surreal1272 Do you still have that link? I have no clue what thread that was in.