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  1. You're saying they're louder engines, they're quieter than what you currently drive. I don't think you'll ever own an EV because you'll keep saying the wife doesn't like something about it.
  2. Biased is what it is. You don't want to like something so you're making up a reason to not like it. Just say you don't like it instead of making things up that are factually provably wrong.
  3. Noise levels are significantly quieter at every moment in the newer Escalade. 100k quieter? Doubtful, but those numbers are definitely noticeable. And that's what you pay for with a real luxury vehicle, the details. I don't know if you noticed but the ATS is quieter than the older Escalade as well. Yes, the turbo 4 version. As speed rises the turbo 4 car is quieter than the n/a 3.6 as well. Just say'n.
  4. You sure can get quieter than a ~10 year old Escalade.. a much more modern luxury vehicle even with a turbo 4. Auto db.com
  5. I bet your wife hates everything you own then.. Those are all way louder than a little turbo 4 set in a luxury car.
  6. I couldn't agree more. They want to be the best but then throw in the same driveline as a Chevy? Also, FWIW, Mercedes base engine in the GLE is a n/a v6 as well.. I can't see that staying around much longer. And, Audi and Volvo are the only large luxury CUVs that start with a turbo 4's. How did they "wear on you" in those instances?
  7. What is your experience level of driving a turbo 4 for you to say they wear on you and to say they're not quiet?
  8. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    So you haven't even driven anything on their car line and you're discrediting them based on a few truck tires? Have you used any that weren't OE or all season? Would you discredit all of Chevy because the Cavalier was junk? That Maybach SUV looks atrocious from the back.
  9. Those look so bad. So so so bad.
  10. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    The Integrity is sold at Walmart for well under $100/tire...
  11. Yup! I am surprised it isn't the 9spd unit though.
  12. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Soft isn't always bad and just getting long life doesn't make it a good tires unless that's all you're really looking for though.
  13. I just want that V Series in the background... No, the 10 was for RWD/AWD not FWD/AWD.

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