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Guest Josh

OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics Service: Here's How It

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Guest Josh
Enrollment Enrolling in OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics is quick and easy. OnStar subscribers can enroll either through our enrollment website (onstar.com/vehiclediagnostics) or by simply pressing the blue OnStar button in their vehicle and talking to an OnStar Advisor. Newly enrolled subscribers will receive their first OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics email report within a few hours after the vehicle is driven following activation for the service. The OnStar system in the vehicle will continue to send vehicle data to OnStar about every thirty days, depending on driving habits. Although the data call usually is completed within a few minutes, the vehicle ignition must remain in the "on" position during the call. After the data is received, OnStar quickly compiles a customized report and maintenance update based on the current odometer reading and maintenance guidelines from the owner's manual. The report is then immediately emailed to customers who have opted into the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics service so that they are alerted to any detected problems and know when to take their vehicle in for oil changes and other maintenance procedures. The entire process is completed in a "real time" basis. Clear, Easy-to-Read Email Report The email report is clearly formatted and easy-to-read. Each of four key operating systems -- engine/transmission, anti-lock brakes, airbag and OnStar -- is tagged with a green, yellow or red icon to clearly indicate the recommended action even before the report is read. Other relevant information includes the percentage of remaining oil life, the mileage and corresponding recommended maintenance, the remaining OnStar Hands-free Calling minutes, and the expiration date of the OnStar subscription. Hotlinks within the report open web pages to provide more detailed information and recommendations. Maintenance Reminders at Your Fingertips The OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics report links the odometer reading to the GM Simplified Maintenance Schedule so that participants stay informed of recommended maintenance for their GM vehicle even before it's taken in for service. The GM Oil-Life System Saves Money, Reduces Waste The GM-exclusive Oil-Life System continuously monitors several key engine operating conditions to determine when the oil should be changed. Oftentimes, conditions allow engine oil-life to safely extend well beyond the 3,000-mile oil-change interval that's typically recommended by manufacturers that do not have this innovative technology. Based on science, the GM Oil-Life System is both friendly to the pocketbook and to the environment. The industry recommendation of changing oil every three months or three thousand miles is based on oil quality from the 1970s, which has vastly improved since that time. Today, by monitoring key engine operating conditions, it is common for 2005 model-year vehicles to safely travel 8,500 or more miles between oil changes, by following the GM Oil-Life System. Because millions of GM vehicles already have this system, it is estimated that more than 100 million gallons of oil could be saved over the next five years, if used as intended. Enrollment eligibility OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics service is available exclusively to GM owners of most 2004 model-year or newer OnStar-equipped vehicles delivered after 4-21-04 and equipped with the GM Oil-Life System and vehicle diagnostics capabilities. Diagnostic capabilities vary by model. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics is offered at no additional charge as an opt-in service for active OnStar subscribers, who can enroll at the OnStar website (www.onstar.com) or by simply pressing their blue OnStar button and asking an advisor to enroll them in the service. The only requirement for eligible enrollees is an active OnStar subscription and email address. GM's Simplified Maintenance Schedules Challenge Industry Assumptions GMOLS technology allows GM and GM Goodwrench dealerships to offer Simplified Maintenance Schedules on most 2004 and newer GM vehicles to simplify maintenance for GM customers and to build long-lasting customer relationships. The simplified schedules are a departure from the typical industry approach of basing maintenance intervals on mileage. Instead of a complex list of different services to be performed at different mileage intervals, GM's Simplified Maintenance Schedules are based on the change oil light/message. Consumers should check their owner's manual to determine if their 2004 or newer GM vehicle has GMOLS. If it does, a GM Goodwrench dealership can service and reset the system at the vehicle's next oil change. If it doesn't, they should follow the oil change recommendations listed in their owner's manual. The engine oil and filter must be changed at least once a year even if the GMOLS indicator does not come on. GM Goodwrench® Remote Diagnostics* If a vehicle's Check Engine light comes on, a customer can push the blue OnStar button and an OnStar Advisor can run a remote diagnostic check of the engine. ASE certified technicians are available to advise the customer to continue driving or to find a safe place to stop and wait for Roadside Assistance. If necessary, the advisor can contact a Roadside Assistance provider with the vehicle's exact location and assist the customer in scheduling a service appointment with a GM Goodwrench dealership.

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