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  1. PontiacTechNJ

    Hello Again

    been signed in for awhile hello again
  2. PontiacTechNJ

    2000 Saturn L Commercial - Who Are You?

    haha - the HELL car
  3. PontiacTechNJ

    Lutz and his undercover journalist posse

    what is the government exit strategy from gm ?
  4. PontiacTechNJ

    2004 Chevrolet Impala Base V6

    We have a few trans issues on the 4T65 . May not pop a code . Warranty is 3years 36 k miles . But Generous Motors has been very generous lately....
  5. PontiacTechNJ

    Chevy's are for Losers?

    Chevy Always WINS !!! Nascar and NHRA anyway .........
  6. PontiacTechNJ

    GM management to lay out objections to alliance

    Boy , that INFINITI sure smacks around Cadillac . HAHA , French government , surely a CROWD PLEASER in the US remember FREEDOM FRIES ??
  7. PontiacTechNJ

    Annual Meeting

    Growing up in the service department , you see salesmen as the worlds biggest doucebags.. It is so discouraging to see 70% of your pay going to subsidize this department of crooks and liars .............
  8. PontiacTechNJ

    "GM takes flack..."

    banging out 07 denalis at a record pace probably because they have NO COMPETITION , over 400 ft lbs and some halfway decent mpg all my customers with 5+kids love em
  9. PontiacTechNJ

    Ruling is near on GM engine coolant

    05 ? Muddy dex kool ? have not seen that yet
  10. PontiacTechNJ


    OJ was responsible for a white Bronco sales boom , and even more unhappy customers because , overall , they suck
  11. PontiacTechNJ

    Ruling is near on GM engine coolant

    Lack of maintenance is the problem , not bad chemistry , Some BLOODSUCKING lawywers are trying to get rich . When the tech says you need intake gaskets , do them , it is really a low cost of ownership considering that the plugs and wires are 100k items and most gm stuff can go 20k miles without an oil change , haha , seen it just the other day .....................
  12. PontiacTechNJ

    1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville

    As a ten year caddy tech - eldorados from back in the day sucked , devilles were much better cars
  13. PontiacTechNJ

    Big 3 Automakers to Meet With Bush

    Canada is a mess . Socialized medicine is joke . You get sick in Canada , visit the best doctors - in the United States ! Just bring cash
  14. PontiacTechNJ

    New GM Commercial

    GM: Building 4-speed automatics for longer than Honda has been building automobiles I suppose they could outsource to ZF like another formerly American company can !!!
  15. PontiacTechNJ

    NASCAR finally getting a clue?

    maybe make the Busch cars CONVERTIBLES Nascar is closing down a few of it's touring series , things seem to be going downhill in Daytona Beach . Like Smokey Yunick used to say about Bill France LOAD THE CART THE MULE IS BLIND third generation making like it's a whorehouse

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