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  1. been signed in for awhile hello again
  2. We have a few trans issues on the 4T65 . May not pop a code . Warranty is 3years 36 k miles . But Generous Motors has been very generous lately....
  3. Chevy Always WINS !!! Nascar and NHRA anyway .........
  4. Boy , that INFINITI sure smacks around Cadillac . HAHA , French government , surely a CROWD PLEASER in the US remember FREEDOM FRIES ??
  5. Growing up in the service department , you see salesmen as the worlds biggest doucebags.. It is so discouraging to see 70% of your pay going to subsidize this department of crooks and liars .............
  6. banging out 07 denalis at a record pace probably because they have NO COMPETITION , over 400 ft lbs and some halfway decent mpg all my customers with 5+kids love em
  7. 05 ? Muddy dex kool ? have not seen that yet
  8. OJ was responsible for a white Bronco sales boom , and even more unhappy customers because , overall , they suck
  9. Lack of maintenance is the problem , not bad chemistry , Some BLOODSUCKING lawywers are trying to get rich . When the tech says you need intake gaskets , do them , it is really a low cost of ownership considering that the plugs and wires are 100k items and most gm stuff can go 20k miles without an oil change , haha , seen it just the other day .....................
  10. As a ten year caddy tech - eldorados from back in the day sucked , devilles were much better cars
  11. Canada is a mess . Socialized medicine is joke . You get sick in Canada , visit the best doctors - in the United States ! Just bring cash
  12. GM: Building 4-speed automatics for longer than Honda has been building automobiles I suppose they could outsource to ZF like another formerly American company can !!!
  13. maybe make the Busch cars CONVERTIBLES Nascar is closing down a few of it's touring series , things seem to be going downhill in Daytona Beach . Like Smokey Yunick used to say about Bill France LOAD THE CART THE MULE IS BLIND third generation making like it's a whorehouse

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