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April '07 Motor Trend


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Some good reads in there. There's a write-up on the G8, and they put some miles on a new Commadore, there's a comparison test of the Silverado and Tundra (GM won!).

Also is a interesting write-up from angus Mackenzie (editor) in regards to Thomas Friedmans comment in the NY times about GM building "gas guzzlers". He make several good points against Toyota and how 12 of thier 17 cars in the booth at NAIAS were new Tundra's. I like the comment were he says:

"It's become fashionable to eulogize Toyota for building inviromentally friendly vehicles. But the only thing green about the Tundra is the color of the $1.3 billion or so Toyota has splurged on the factory to build it"

Anyway, there's some good reeds. Even was an good reply to a letter to the editor in the mail section. A guy wrote in noteing about NASCAR fans being against Toyota coming into Nascar and points out that while the Fusion, Monte and Charger are built in Mexico and Canada that the Camry is built in Lexington, and goes onto say "Now tell me who's employing more American workers"........ MT Editor answered with "General Motors, by a factor of six, at last count"

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Guest YellowJacket894

What we're witnessing with the automotive press is a massive shift. It seems with every new piece of Toyota-related news, the position of the writers and editors are starting to become a little more negative in tone and statement. GM is stepping up their game, big time, and Toyota has a lot to worry about. GM has the resources at hand to rip Toyota apart. It also could actually be possible that the playing field on which Toyota and GM stand is coming very close to a stalemate.

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I agree that we're seeing improvement.

But, until perception swings I don't see it making much of a difference.

As far as the Nascar thing. That letter right there is proof of how ignorant and brainwashed MOST americans are and that they'll buy the Toyota PR $h! hook, line and sinker.

People like that dumbass in the NY Times are people that need to be controlled. mainly for 2 reasons 1) Journalists such as this haven't the slightest CLUE about the facts vs. myths of this industry and as a result pretty much promote propaganda and lies at the expense of Detroit and 2) Yuppies like that usually have a pretty loyal following/readership of incompetent fools that spoon that trash in as fact just as soon as it hits the door step.

My only hope is that *MOST* americans aren't stupid enough to believe everything they read, even when taking into account GMs less than stellar history in some areas.

Maybe, just maybe GM has evolved enough to get the respect they deserve.

P.S. I find it funny that the integrety of journalism in this country has become such trash that these anti-GM/Ford/DCX yuppies have gotten so desperate that they actually have the nerve to publish things like GM's supposed (READ: implied) link to the Nazis and lines like "GM is a terrorist"

They'l literally stop at nothing to destroy Detroit, and now that Detroit is so weak, yet on the verge of greatness, they're turning up the "sensationalism" heat to try and stamp out a turn around. To bad it's at the expense of their integrity and audience respect. GM is a terrorist? C'mon... Even the most adament anti-GM, anti-conservative people can see right through that! Give me a break. Besides, who reads periodicals and newspapers any more anyway?

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What I find funny is how many people here claim the magazine's and websites are bias against GM and the Domestics...yet the mood is changing now. What you have to stop and think about is that this mood of saying nice things about the Domestics and GM and while not being so nice to Toyota started the same time GM and company began turning out good products. It's not so much bias or playing favorites (except consumer reports and the "truth" about cars), as the simple fact that if the companies build good products, they will get good reviews and so on. Granted there's some bias, but not all of it.

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