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New El Camino?


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New spy photos show a heavily camouflaged Holden Ute breaking cover down under. The car shows many of the tell tale signs of being based off of the new Zeta platform, including a similar proportions to the aforementioned Holden Commodore and large wheel arches.

The overhauled Ute will come in time for Holden to boost its position against import 4×4 SUV's which are becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

A new El Camino?

Recently, there has been a great deal of speculation about the new Ute coming to America badged as a Chevrolet El Camino. Holden sources recently told Australia's CarPoint the lure of "substantial" export orders for "the Americas" have accelerated the planned launch date of the new Commodore Ute. Eleven months ago, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said a new El Camino could come by "putting a Chevrolet face" on a Holden Ute.

Most recently, Holden chairman Denny Mooney said that there is potential for the 'Ute to come stateside in an effort to improve GM's CAFE ratings in light of potential upcoming legislation which would impose stricter fuel mileage standards in the US. Although GM has concerns over the fuel efficiency of its new Zeta-based sedans and coupes, an El Camino would surely provide better milage than a typical truck.

“There is no question that it could potentially help,” Mooney told GoAuto last week.

Posted Image

Link: http://www.leftlanenews.com/holden-ute-future.html

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Guest YellowJacket894

If it comes to the U.S., change the front fenders along with the fascia so people won't say "Hey! It's a G8 with a pickup bed."

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That last bit is new to me and sounds promising. The spy pics are already posted in the Holden Forum.

Camino, I have a vibe that your dream will finally come true.

It would be a great vehicle. I will much rather prefer this over a Silverado, if I am not going to tow and yet need a bed and a good fuel economy.

I wonder how the economics will work, will the profit margin on this vehicle be as high as the pickups? If it is then Chevy needs to push this one.

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