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  1. I have an NOS grille - but it is spoken for.
  2. And let's not forget their penchant for getting something right - just in time to cancel it.
  3. Perhaps. But so much of what they have done over so many years is counter-intuitive. And just how many times have we watched them miss the boat?
  4. Had that thought myself. Why do they ever pull this sort of thing?
  5. GM's marketing decisions never cease to perplex. You would think by their decisions that the mission is to sell fewer cars.
  6. Roger makes the distinction I would call most likely here. Assuming that the 8 lug prototype indicates production trim for this Suburban, and only the 5.3 as motivation, 2500 minus the HD suffix feels just about right. Not offering the 6.0 (or the Duramax for that matter), strikes me as typical GM hedging. Not very smart, but par for the course. With that said, this will plug a gaping hole in the lineup. People TOW with Suburbans, often that is why the purchase is made over other alternatives. So we really need to see the towing ratings for this new offering to know what we have here.
  7. Might still be true with them, but I can't say for sure.
  8. IIRC, G80 requires Z71 on the Av. At least on the old bodystyle.
  9. Good to see that Cheers and Jeers has made yet another appearance - my own are almost as rare these days, but this place is still home.
  10. All the time I've been away from here, and GM is still doing the same old silliness. More empty promises coming to light.
  11. Been saying this for HOW long?
  12. It would be nice to be in a situation that would allow for "buying trips" to the western states.
  13. Someone at Chevrolet did their homwework, Chaparral was a huge thing in road racing and a reason Chevy was taken seriously in those circles. Road racing was huge back then, full TV coverage and all. This could be interesting.
  14. I don't have a "go to" brand, but I opened the box for a good look before I bought this one.