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Drew Dowdell

GM Commercials

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I know we've all ragged on GM for producing some particularly $h!ty commercials. But I was poking around on YouTube and I found some really good ones that I'd never seen before. GM's commercials aren't all that bad actually, they just get so little run time that even us enthusiasts can miss them.

Some of the ones that I like:

The Sibling rivalry series for the Cobalt:

Chevy Impala

*poorly executed, but the idea was there.


Lucerne: Drive Beautiful

Enclave: Drive Beautiful

*somewhat telling that I cannot find a Lacross commercial*


Cadillac STS: "Assume Nothing"

All of these are great ads, but only the Lucerne, Enclave and Kate Walsh ad have I ever seen on TV. Why aren't these run more?


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I've seen all of those on TV at one time or another.

I'm sure... but they don't seem to last very long.


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