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  1. You're like 4 weeks late for this one....
  2. I’ll believe it when I see it
  3. BMW already tried this with Apple CarPlay, failed, and ended up giving it out for free with the car.... and that arguably might have some merit to it because then you'd be paying for updates etc.... what updates do I need to heated seat software though? It has 4 settings.. high, medium, low, and off. Edit: I Do see merit for charging a subscription for SuperCruise however (and Cadillac does after I think 3 years) because it costs GM an enormous amount of money to keep the LIDAR maps up to date. I could see GM eventually partnering with another company (Honda for Acura is the first to
  4. Pro Tip: Take the $5k at whatever rate and then immediately refinance with DCU.org at 1.49%. That rate maxes out at 72 months I think, so you'll cut your interest by more than half.
  5. The 800 cfm is all Q-Jets after 1972. But the big difference is that the secondaries are twice the size of the primaries. Not that 800 cfm even matters on my engine with tiny valves and manifold. Thats interesting that it takes you two additional carbs and four additional barrels to beat an ‘81 e-Qjet in CFM
  6. Choke only on the center? I've never studied how tri-carb setups even work. I assume that it opens all three at the same time when you step on the pedal... not progressively opening additional carbs as you give it more pedal like a QuadraJet does.
  7. The thread went way off topic for a bit... at the request of the person who pulled it off topic, I've cleaned up that part of the thread. Let's keep it to discussion of @balthazar's truck please.
  8. The 2020+ R nine T has those settings... I do not. But I think his Ducati is old enough that it also doesn't have those settings... I want to say his is a '15 or '16? Not sure.
  9. I let my friend with the Streetfighter ride the r nine t and now he's considering trading for one. His issue with the Ducati is that he finds it hard to ride calmly.... he can't just go out and cruise because the bike wants to go fast all the time. That's a problem if you just want to commute to work on your bike a couple of days a week because it make the commute exhausting. I've taken the bike to work 4 times now and it's just perfect. It is completely happy just puttering along at moped speeds while we slog our way through suburban rush hour traffic.... and when I want to pull on the th
  10. In my area at least, they now have more doses than they have willing recipients. If you've been waiting for your shot, look around to see if there are some new appointments available.
  11. Interesting! I didn't know they made trucks and vans out of that.
  12. I have to disagree with this assessment, the J-Body was a Knight at best. To find the King of badge engineering you have to start with K.... K-Car to be exact. Can anyone think of a platform that carried more body variants? (Sedan, 2-Door sedan, sports coupe, mid-lux sedan, lux sedan, convertible, wagon, mini-van, mini-truck) The only thing I can think of that would come close would be the VW MQB.
  13. I'm just waiting for Jimmy Carter to come out and tell me to put on a sweater... that thing just yawns malaise...
  14. In this era, that is correct. The consolette was an option on the Deluxe trim and only existed as a storage box between the front seats and did not intrude into the front flat floor. I don't think the Toronado got a console shifter until 1986, but that one was a horseshoe shifter.
  15. I know, but you see the point I'm making. The trouble with Ford's claim is exactly what you're pointing out, that the infrastructure isn't there or it's broken or locked behind a gate or inside a <Dealer Brand> service center. However, if you limit yourself to just Ford's network when charging, you're going to be frustrated. Jumping on ChargePoint, it shows way more than just the 2 fast chargers he found in NYC on the Ford app. He could have used other networks, he just chose not to. It would be like saying you'll only fill up with one brand of gas and then complaining when
  16. My only issue with the article is that he pretty much stuck with the Ford charging app to find chargers. Sure, Ford claims to have the largest charging network (by location, not by number of chargers), but limiting yourself to just that network is foolish.... you wouldn't do that with gas stations, so why would you with charging stations. That would be like me writing an article about driving across country but only filling up at Costcos and then complaining when there wasn't one on my route but there are 15 BPs, 7 Exxons, and a couple other local chains.
  17. Fixed. The Cherokee Trailhawk and certain equipped levels of Forester and Outback are certainly more off-road capable.
  18. yes, in HP/Liter.... if you're spinning them to 7,000 rpm... they are the highest HP/Liter they've ever been.... But all of the manufacturers putting these sub-1.5liter I3 and I4s in things that really need more displacement is what I think @Davidis referencing. My Encore was an overall great vehicle hampered by the 1.4T... and now they've made a bigger version powered by a smaller displacement motor. eAssist couldn't hurt.
  19. Sometimes a bunch of us thinking out loud helps the overall understanding for the group.... it's all good.
  20. They are just marketing BS. Unfortunately, we have a whole new class of people now who look fit but have next to zero cardio stamina. Covid has caused permanent lung damage in many of those who caught it. Good friends of mine who are(were?) arguably more athletic than I am, now get winded climbing the steps to their second floor apartment and they had Covid over a year ago. One of them was a wrestler. It's not always about what the legs can do but what the heart and lungs can do.
  21. I can't tell if it is AWD or not... but I'm guessing not with those specs of only having 1 motor.

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