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Acura TL Fully Revealed!

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Autoblog has an article and pictures of the 2009 Acura TL that appeared on the website today.

Here's the link:


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I think the overall shape is not bad.

There are 3 things that I dislike about the exterior design:

1) The most obvious one is the grille. This totally ruins the front end design. Hopefully, Acura rethinks this grille design and extensively alters it soon (like the next model year would be ideal) or offers an aftermarket replacement that is considerably less hideous. I would prefer a grille with a metallic finish surround with a bigger "A" emblem in the center with horizontal bars extending from the center of the emblem. I know Acura is trying to do something to the exterior of their cars to make a statement and help the cars stand out, but this grille treatment is the wrong solution.

2) The arch over the front wheel wells that distort the side character line. Though this styling error is not nearly as offensive as the overly blingy shield grille, it does make the car appear as though it has already been in a wreck. My suggestion would be to eliminate the arch and have the character line run in a straight line from the edge of the headlights to the edge of the taillights.

3) The fakeout piece applied to the C-pillar to alter the appearance of the roofline. This styling "practice" is one of my major auto design pet peeves. Although it is less obvious here than in some other recent offenders (Chrysler Sebring, Mazda6, and Chevy Cruze), I still think it somewhat cheapens the overall design. I think I could live with this blunder more than I could tolerate the grille or the front fender arch.

Other than the items mentioned above, I sort of like the rest of the design. I think the decklid shape is interesting, though it does reduce the usefulness of the trunk by providing a smaller and awkward shaped opening.

The interior is nice looking and appears to be well finished.

I am not a big Honda or Acura fan, but I think this would be a nice midsize near luxury sedan if Acura would refine some of the design blunders (the shield grille and the front fender arch need to go). I seriously doubt if this car will draw new customers to the Acura brand or assist in moving Acura upmarket. I'm not even sure if it will promote loyalty among current TL customers or attract those who wish to upgrade from their TSX sedans. I have a feeling that the front grille might repel a lot of potential buyers.

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My bad! I didn't know the topic had already been posted. OOPS!!!!

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