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An E-Flex Hummer HX?

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If GM had the resources and will, it's definitely a cool idea. People associate electric with golf carts and wimpy G-Wizes, but you have to remember, the first WWI tank made in the US was gas-electric, and everyday, Caterpillar HD electric forklifts are moving tons of toilet paper and graham crackers from the shelves of Costcos nationwide...

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The HX is brilliant, I hope GM keeps Hummer long enough to bring it to market (in conventional form). An E-flex version would be a nice follow-up.

Too bad that neither is likely to happen.

If indeed GM has given up on Hummer, make the HX (with different skin of course) a GMC model.

It could be the GMC E Flex vehicle (I think every division should have an E-Flex halo)

Chevrolet = Volt (small sedan)

Chevy Trucks = Small truck

* Price is a factor, or should be a factor, so keep it small.

Pontiac = Small sports car

* No brainer... To do battle with the new Supra if indeed Toyota is going to make that car ECO.

GMC = HX or the small truck that Chevy got if Hummer is kept.

Hummer = HX

* No brainer again.

Buick = Mid-size luxury car

* Maybe this could eventually give Buick the edge it needs for volume.

Cadillac = SRX sized SUV

* To compete directly with the most technological and ballyhooed about Lexus RX

Saturn = Flextreme type of vehicle

*Saturn can get a little more creative if it really is the wonder child GM thinks it is. Not to mention, the concept has already been well received.

Saab = Mid size sedan

*To further reinforce Saabs new mission statement of "environmentally friendly", to market to that specific clientele that shops the brand, is environmentally concious and would never be seen in any other GM AND to give Saab some MUCH needed exposure.

If GM is as serious about E-Flex as I hope it is, they could REALLY revolutionize the image of their divisions *IF* they play their cards right. E-Flex will sell itself in this day and time, to have your division attached to that is icing on the cake and something that EVERY division at GM should be clamoring for. (I know, it's not divisions anymore, but you get the point, right?)

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