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Union Spinning

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It was mentioned on the news that the CAW under Chrysler are unwilling to make any more concessions in the negotiated restructuring effort.

This is some of what the CAW has to say on their website:


Chrysler enjoys a very strong position in Canada's auto sector, in both manufacturing and sales. Chrysler's Windsor assembly plant is the most productive minivan assembly plant anywhere in North America, and its Brampton facility ranks among the ten most productive plants on the continent.

...wow, minivans eh? Wah...hoo....

Meanwhile, in vehicle sales Chrysler vaulted to the top in February, selling more vehicles in Canada than any other manufacturer for the first time ever.

OMG, everyone else sold ONE car, and Chrysler sold TWO! BUST out the champaign and give everyone a raise!!!

"Canada has been very good for Chrysler," Lewenza said. "Our labour costs are very attractive, and we have committed to keeping them that way. Our productivity is superior. The company's president just confirmed that it has been highly profitable in Canada. Our governments are ready to help. And our consumers love Chrysler products."

"In short, Canada has been a bright light for this company."

...you have got to be kidding me.

Lewenza also pointed out that the union's current collective agreement with Chrysler bars closure of any Canadian facilities until at least the expiration of the contract (in September 2011). Moreover, that contract and Canadian labour laws impose additional requirements on the company regarding large severance costs, notice of plant closure, and other aspects of plant closures. Brand new capital equipment has been installed in both the Brampton and Windsor locations, which would be highly difficult to relocate.

I'm betting he would be waving that book in the air even after hell hath risen around him and there was nothing left of Chrysler but the memory of their logo. "Don't you dare be in breach of contract! You'll pay for it!"

Honestly, having worked in management and been in the inner-workings of the negotiating system, it's amazing what half-truths will be printed on union pamphlets in the effort to stir the pot of a potential uprising (strike). When it came to morale in our company, I tend to think that the union was largely responsible for creating this idea that the company owed everything to the employee. When it came down to it, consumers weren't completely satisfied with our employees, which affected sales... and they were fighting for more and more?

In this case, it seems the CAW is forgetting that this situation isn't about sales in their back yard as much as it is about surviving the GLOBAL financial crisis. The tactics on both sides are only going to get worse.

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I'd love it if Chrysler called their bluff and actually pulled out of Canada.

Refusing to bargain won't seem liek such a smart idea when you're JOBLESS.

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