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UK Law Firm files Lawsuit against VW

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G. David Felt
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UK Law Firm files Lawsuit against VW

UK VW Owners Lawsuit

A downtown law firm has filed a group class action lawsuit against VW on behalf of a potential 1.2 million TDI owners. To date according the Euro Autonews web site 10,000 have signed on to be represented. VW has taken a very different approach to Europe and with that, more and more countries are demanding compensation equal to what VW is doing in the US.

Last year according to the story, a Spanish court found in favor of the owners that the local dealer was also responsible and judged in favor of the TDI owners that the dealerships owed them compensation. As such the Dealers have been told to pay each buyer $5000 Euro's in compensation. This is in addition to what ever they will get from VW as the country negotiates a similar deal like the US.

The UK now seems to want to go down this same road also with VW but from the law firm side of things as UK citizens have accused British authorities of being slow to respond and the European Union is taking action against Germany, UK, and five other member states for failure to police emissions testing by the auto industry.

Course VW states it will defend itself robustly in the case and that VW owners will not loose out due to the scandal. Course local resell of the auto's is showing a huge hit as is VW sales which are down 7.5% for 2016 at a time when the over all auto sales rose 2% over 2015.

At the rate that countries have decided to go after American type settlements with VW. The current 7 countries could potentially bankrupt VW if each country gets similar agreements. After all, the US has only about 1/3 the TDI's that UK has and if VW settles for 14 Billion here, why would it not be a 42 billion settlement in the UK and more elsewhere?

The next year to year and half is going to be very interesting for VW.

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    • By dfelt
      According to the Sierra Club who is following the VW Dieselgate issues closely, they have been watching who gets how much money and how are they spending it.

      Dieselgate settlement is that so much money is spent on actual EV infrastructure and so much has to be spent on removing nitrogen oxide from the air that you breath. The breakdown of money given to each state is based on how many VW offending auto's were sold in each state. Sierra club was able to get some info on how some states are planning to spend that money and here is what has been reported:
      California will spend its money mostly on replacing heavy-duty trucks, buses and equipment with zero-emission models. The state will also invest in electric-vehicle charging stations and efforts to cut emissions at freight facilities. Pennsylvania's plan includes funding projects to retrofit diesel-burning locomotives, marine engines and other equipment that sullies the air. The state will focus on densely populated areas -- including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh -- where impoverished neighborhoods tend to be disproportionately affected by air pollution. Minnesota, which received $47 million, is spending money on grants to replace hundreds of diesel school buses, ferries, tug boats and other heavy-duty vehicles. It also plans to develop about 65 electric vehicle charging stations. Georgia, awarded $63.6 million, plans to spend money on a fleet of electric buses and charging depots, including terminal-to-terminal emission-free shuttles to replace diesel burning models at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Connecticut, which got $55.7 million, plans to make $7.5 million of that available for grants to reduce nitrogen oxide in a variety of vehicles. Some states are still deciding how to use this newfound cash including Texas who is considering buying new CNG and Diesel auto's to replace older ones in the state fleet. The Sierra Club has opposed that idea pointing out that dirty technology like diesel and or natural gas should not be what this cash is spent on and instead be used for additional EV autos and more EV charging infrastructure including EV buses to increase clean mass transit.
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      Motor 1 is reporting that a 6 wheel heavy duty Amarok is coming. The comments now tend to cover VW version for taking on the 6 wheel G Wagon. LOL Interesting, wonder if it would ever show in America?

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      Seems VW is all in, in setting a new EV auto record for the fastest time up Pikes Peek.
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      iCar is a VW Mini Van

      According to story's at other sites, Apple is finally going to hit the road with their own autonomous auto. These auto's are going to be used to ferry employees around their new campus. Apple has partnered up with Volkswagen to use the T6 as their proof of concept in autonomous auto's. These vans will be outfitted at a VW assembly plant in Italy with the electric powertrain, sensors, software and battery packs.
      According to the NY Times story, Apple wanted to partner with Mercedes-Benz or BMW to develop their all electric self driving auto. This was all rebuffed after Apple wanted control and all data along with the design to be handed over to them according to people familiar with the talks. VW declined to comment on this matchup with Apple. Apple also declined to talk but insiders have said that Apples plans beyond getting these vans onto the campus is lacking in any direction and has led from the 1,000 person team of employees to just hundreds as others left for greener paths at Waymo and GM who both have autonomous auto's on the road now and will be expanding their fleet. Seems Apple who has a 50 auto fleet of Lexus SUV's that are daily testing their sensors and software and autonomous driving on ICE auto was unable to at first partner up with any auto company in the asian rim due to their requirements. Volkswagen behind in R&D compared to their german rivals and in the thick of a Diesel cheating scandal jumped at giving Apple all they asked for to gain a leg up in getting their EV auto R&D going. The original deadline to have these auto's on site and being used by the end of 2018 is going to be missed and first half of 2019 is more of a reality.
      Uber has announced the complete shutdown of their autonomous project and layoff of the 300 employees they had on this at their Arizona R&D office.
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