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Mk 1 Clouds, Wheels from Mk 2 LH's/minivans

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Does anyone around here know what the lug design (aside from 5-lug, I know that) and measurements of the Mk 1 Clouds is compared with that of the Mk 2 LH's and Mk 3 minivans?

Supposing I get the money and (want to spend it on such a thing) decide an upgrade to the wheels/tires of my Breeze, I was wondering if Chrysler's "Genesis II" aluminum wheels would fit the Breeze.

These wheels were used on some SE Intrepids, and Sport, LE, ES, ES AWD (1999-2000 ES) minivans.

I especially like their appearance, and they are 16" in diameter, so they aren't anything outrageously big.

What they look like:

Posted Image

And look slightly similar to:

Posted Image

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You know, I've been there, but navigating that site confuses me.

Either I'm very used to C&G's set-up, or its much better.

Nothing like double checking though! :lol:

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Stock Wheel/Tire Sizes:

* 14 x ? in., P195/70 R14

* 15 x 6 in., P195/65 R15


Wheel Sizes:

Diameter: 14" - 18" should fit with no trouble. (Some 14" wheels may not clear the brake calipers.)

* 19" takes a little work.

* 20" requires serious work, although it has been done by at least 2 members.

Width: 6" - 7.5" should be OK.

* 7" is generally a better choice than 7.5", but many people are running 7.5" with no trouble at all.

Lug Pattern:

5 x 100 mm

Wheel Offset:

+ 38-42 mm should fit fine. Anything else may not.


Tire Size - What the numbers mean:

P 195 / 70 R 14

P - Passenger Car Tire

195 - Tread Width (in mm)

70 - Sidewall Height (% of Tire Width)

R - Radial Tire

14 - Wheel diameter

Helpful tips from jhrody about changing your tire size:


when you change youre tire size, dont forget to take into effect your speedometer readings, as they will be affected by a change in tire diameter....

Also your ABS, traction control and engine management systems can be affected as well...Generally you can stay within plus or minus 10% in diameter to keep from affecting these systems.

Another point is that a smaller overall diamter tire will give you better acceleration off the line, but a lower top speed and higher revs on the highway.

To calculate the 'right' size tire for your aftermarket wheels, use the Miata Tire Calculator.

Tire Sizes for 17" Wheels:

* 205/50 R17 [speedo 0.01% fast]

* 215/45 R17 [speedo 0.53% fast]

* 225/45 R17 [speedo 0.9% slow]

It sounds like 215 mm is the best maximum tire width for a cloud car. Anything larger may rub.


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Thank you.

Indeed, there is not much room side-to-side under the fenders of the Mk 1 Clouds.

Right now, my speedometer is a few mph behind actual speed running on 14's.

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