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  1. Considering that the Dart is the spiritual successor to the Neon, it would make some evolutionary sense, does that mean people think the Cruze looks like a Cobalt looks like a Cavalier? Or the Focus looks like an Escort? The shapes are very different. If a Dart looks like a Neon, then surely a Neon looks like a Shadow, right? ;-) **pardon my sarcasm gentlemen**
  2. "Volkswagen has lost nothing. It has seen an 'upscale' image for a mere decade. Before that, being a Volkswagen meant being boxy and and uber-conservative. The Jetta wasn't anything unique or upscale up until the MKV." I think MkIV is more accurate. This generation of V's had the fabulous interiors. MkV's were actually slightly less nice though more technically sophisticated.
  3. Pricing is right in line with everyone else, no problems there. Interior materials feel nicer than the Cruze although the hood over the IP feels flimsy. The Focus feels great upand front but transitions to Cobalt cheap in the rear (door panels). The Dart has better customizability than everyone else which tend to bundle features in trim lines, although I hate being forced into things I don't want just to get another option. Memo to Chrysler and GM: heated CLOTH seats/steering wheel as stand alone option like Ford's Focus. I don't understand the people saying it looks like a Neon. Why- beca
  4. Yes, I did pass my first time! Took my road test in my (great grandmother's then) 1988 Dodge Aries LE!
  5. The interior of the current car is its worst aspect. It went downmarket in a vein similar to the Jetta. Minimally padded touch points, harder, thinner plastic everywhere, and the return of an airbag seam on the passenger side. I currently own 2008 Civic Si that replaced my Golf after an accident claimed my love in 2010.
  6. This is looking great! Sorry I have been away so long guys!
  7. The U.S. will probably be forever void of the more charismatic and "better" choices of other nations. Some free market we have. Indeed!
  8. Shouldn't be cutting out features to match a price point. Either people will pay for a superiorly engineered vehicle or they won't because they don't actually have the money or business to do so.
  9. I think that boxy Hornet concept from the Daimler days is ugly as all get out.
  10. What's interesting to me as well is that before my accident, my VW only had things failing while it was under warranty! After the warranty expired and I had 70+K miles, absolutely trouble free. Strange...
  11. The updated Eos looks blah and cheaper. The Golf Cabriolet now in Europe is much preferable!
  12. I think we all know what the German's idea of a "partnership" is...
  13. Hi guys! Random note from today going to the local GM dealership in Coldwater, MI where they had a couple of Cruzes and Regals unlocked... The Cruze has better rear seat accommodations for space PARTICULARLY with head room over the Regal, and I am only 5' 71/2" tall so I could only imagine the dismay to be experienced by taller passengers. I hadn't hit my head on the ceiling of a sedan before!
  14. Right. I have no use for a truck YET personally, but a stylish compact or subcompact with good quality is right up my alley. A hatch if course for better capacity.
  15. A coupe Cruze with stick and diesel would be super sweet!
  16. Wow. This is almost a much of a step in reverse...or would that be a sprint...as the new Jetta.
  17. Chrysler actually started to benefit before Fiat did. One of the the very first things that happened after the tie up was that the Pentastar V6 got the Multi-Air system from Fiat. Apparently the system is directly compatible with the Chrysler design. The Chryslers that are now being sold as Lancias and Fiats were already on sale in the EU. All Fiat did was end the Chrysler brand there and switch the dealer where the cars are sold at. The Pentastar does not yet host Multiair. I double checked with allpar and Edmunds.
  18. Thanks for the input guys! Sorry I haven't been on recently. Turns out they forgot to hook a vacuum line up to the MAP sensor and also slightly advanced the timing to make starting easier.
  19. Awesome news! Hopefully they offer it with a manual and the LTZ goodies even if a la carte. THIS would be the model I would be most interested in!
  20. I would love a three door New Accent, Fiesta, Polo, or Corsa. I am disappointed by the lack of availabilities. Especially considering that other markets have some of these and that other markets have just a much greater selection of variety!
  21. Probably. I find it upsetting, that's for sure!
  22. Hello, everyone! My 1988 K car's timing belt snapped a few days ago with the car at 104,000 miles. Took it in to have it replaced. (Thank goodness the old 2.2/2.5's are non-interference!) I picked up the car yesterday and it idles fine, but is hesistant, shuddery, and generally non responsive. What would be the most likely culprit here? I plan on taking it back to have it looked at because it is barely drivable as compared to pre-belt break.

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