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  1. THTom

    Opel platforms, politics and gas

    Chevy in Europe is not even close to matching Opel's marketshare, and given that European are more loyal to their own auto brands than Americans are, it probably never will. And believe me, that's going to be a lot of marketshare for GM to lose. And like Cubical said, Chevy is just rebadged Daewoos.
  2. Could Penske still acquire one of GM's plants?
  3. http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f16/ope...-percent-79025/ I really hope GM can find a way to at least keep a substantial piece of this.
  4. http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2009/05/01/459040.html http://www.gmeurope.info/social_media_news...-in-Europe.html Why can't stuff like this happen here?
  5. THTom

    GM ready to let Opel go for free?

    You have a point. The problem is, outside of North America, a lot of people probably wouldn't, mainly due to branding and preferences.
  6. THTom

    GM ready to let Opel go for free?

    Again, think of it as GM paying for technology, engineering and engines. A bunch of Saab stuff has been spread out all over GM's other brands. Look at Saab's product line-up. How did GM expect Saab to make any profit when GM didn't even move update Saab's product, nor took advantage of it's global reach? Plus, the Saab losses have turned out to peanuts compared to what GM's other operations, including it's core operations, have lost. This is made worse with the fact that it's going to cost GM more to get rid of Saab than every loss that Saab has accumulated under GM.
  7. THTom

    GM ready to let Opel go for free?

    What money have they wasted on Saab? Look at it's product line-up. At least GM got technology, engineering and engines in return.
  8. THTom

    GM ready to let Opel go for free?

    The Insignia's been out since last year.
  9. THTom

    GM ready to let Opel go for free?

    That's what I meant. Chinese Buick's line-up is still dependent on some Opel models. Look what happened to Chrysler (pre-Daimler) when they lost control of their EU operations. They've never recovered since. Guess one reason for a large part of Ford's success right now. In addition to that, GM still needs the Opel brand to sell it's products in many global markets. The brand's reach isn't just limited to Europe. It's basically the 'Chevy' of the majority of GM's global operations.
  10. THTom

    GM ready to let Opel go for free?

    I can see that in North America, but Buick's still huge in China, with Opel playing a hand in that. In fact, Buick is GM's largest brand there. And with the Chinese auto market set to overtake the US's and become one of the largest... Along with Daewoo, Opel is still GM's lifeblood in the global market outside of NA and Europe.
  11. THTom

    GM ready to let Opel go for free?

    GME is currently #3 in the entire European market. Opel models are also sold Latin America, South America, Africa, the Middle East Asia, Australia and in in other markets, either as Opels and Vauxhalls or Chevies and Holdens. Take a look at how many markets the Opel brand alone sells in: http://www.opel.com/ Even the Chinese Buick Regal is an Opel Insignia. The future Chinese Buick Excelle/HRV is going to be based on the Astra. These cars account for a huge chunk of GM's global sales. And again, with Opel gone, say goodbye to Buick.
  12. THTom

    GM ready to let Opel go for free?

    Doesn't Buick's survival depend on the Opel link-up? What about the Astra? Meriva? Corsa, etc.? Opels/Vauxhall is currently one of Europe's top bread-and-butter brands GM Europe is currently 3rd place behind VW and Ford. http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f78/eur...ird-place-78101 Without Opel/Vauxhall, all of that falls apart. Chevy is growing off of Daewoo product. They're considered a step down from Kia in that market. With Opel gone, I doubt Chevy would ever be able to regain that much market share. Look at Cadillac's situation in Europe. Things are not going well at all.

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