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  1. Quick Note: January's Sales Figure Ticker will be delayed due to me not having any internet at my house for the time being.

    1. A Horse With No Name

      A Horse With No Name

      Sending hot chocolate and marshmallow your way from Columbus. This weather has messed everything up.

    2. David


      Sending Smoked Salmon from Seattle to make sure you have food staples to go with that Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows. :P 

  2. Happiness is upgrading your old 23-inch LCD to a 27-inch one. 

  3. Unless you want to have your status updates moderated, cool it with the attacks.

    1. A Horse With No Name

      A Horse With No Name

      To whom are you referring?

    2. William Maley

      William Maley

      To some of the members who are using this as a place to attack.

    3. A Horse With No Name

      A Horse With No Name

      OK, just wanted to make sure nothing I said was too polemical.  I tend to be opinionated, but wish to remain respectful.

  4. Last checked and the answer is yes RT @IDMPhoto: @ThatSamSmith my hoveround counts as a car right?

  5. RT @CarGuyDad: My review of the Polish '98 FSO Polonez, also car buying process in 70/80s Poland (via @TheHooniverse) - http://t.co/VwaIr1Ya

  6. WelDone l RT @carenvy: Have you ever wondered why CarEnvy is so successful? Read on. http://t.co/p0YBDhWg

  7. The Next Generation Lancer Evolution To Become A Hybrid? What?! - http://t.co/R5R9FsA2 #motorama

  8. Apparently @BerryLowman has too much caffeine in his system again #motorama

  9. If you're using the word "pimpin" to describe your car.. please go walk off a cliff #motorama

  10. True RT @CheersnGears: @Auto_Bird There will be 14 GM CEOs between now and March 2020..... who knows what will happen.....

  11. Ditto RT @bprosperi: @KickingTires if you guys need help, just say so.

  12. It took you this long? RT @Auto_Bird: Had to break down and finally make my own list on twitter @Auto_Bird/automotive

  13. well done RT @DYCWTC: I put it up. It's the most personal thing I've ever put on that blog. Be nice. http://t.co/6eh6e704 #motorama

  14. Yes RT @rreimund: @m5manny Not saying it's bad... (or in this case bad-ass) but the top speed convo is largely academic.. #bimmerchat

  15. Being Developed at the moment RT @SeanRLoh: @TMarcJones No 10 speeds anywhere yet #motorama

  16. want this as well (not red) RT @TMarcJones: @mecum I've been having dreams about the @Ford Galaxie 500 lately a 65 2 -door in red #Motorama

  17. I'm with him on the traffic jams RT @stevenewing: I think @cyclopsr hates traffic jams almost as much as Garfield hates Mondays.

  18. Isn't that the point the twitter? RT @sloppymccheese: Let's state the obvious a $h! load of times.

  19. lulz RT @sloppymccheese: @tywhiting when does the hip hop portion of #Bimmerchat start?

  20. Ditto RT @VictoryReseda: @BerryLowman I had trouble getting in here, too. But...alas... #motorama

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