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  1. Ride height does not equal ground clearance. There is no reason a 2wd truck, or even most 4wd trucks need to have the frame 15" off the ground. I'm an average height, but I've heard tall people complain about the same thing. Maybe the preference for a high ride height has to do with something else. :AH-HA_wink:
  2. If only GM could get the ride height on the new trucks back down. One thing GM trucks always had going for them is a lower ride height without sacrificing wheel travel and ground clearance. The new trucks are embarrassingly high.
  3. I hope they do well with it, but I'm disapointed to see GM get rid of their smaller midsize cars. A malibu/G6 size car is great because you have room for four adults, but still have a compact narrow car. The Cobalt is too small for most people, the Grand Am/G6 and similar GM cars have always been segment bridging cars that attracted a lot of people and were always so much nicer then their smaller counterparts.
  4. That's what they said about the Monaro. They did it, and people are still bitching about it.
  5. Basically the transmission will be relying on the torque converter less. A small gain in acceleration and a decent gain in fuel economy. Nothing to get too exicted about really. I'd be more worried about increased torque steer from the different length drive shafts. Transmission speeds are overhyped on this forum, and elsewhere.
  6. I told everyone this would happen when they didn't announce the closing of the St. Paul plant. I have several relatives that work there, and I hope they aren't holding out any hope.
  7. The possitive press reviews are good, but I don't think they should have spit in the face of former Buick lovers to get it. The new cars styling is downright boring compared to the Park Ave or Lesabre, and the dumping of old names for new ones that sound similar is equally inept. I guess that's what happens when you gut out a division's uniqueness, and push it in with others. It seems like the opposite of what's been promised lately. -T
  8. From the article: "GM also will introduce a Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic for front-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive vehicles; it debuts in the 2007 Saturn Aura sedan."
  9. The worst part is that they were already planning to improve fuel economy by that much, so they will jump at this deal and this guy will look like a hero. :rolleyes:

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