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  1. Considering that many people on here are younger than 25 and still in school or college, it is to be expected many here can't afford it. But does that mean they shouldn't voice their opinions? Maybe you should limit the threads talking about cars over $40,000 to the .1% that can afford them.
  2. It's not apples and oranges. Substitute Mercedes and BMW, with Infiniti, and the reaction would be the same, yet Infiniti also has has made FWD cars in the past. But this isn't about the past, or history, it is about current trends. Infiniti stopped making FWD about the same time they started becoming relevent in the luxury market. Cadillac appeared to be on the same path, with the CTS, STS, SRX, and XLR, with only the outdated DTS left for FWD. Then they got scared when the STS didn't sell up to expectations, and instead of fixing the cars shortcomings, they did a 180, and are giving an XTS i
  3. For me, it doesn't matter what the XTS looks like. I wouldn't like it or consider it based on the platform alone, so seeing it in person won't change my mind. Put it on Zeta and I would consider it. I'd rather have the STS, even if the XTS ends up looking twice as good as it. Also, both the Q and the Phaeton are out of production in the US. I'd rather have the M45 anyway.
  4. You weren't concerned when everyone bashed Scion before anyone saw them in person though. Or any Lexus, or any Acura. GM doesn't get any more free passes, or benefit of the doubt from some of us anymore.
  5. I'd rather bash it dead. But I also wouldn't buy an A8 either. If I was getting a larger luxury car it would be a 5 or 7 series. Audi hasn't been able to tap into even 5% of the market, despite having an entry in the market for years. Why are we supposed to praise Cadillac for matching the bottom of the class? Maybe you would all support the CTS moving to a FWD/AWD platform too?
  6. And why does everyone feel the need to bring up the A8. A sedan that sold 105 units in Dec 09, 1463 for the entire year, and that includes the S8, and A8L. We never bring up the A8, because it is invisible in the market. The 7 series sells 1200 a month, and had 7,159 sales through Oct 09. If you let the money vote, it is going to BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes, which all happen to be on RWD platforms.
  7. Except for the fact that the AWD system is not new, since it was already used for Saab, and that the platform isn't exclusive to Cadillac since Buick uses it too. And I would still complain about it even if both of those were true.
  8. Acuras handle pretty good too don't they. But for some reason they haven't reached the status level of Lexus, BMW or Mercedes. I guess there's more to it than just throwing in AWD and a powerful V6.
  9. We both get that. I wonder why the rest of the people here don't. I doubt this car will be pulling in people shopping for a 5 series or a Lexus LS. The problem I have with this car is that I know GM can, and should do better.
  10. Info and pictures of all GM engines "This new generation V-6 allows a high level of flexibility, with common castings over a range of displacements. The 3.9L V-6 shares its block, pistons and cylinder heads with GM’s new 3.5L (RPOs LZ4 and LZE). A common bore measures 99 mm; displacement is increased in the 3.9L with a longer stroke (84 mm, compared to 76 mm for the 3.5L). The two engines share 80 percent of their parts. Thanks to its relatively narrow 60-degree block angle, the 3.9L V-6 is compact, giving vehicles teams more latitude with platform design and styling. More importantly, the
  11. Infiniti is all RWD/AWD, Audi's handle the worst out of the brands mentioned but they are all consistant with their N/S FWD/AWD with the exception of the A3, BMW is all RWD/AWD, and so is Mercedes. The XTS must be competition for the RL, because it's not a competitor to any of the other cars listed.
  12. My guess would be around 60/40. The A8 is about 56/44 and the 750i is 51/49. 550i is 52/48.
  13. And that's why GM needs to stop with it's split personality disorder. It causes confusion as to what Cadillac is supposed to be. It is a luxury performance brand, like the CTS and CTS-V, or is it just plain luxury with some power like Lincoln? It seems like GM can't get away from trying to have a car for everyone in each brand. What's the point of keeping Buick if Cadillac is trying to get the same buyers?
  14. And that doesn't make much sense either. VW is just stepping on stepping on Audi's toes with the Phaeton, since the both are around the same price.

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